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    10 February 2017
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review
    Levi's 711 Distressed Skinny Jeans in Salt Soul

    We have some good news for your wallet: Levi’s jeans are making a comeback. Upgraded to wear too much of your college combines a classic style and modern silhouettes.

    Levi’s 501 Jeans in Ragged Lands Wash

    Levi's 501 Jeans in Ragged Lands Wash

    Give your basic denim a new look with these modern Levi’s. The patchwork design is on-trend, and they can still be styled just like any other pair of jeans. A cropped, raw-edge hem is perfect for showcasing new shoes.

    Levi’s 501 Skinny Jeans in Post Modern Blues Wash

    Levi's 501 Skinny Jeans in Post Modern Blues Wash

    The best Levi’s always go fast. Save your spot in line by pre-ordering this pair of classic 501 skinnies, with light distressing and a wallet-friendly price. The faded blue wash will be your T-shirts’ best friend.

    Levi’s 505 C Cropped Slim Straight Jeans in Heat Stroke

    Levi's 505 C Cropped Slim Straight Jeans in Heat Stroke

    Cropped, straight-leg jeans are crazy versatile. You can wear these with tennis shoes and T-shirts, and then transition to evening with a silk cami and heels. The high waist also gives a little lift to your backside.

    Levi’s 501 Boyfriend Jeans in The Blonde Salad

    Levi's 501 Boyfriend Jeans in The Blonde Salad

    The Blonde Salad’s Chiara Ferragni is taking over the world one blog post at a time. In her latest venture, she’s partnered with Levi’s to put a new spin on their classic denim. This pair features a boyfriend fit, light distressing, and the cutest little red heart embroidered on the back pocket.

    Levi’s 711 Distressed Skinny Jeans in Salt Soul

    Levi's 711 Distressed Skinny Jeans in Salt Soul

    Here’s another pair of classic skinny jeans, but made even better with well-placed rips and tears. Pull these out when you want to bring some attitude to your day-to-day ensembles.

    Levi’s Wedgie Icon Jeans

    Levi's Wedgie Icon Jeans

    If you’re a fan of the Wedgie Icon style (loved for their booty lift!), now can you own them in a deep shade of gray. These are begging to be paired with an edgy band tee and moto jacket, and a raw hem is easier to alter at home.

    Levi’s Wedgie Icon Jeans in Foothills

    Levi's Wedgie Icon Jeans in Foothills

    If you’ve been searching tirelessly for the perfect vintage-style jean, this pair just might be the one. They’re made with non-stretch denim that holds its shape, a flattering high rise, and have perfected the “mom-jean” silhouette.

    Levi’s 721 High-Rise Skinny Jeans

    Levi's 721 High-Rise Skinny Jeans

    When you’ve already got an arsenal of blue jeans, switch things up with a pair in black. These have a flattering high waist, figure-sculpting stretch denim, and are such a great deal that you may want to buy two.

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  • Levi’s Is Turning the 501 Jean into a Modern Icon

    27 December 2016
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review
    Levi jean

    This is a big jeans: the iconic Levi’s 501. The first design team by Jonathan Cheung-introduced the “custom and tapered” version of the iconic style, slimming legs and providing a more streamlined look. Then a version of the CT, more convenient exercise. Now, Levi is to add a style 501 family: 501 thin.

    Before you hesitate to offend denimhead emotion, remember Zhang and his team in the world some of the biggest cowboy nerds than you or – they completely approve the new silhouette. By the proprietary cowboy and aimed at replicating DIY slim-legged silhouettes have been in their own, it is a scratch-Jane, its the same name. We chat with Zhang ‘s arduous task of creating a new fabric, how to wear 501 thin, why people care about authenticity now more than ever.



    Authenticity, or rather a modern take on authenticity. I think authenticity is important, and increasingly so. With so much choice out there, people are gravitating to authentic experiences—coffee is a great example. With the additions to the 501 family that you mentioned, we are offering choice and modern versions of the 501. Think of the 501 Skinny as getting your authentic coffee in a modern design coffee shop.

    Why go skinny for the latest iteration?

    Our skinny jeans, the 510 and 519, have been some of the fastest growing in popularity. And, like a lot of our design approach, we reflect what we see people doing. And there’s plenty of people who were customizing our 501s by tailoring them into a skinnier leg.

    Are you wearing them yourself? I know skinny fits can be a tough sell for denim nerds.

    Yeah, I’ve been customizing my own 501s for a long time and have a couple of customized skinny versions. I’ve been wearing a skinny version of the LVC 1966 501 for a few years now, and lots of us—and yes, we’re denim nerds—in the office try on and test the prototypes. I don’t think the leg shape is actually a big deal for denim nerds; it’s more about the fabric, and the denim on these is certifiably denim-nerd good.

    So how did you approach the fabrication? Skinny jeans are notorious for being crazy stretchy.

    Yeah, I think it’s important to mention that the 501 Skinny isn’t a super-stretchy “spray-on” skinny. It’s another type of skinny. It’s old-school skinny. We used two types of denim for the 501 Skinny. The first one is the Shrink-to-Fit 501 denim, which is a proprietary denim that we reserve here at Levi’s only for the 501. It has a specific and secret recipe for the way it shrinks—and don’t worry, in everything apart from the un-washed jeans that we call “rigid,” we do that for you—which gives the 501 its characteristic, iconic look.


    We use the second cowboy Shrink-to-Fit Stretch, which was first introduced in history. This fabric was developed over the course of 18 months with our partners, Cone Mills, who has been in denim for over 100 years. This is what we call “low bomb”, so it has a little “to”. Let me put the technology second: conventional, “no stretch” cowboy will stretch about 11%, just because any fabric has a little flexibility. The 501-year extension just a little more, about 13-15%. So it is not like those super-stretchy jegging-style tights. You will feel slightly different.

    What’s the ideal way to wear it, in your book?

    Pointed suede boots, plaid shirt, and a sherpa trucker. Indie-rock style. Or you could flip out the boots for a pair of scuffed-up skate shoes and pop a beanie on top. I’m in Milan at the moment, and it’s f*cking freezing, so that’s the way I’m doing it! Or with an oversized tee and sweatshirt and bomber jacket, along with your latest sneaker acquisition. As with most things, keep it simple.

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  • How to match clothes for Shorter Men

    28 November 2016
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review

    If you feel inferior for your height, in fact, this is not necessary, because as long as your dress with a proper mix. It will not look too ugly as long as you have your own style like this guide will suggest you to style your clothes and reduce the appearance of adding your extra inches!



    Tighten, slim t-shirts are a must If you are a shorter person, they give the impression that your body is longer than the real one. The standard gray, black, navy and white t-shirts look great for everything that can be dressed up with a cool coat out at night, or jeans and sneakers look more casual. Hugo Boss T-Shirt can be used as one of your options, at only £ 35.00 in three colors and everything, it’s amazing value.


    Levis's Jeans

    Jeans is an important part of the appearance and shorter people must get the part he looks right. If you go too loose fit, it will overwhelm you and make you look shorter. Slim and tight-fitting jeans will be your new best friend, increasing the length of the fantasy of your legs.

    Left of this classic pair of Levis Slim jeans, will work with ordinary t-shirt above the proposal. Their slim health will highlight the length of your legs and make you look taller. Do not choose too much code, dressed to be impressive! Price is affordable, these jeans are a great investment regardless of height.

    The next step is tight-fitting jeans. Right Ralph Lauren only needs £ 99, which is also a good option, especially if you are short and slim. Sturdy guy, we recommend keeping slim jeans instead of lean.

    Shoes and Trainers

    Barbour-Redhead-Chukka-Boots and Nike Air

    A good way to add some subtle inches is a good pair of sneakers. Away from the load line style canvas shoes because they are flat! Nike Air and Nike Air Slippers Sneakers have a thick sole that will increase inches tall but still look great. The blacks were not loud or arbitrary.

    If you’re looking for something on the smarter side, these Barbour Redhead Chukka Boots have a slight heel and would look great with your jeans t-shirt combo.
    Unfortunately, in the winter, you need a jacket to drive the cold. The pilot jacket is very healthy and their usual slim, they are perfect for shorter people, this Fred Perry jacket for £ 150 is no exception, it has an elastic slub belt to let the jacket embrace your body to your torso “long” . This jacket looks great at shopping or going to casual pint guys; or, more precisely, almost anywhere!

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  • These Pieces Of Denim Every Queen Needs In Her Closet

    23 April 2016
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review

    Unlike other trends that come and go so quickly, denim is sure to always be considered a big part of fashion. The question is: why? Why is denim still so popular and worn constantly by both men and women? Denim is a fabric that makes up various clothing items we all have in our wardrobes. Denim emerged in the 19th century, and the creator of this amazing fabric who made jeans so popular is Levi Strauss.

    The answer is simple: denim is iconic—some call it classic even; it’s comfy and casual, but can also be dressy; it looks good when it’s older, worn down and distressed; it’s trendy and always will be.

    We all need denim in our closet, and despite denim being around for what seems like forever, it has evolved to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

    Denim can be worn for almost any occasion; it all depends on how you wear it and where you’re wearing it to. There are denim necessities for every woman’s closet, and here how to wear them.orologi replica



    Skinny jeans appear to be going out of style according to the runways, but many people still love skinny jeans and continue to wear them.

    Lighter washes are always great for spring and summer—even better are the cropped jeans that you can purchase already cropped or roll the cuff of the jeans up one or two times.

    There are various cuts of jeans available to flatter all body types. Flare and boot cut jeans are cute, extremely flattering and are becoming the favored cut.

    Regardless of the cut you choose, adding heels and a nice top to spice up your outfit can make it dressy in an instant. If you’re going for the casual look, any top that isn’t dressy along with Converse sneakers is super cute.

    Denim skirts

    Short, tight, form fitting, various colors make denim skirts a classic that have always been around, and they are still a very prominent part of every woman’s summer and spring wear. Some trending colors for denim skirts are white and pale/dark blues.


    These skirts can be cute and casual when paired with a nice crop or billowy top. In order to dress it up more, you can wear heels and a nice tank. Whether the skirt is long or short is up to you, but there’s nothing wrong with showing a little leg.

    Denim shirts


    Also available in various cuts, my personal favorite is the boyfriend cut that you can wear over a tank or as a shirt done up with leggings. Denim shirts are extremely comfy and are always in style no matter the season; they even look great tied with shorts or a skirt.

    The tight cuts look amazing with jeans, shorts or leggings, and are mainly a light blue color. Be aware though that sweat stains can be seen in most tight denim shirts.

    Denim dresses


    These can be cute and fitted around the waist with a nice chunky belt, or worn like a loose t-shirt dress. Regardless of the way you wear the dress, it will be in style—especially for the spring/summer time—and they are best worn short rather than longer to avoid looking frumpy. Denim dresses are usually light or slightly dark blues and very rarely white.

    Denim shorts


    These are always super cute, but also super hot. They are best worn short and tight and are always flattering. Rips are sometimes nice, but most times a nice light or dark blue wash is the way to go.

    They look great with wedge sandals and a nice tank, but are also perfect with a plaid or casual shirt and Converse sneakers.

    Jean jackets and vests


    These are very cute cover ups that match any outfit and can even be worn for dressy occasions; it all depends on how you wear them. Jean jackets are nice to wear with casual shirts and can look really edgy, but they can also be worn with a tight short dress to a club or on a date.

    Vests are also great to wear with dresses, even with cute casual sundresses or tanks, and can also be considered edgy; in most cases, though, it just looks like an awesome accessory.

    We all love denim, we always have and always will. Denim is the material that makes up some of our favorite clothes that are both dressy and casual. If you have any awesome denim finds or like to wear these clothes in different ways, feel free to share them below!

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