12 August 2016
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    Fred Perry polo shirt

    Let’s get to know Farah Vintage Midnight Blue Lloyd Pattern Polo Shirt.

     Fred Perry polo shirt
    There is, perhaps, less to write about in this review than the previous two reviews for Stand-Out. The simple reason for this being that this polo shirt is a less complex garment than the Baracuta shirt and the bright blue Voi raincoat previously reviewed.

    This doesn’t mean that this polo shirt is not of high quality. Farah Vintage is a brand that’s been around since the 1970’s and they have a reputation that’s been built on good quality. It is also a brand that’s popular with the Mod scene and alike subcultures, hence why it was chosen for review on Good Clobber.
    This shirt has some lovely details: The yellow embroided ‘F’ on the breast pocket and matching yellow on the inside of the collar placket accompany each other very well. Although, if you’re a man who likes ‘top button done’, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to see the inside of the placket.

     Fred Perry polo shirt

    I can’t find any references to the ‘Lloyd Pattern’ online other than that from Farah Vintage, but I think this pattern can best be described as ‘tweed-like’; it’s like tweed! In all seriousness, it’s a grey and blue hash pattern woven into the cotton.

    As you can see from the styling and the pattern, this polo has a very retro feel. It’s this sort of vibe that’s made Farah Vintage popular with the Mods, but it’s possibly a characteristic that could put some men off; it could be construde as a bit ‘old man’.

     Fred Perry polo shirt

    As mentioned in previews reviews, to give a realistic appraisal, I try to wear review items in a context they were designed for. I donned this polo for a pub night out. At the end of the night, I stayed at a friends house and slept on the sofa in this shirt. When I awoke the next morning, the sleves still held the ironed-in crease as if it were brand new. This is a pretty good incidcation that this shirt keeps it’s smart, sharp look. The material is a fairly thick cotton which gives the whole garment a rigid feeling, without being uncomfortable.

    I tend to take a medium (being around a 38″ chest) and the shirt for this review was a medium. Despite this, I think it’s a little on the short side, not quite eaching past the belt line, but resting at the top of the hips. This is really a personal preference; it’s not a shirt that you’d ever want to tuck in, but it could do with another half inch on the bottom.

     Fred Perry polo shirt

    All in all, it’s a quality piece of clobber. This polo has some really nice details, it’s comfortable and really sharp. I believe there’s a few variations of colourways, but I’d really like to see a white or cream version.

    In terms of price, it’s fairly middle-ground at £39.00. It’s not going to cost you as much as a Fred Perry polo shirt, but it’s certainly not as cheap as something from H&M.

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