• Sexy Valentine’s Day dress To Spice Up The Night

    13 February 2017
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review

    Valentine’s Day coming, you might rush through your closet Trying to find the perfect clothing for your plan. You and your date may be kept at night leisurely, or you may wish to dress up in hyun. Whatever you do, you need some sexy Valentine’s Day that looks to attract your dating.

    Mini dresses

    Mini dresses

    When it comes to sexy Valentine’s Day looks, it would seem that red outfits are an absolute must. This first outfit is sure to spice up your date night. This mini dress features all of the best parts of common dress trends.

    The spaghetti straps are thin and delicate on the shoulders before descending into a bold and daring plunging neckline. If your stomach isn’t as flat as you’d hope, the ruche detailing will help detract from it.

    Although the length of the mini dress will show off your legs, the asymmetrical hemline is a bold and stylish design that will surely get your date’s attention.

    Midi dresses

    Midi dresses

    Mini dress work to show off your legs, midi dress will help you focus on the figure and outline. You may not be familiar with the bearing cleavage, but there are still some ways to attract your dating. If you are hot, you like it, midi dress is the perfect way to pay attention to your body! Sometimes the idea is what kind of the following is enough to attract anything than actually see!

    Gentle but still sexy Valentine’s Day watch, this long-sleeved midi dress is perfect style. Length will not pay attention to your legs, but the body-con style will make your dating object focus on the narrow waist and inflate your ass!

    Maxi dresses

    Maxi dresses

    If your Valentine’s Day plans include a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant, you’ll want to get a beautiful and flowing maxi dress. Not only are the styles perfect for a romantic dinner, but it’ll be sure to make you feel like a queen.

    This particular style is perfect for a few reasons. Similar to the design of the mini dress, this maxi dress features delicate straps that lead into a bolder plunging neckline. The dress cinches at the waist which will help your figure show through all the fabric before expanding to a full skirt with soft pleats.

    For a little extra skin, the dress includes a mid-thigh slit which is ideal for playing a little footsies under the table (wink, wink)!



    If your plans for V-Day are more casual, you can still make sure that you look amazing! For the women who are going with the red theme, you can create an outfit with a pair of red jeans or trousers.

    A good pair of jeans is perfect for showing off your legs, especially in the colder weather. Similar to this outfit, you could pair the look with your favorite pumps and a blazer, or you could create a softer look by ditching the jacket.

    You can never go wrong with your favorite pair of blue jeans, and an easy way to create a Valentine’s Day look is with your jeans and a red blouse. You’ll instantly look ready for the day and you can easily find shoes or heels to complete the look.



    Although red is often considered the color of love, you’ll definitely find a lot of pink around for Valentine’s Day. Blushed tones have been a big trend and so have satin slip dresses. This is simple look that you really only have to throw over your head.

    The V-neck is tasteful while the length gives your legs room to impress. You can follow beauty vlogger, Carli Bybel, by pairing it with over the knee boots or you can trade them out for a pair of nude pumps or sandals.

    For a more casual look, you can definitely go with a blouse and pair of jeans. This pale pink works flawlessly, and if you’re not feeling the look with black jeans, you can easily swap them out for white or blue jeans. While blush heels might be hard to come by, nude pumps will complete the outfit and make your legs and bum look even better for your date.



    When Valentine’s Day arrives, you will see the shop submerged in red and pink, purple, and sometimes you will see. If you still try to keep the theme with no classic and potentially excessive red and pink, purple is the way to go!

    The first dress is sexy for a particular reason – it shows the skin that you usually do not see it! Pack before hiding any cleavage, but the area, bare out mid-riff’s unexpected and sexy.


    For a unique and sexy Valentine’s Day look, a purple jumper will definitely get you looks from your date and compliments from by-standers. This design will leave you looking tall and lean without losing your shape. The separation at the waist will help bring attention to your silhouette while giving you an appearance of model long legs.



    For the bold and beautiful that are looking to set themselves apart from the ladies in red and pink, you should try your hand at a pale blue! The color is soft and romantic, while the design is sleek and sexy.

    The crisscross design enhances the chest without actually showing it and the thin belt creates the perfect hourglass figure. The asymmetrical design of the skirt gives it an edgy look while the pleating and ruching balance it out.

    Often times blue seems hard to pair, but silver, white, or nude heels would work perfectly! You should also aim to match it with nude lipstick.



    One color that is always soft, sleek, and bold at the same time is white. It might seem a bit daring to wear white, especially if you plan on indulging in a few glasses of wine, but the style and color can’t be beat!

    This particular outfit is soft and sexy at the same time. The bardot top bares the shoulders for a delicate look while the thigh-high slit gives it a touch of sensual and seductive. If you need some red in your outfit to make it seem more Valentine’s Day appropriate, red lipstick is usually the missing key to every sexy outfit.

    If you’d rather pair your white with black, this outfit is the perfect combination to create your sexy Valentine’s Day look. The white wrap top has enough of a V-neck to be enticing without showing any cleavage. The leather pencil skirt is sleek, sexy and perfect for a dinner. Similar to the previous look, finish the outfit by pairing it with fiery red lipstick.



    For those looking to sparkle on Valentine’s Day, you can trade in the reds for silver! Another sexy design with a plunging neck-line, the sequins will have traffic and by-standers stopping and looking at you. While silver dresses might seem difficult to pair, finish it with a sexy pair of white pumps and a sleek clutch, and you’ll be ready for dinner and dessert.



    If you want to dazzle, old-fashioned red and pink box look outside, you can definitely get rid of this kind of body. Gold may be lost key to your sexy Valentine’s Day watch!

    Not only the gold dress will make you stand out, but it will make you feel like a goddess. The neckline is bold and sexy, and the gold ribbon band will help improve the figure. The embroidery is designed to be fantastic and romantic for an intimate dinner.

    Whether your plan is on Valentine’s Day, make sure you look beautiful and sexy! Dinner may end soon, but these organizations will have dessert extensions beyond the restaurant!

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  • Dating Mistakes to Avoid in 2017

    18 January 2017
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review
    Dating Mistakes

    If you are looking for a brand new start in 2017, why not take advantage of this time to refresh your dating life? After all, it is usually a great time to evaluate your happiness. Here are some bad habits to abandon dating and relationships. If you are, we have some suggestions for you.

    1. Tipsy texting. Give up those drunk dials that only make a hangover worse.
    2. Waiting for guys to make the first move. If you want to meet guys, you have to put yourself out there. Something as simple as a smile or flirty eye contact will do.
    3. Living in the past. Let yourself forget your failed relationships, disappointments, or mistakes. Releasing that baggage will make you more open to new experiences and people.
    4. Wasting time on a guy you’re not into. He may be good on paper, but if you don’t have the spark or see a long-term future, don’t date him.
    5. Wasting time on a guy who’s not into you. Ditch the guy who’s sending you mixed messages. Next!
    6. Hiding your true self. You want to be that “cool girl” who doesn’t care if he hangs out with the boys every weekend. But if it bothers you when he doesn’t give you enough time and affection, tell him. It’s the only way you’ll find a truly happy, sustainable relationship.
    7. Focusing on his flaws. Is his hairline receding? Did he talk about his job a little too much when you first met him? Did he make an awkward joke in front of your friends? If you focus on these minor flaws instead of your overall connection, you’re never going to get past the first date. Don’t settle, but also give a guy a chance to impress you.
    8. Focusing on your flaws. Whether you get down about the fact that it’s been ages since your last relationship or that you’re more shy than your other friends, don’t let that dictate your dating life. Instead, think about what makes you and your personality attractive, and promise that you’ll accentuate those qualities.
    9. Worrying constantly about what your friends think. Don’t let your friends’ opinions of your man’s job, personality, looks, or background influence you too much or turn you off from a guy. Listen to their earnest advice while trusting your own feelings for him.
    10. Limiting yourself to a type. Don’t let the words “he’s not my type” leave your mouth, whether you’re online dating or getting set up on a date.
    11. Waiting for his text or call. Stop letting his text or lack thereof make or break your day.
    12. Always going back to an ex. It didn’t work out for a reason. Instead of wasting emotional resources on an ex, resist the temptation to text, Facebook stalk, or meet up for a hookup when you’re feeling lonely.
    13. Second-guessing yourself. Did it bother you when the guy you’re dating bailed on a plan or said something rude to a friend? Don’t worry about whether you have a right to be upset. Trust your gut, and act accordingly.
    14. Taking your relationship for granted. Give up taking love, be it romantic or for a friend or family member, for granted. Tell the important people in your life why you love them in person or with a postcard or when they do something that makes you happy.
    15. Picking fights. If you’re feeling grumpy after a hard day at work, vent to your partner rather than getting mad at him about something unrelated like his dirty laundry. And if you’re actually mad about the clothes pile, tell him straight up in a constructive way.
    16. Comparing your relationship to others. Did your friend just get engaged? Are you wondering why your boyfriend isn’t buying you lavish birthday presents? Just worry about your own expectations and needs, and communicate them to your partner instead of measuring yours against the relationships of others.
    17. Making your partner guess what’s bothering you. Just be honest with your man if it bothers you that he didn’t invite you to hang out on Friday night with his friends or if you’re bummed he didn’t do something special on your anniversary. If you shut down communication, give him the cold shoulder, and expect him to figure out what’s wrong, he won’t be able to address the problem, and your resentment will grow.
    18. Putting off intimacy. I know you’re exhausted and just want to roll over, but reconnecting with your significant other before bedtime will probably help you relax and bring you closer. Give up making excuses.
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    30 July 2016
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review

    Can’t choosing the best party dresses? Don’t worry. Here are some sexy dresses for you, you can select the one you like.


    The Cute Cheap Lace Dresses is crafted from a stunning crepe fabric that falls flatteringly over curves. Stretchy smocked waistband adds a custom fit, as well as adjustable spaghetti straps that tie at the shoulder.


    Soft jersey knit fabric sweeps down fitted three-quarter sleeves into a wrapping surplice bodice with tying sash belt. For a vintage-inspired look that will make your heart leap, hurry into this Red Lace Party Dresses from hard-to-find british brand emily & fin.


    Be fabulous and on-trend in this Red Lace Party Dresses. The Sexy Vintage Lace Wedding Dress is a summer essential with its tie-up neckline and embroidered embellishments.

    Sexy-Lace-Party-Dress-in-Clothes-Review-14Sexy-Lace-Party-Dress-in-Clothes-Review-11Sexy-Lace-Party-Dress-in-Clothes-Review-11 Sexy-Lace-Party-Dress-in-Clothes-Review-11 Sexy-Lace-Party-Dress-in-Clothes-Review-11 Sexy-Lace-Party-Dress-in-Clothes-Review-11 Sexy-Lace-Party-Dress-in-Clothes-Review-11 Sexy-Lace-Party-Dress-in-Clothes-Review-11 Sexy-Lace-Party-Dress-in-Clothes-Review-11 Sexy-Lace-Party-Dress-in-Clothes-Review-3 Sexy-Lace-Party-Dress-in-Clothes-Review-11 Sexy-Lace-Party-Dress-in-Clothes-Review-1

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  • 16 Crop Tops That You’ll Need This Summer

    30 June 2016
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review

    Crop tops are so versatile; they can be worn all year round. We’re particularly drawn to this style during the warmer months because they feature simple, casual styles perfect for lazy days and sleek and edgy designs for a night out. The summer season calls for beautiful clothes, wind-blown hair, and sun-kissed skin. There’s no better way to show off that skin than by wearing one of the season’s hottest styles – a crop top.

    Sabo Skirt – Shady Palm Top

    1 Sabo Skirt - Shady Palm Top

    This crop top from Sabo Skirt is a great start to your summer ’16 cropped looks. The leaf design makes it seem very tropical while the smaller details give it a softer look.

    The V-neckline is trimmed with lace before creating a laced detailing up the top. Although it features long sleeves which might be a little too sizzling for the dead of summer, there is a lace detail along the sleeves to make it more breathable.

    ASOS – Adidas Original Crop Top

    2 ASOS - Adidas Originals Crop Top

    If you’re looking to rock the Adidas logo on something other than your sneakers, this crop top from ASOS is the way to go.

    This Adidas Original Crop Top features the classic logo on a blue shirt with predominantly green detailing and a touch of white. This crop top would work great with any casual look, but you could even dress it up by pairing it with a skirt.

    Nasty Gal – After Party Vintage Edgefield Shirt

    3 Nasty Gal - After PArty Vintage Edgefield Shirt

    A denim shirt should have a place in everyone’s wardrobe, but a denim crop top is even better. This denim crop top from Nasty Gal is a summer favorite.

    The denim is lightweight and features frayed hems and distressed colors. The loose and casual look works well for a laid-back, effortless appearance.

    Missguided – Premium Bandage Strappy Neck Crop Top

    4 Missguided - Premium Bandage Strappy Neck Crop Top

    If a night out is on your agenda, this strappy bandaged crop top from Missguided will get you many appreciative looks. You won’t be tamed in this design that features a high neck connected to straps that form a caged design. The V-neck is modest, yet sexy, and won’t leave you feeling exposed all night.

    Topshop – Cold Shoulder Frilly Bardot Blouse

    5 Top Shop - Cold Shoulder Frilly Bardot Blouse

    Cold-shoulders are in this season and are very bohemian chic. Floral patterns always get a stamp of approval, and this pink and black design is a great alternative to the girl who’s anti-bright colors. Although the majority of it is black, it is softened by the thin material and its draped form.

    Urban Outfitters – Ecote Baby Surplice Tank Top

    6 Urban Outfitters - Ecote Baby Surplice Tank Top

    Marled sweater-knits are common of the winter months because the material is so comfortable, but when they are transformed into crop tops, they’re magical. The deep-V is sexy while the material will give you some stretch in all the right places.

    Express – Pleated Cropped Cami

    7 Express - Pleated Cropped Cami

    This pleated cropped cami is a soft and romantic look for any summer day. Although it appears in solid white, the pleating gives the simple top a more dynamic look. The inclusion of the black straps gives the shirt a bit of depth, but allows the look to remain casual.

    H&M – Short Jersey Tank Top

    8 - H&M Short Jersey Tank Top

    H&M’s Short Jersey Tank Top is just what we need to liven up summer ’16. A part of their H&M Loves Coachella collection, this crop top has a bold black, yellow, and purple scheme with hints orange and white. The intricate designing makes it the norm to bohemian/Coachella styled clothing which is the ideal style for summer music festivals.

    Sabo Skirt – Messina Top

    9 Sabo Skirt - Messina Top

    Make sure you don’t get burned because this top is white hot! This top includes a sexy and structured deep-V neckline. Not initially visible, the Messina top features a small gold polka dot design around the top hem and the body has a nude, floral pattern along the bodice.

    ASOS – Sleeveless Polo Crop Top in Ditsy Print

    10 ASOS - Sleeveless Polo Crop Top in Ditsy Print

    High-necks use to only be a thing during the winter in the form of turtlenecks, but now they have branched out and made their way into the warmer seasons. This turtleneck crop top features a simple repeated floral pattern.

    The length of the body is longer than most crop tops because this will then give you the chance to ditch the high-waisted shorts for low-rise jeans.

    Nasty Gal – Nasty Gal Kimono Possible Cape Top

    11 Nasty Gal - Kimono Possible Cape Top

    Why wear the regular styled crop top when you can boost the style up to 100? This Nastygal original features a few great designs that make it pop.

    The crisp white color is embellished with a plunging neckline and a strappy, caged detail on the back. Clearly the most eye-catching detail is its long, flowing cape sleeves that end around mid-calf.

    Missguided – Choker Ribbed Crop Top

    12 Missguided - Choker Ribbed Crop Top

    Since last year, chokers have made their way back into fashion, but another fabulous 90s trend that we’re recycling was chokers that were already attached to our favorite shirts.

    This choker ribbed top from Missguided features the trendy off-the-shoulder look with a thick crop top which gives it a more sophisticated look for a night out.

    Top Shop – Mesh Detailed Long Sleeve Crop Top by Ivy Park

    13 Top Shop - Ivy Park Mesh Detailed Long Sleeve Crop

    Okay, ladies. Now, let’s get information…on this top from Top Shop. Beyoncé released a line of athletic wear named Ivy Park with Top Shop. This top features long meshed sleeves and an elastic waist band. We’re getting in formation with this top for casual days and pairing it with joggers.

    Urban Outfitters – Silence + Noise Cyndi Cross-Back Tee

    14 Urban Outfitters - Silence + Noise Cyndi Cross-Back Tee

    This Silence + Noise cropped top is every bit silence and noise as a mullet. This Urban Outfitters exclusive is business in the front and a party in the back. The front appears to be a simple black crop top, but the back features an open back that is covered with a strappy detail to give the crop top some sex appeal.

    Express – Denim Cropped Top

    15 Express - Denim Cropped Top

    Denim is a year round staple, and this denim crop top is a go to in our summer wardrobe. The look of denim is crisp and fresh, but this is softened with the spaghetti straps and sweetheart neckline.

    A denim crop top like this pairs well with a skirt or white jeans, but if you’re going for the denim on denim look, pair it with darker bottoms.

    H&M – Short T-Shirt

    16 H&M - Short T-Shirt

    We’re all trying to build our squad to be the best out there, but first you’ll need the uniform. This “Squad Goals” tee from H&M is our ideal summer crop top for two reasons.

    First, the bright color is a great staple for warmer weather. Second, the loose t-shirt style makes it comfortable and versatile. The shirt can be dressed down with shorts and sneakers or dressed up with long jeans and a pair of heels.

    We hope you’re ready to dive right into the summertime because we are! These 16 crops tops feature all the hottest styles and designs for summer ’16, and we can’t wait to whip them out of our closets.

    Which crop top do you feel you have to get your hands on? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • On July 20, India Couture Week 2016 to begin in capital

    28 June 2016
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review

    The India Couture Week 2016 (ICW), hosted by Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) — India’s apex fashion body — is set to begin on July 20.

    The India Couture Week 2016 (ICW), hosted by Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) — India’s apex fashion body — is set to begin on July 20.IANS | Jun 28, 2016, 02.55 PM IST

    India Couture Week 2016 to begin in capital on July 20

    The four-day fashion gala vouches to showcase dazzling intricate craftsmanship, interesting trends, and the best of Indian crafts by leading couturiers from across India.

    FDCI president Sunil Sethi hopes it’s a success.

    “We have always offered the best of India through our eponymous events and the ICW is the most coveted extravaganza in the stable as it showcases couture ensembles, which are emblematic of our rich tradition and historical past,” Sethi said in a statement.

    “As we get set to indulge in this unadulterated visual treat, we hope to recreate splendour through the art of luxury,” he added.

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  • The Best Celebrity Beach Bodies Of Instagram

    27 June 2016
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review

    The season is completely diminished if we don’t make at least one trip to shore to bask in the sun, frolic in the water, and gaze at the beach bodies. Summer brings a lot of the best things: time away from school/work, vacations, endless margaritas, and an even more endless supply of beach bodies.

    You might ditch the hot sun for cool air conditioning, and if you’d rather spend your summer without sunburn, here are the best celebrity beach bodies that you can catch on your Instagram feed.

    @ (Adrienne Bailon)


    Followers: 2.6m

    If we didn’t know any better, we’d say this former Cheetah Girl was on the prowl with her beach body. Adrienne Bailon shows off the definite appeal of a high-waisted bikini from the narrowing at the waist to the swell of her hips.

    @ (Serena Williams)


    Followers: 3.1m

    This tennis star is no stranger to the spotlight on the court, but it definitely follows her on the beach. With a body that she clearly worked hard for, Serena Williams’s body is toned to perfection, starting from her narrow waist and flat stomach and ending at her strong thighs.

    @ (Jessica Alba)


    Followers: 8m

    This mother of two has a beach body that would put most to shame. Jessica Alba’s beach body is noticeably firm and toned. With muscles and abs clearly showing, you can tell his sexy mom was working hard for her flawless figure.

    @ (Shay Mitchell)


    Followers: 12.2m

    This pretty little liar lives an absolutely glamorous life when she’s not filming, and it’s all displayed on her Instagram. With her indie vibes and bohemian waves, Shay Mitchell’s beach body can always be caught in an equally fabulous location.

    @ (Rihanna)


    Followers: 38.4m

    If there’s one celebrity we can always expect to find in a bathing suit, it’s Rihanna. With toned but soft curves, Rih is always showing off her beach body in a two piece and body chain.

    @(Jennifer Lopez)


    Followers: 44.1m

    She might be “Jenny from the Block,” but J. Lo is one star who will always get the right kind of attention at the beach. At 46 years old, this sexy mother of two has rock hard abs and her beach bum is the perfect result of good genes and mastering squats.

    @ (Beyonce)


    Followers: 73.1

    Very rarely will Beyonce be photographed without her knowledge, and luckily for her Instagram followers, Bey is never shy from posting her own bikini shots on her account. With the ideal hour glass shape, Beyonce’s body is one of the best out there.

    @ (Selena Gomez)


    Followers: 82.9m

    Selena Gomez might be the most followed person on Instagram because not only is she relatable, but she’s beautiful. In this black one piece with low cut sides, Gomez looks effortlessly sexy.

    @ (David Gandy)


    Followers: 578k

    Some of the best things come out of England, and David Gandy is one of them. As a model, Gandy is paid because of his handsome face and amazing physique, and we definitely appreciate the whole package.

    @ (Idris Elba)


    Followers: 629k

    This attractive Englishmen is one of the oldest on our list but has one of the best bodies in Hollywood. Idris Elba has had very few roles where we’ve gotten to see him shirtless, but the few times his broad shoulders and lean body make an appearance, we can only hope these roles start to roll in.

    @ (Mario Lopez)


    Followers: 776k

    For as long as his dimpled smile has been in the limelight, Mario Lopez has always been known to have an amazing body. Since his days as AC Slater, our eyes have been glued to his biceps, pecs, and hard abs.

    @ (Joe Manganiello)


    Followers: 1.4m

    If you weren’t slightly jealous of Sofia Vergara before, you might be once you see what her husband looks like shirtless. Joe Manganiello shows off his perfectly muscled body at the beach, and we can’t help but stare.

    And if Instagram isn’t enough for you, this Magic Mike star even has a book about building the perfect body with a shirtless picture of his on the cover.

    @ (Michael B. Jordan)


    Followers: 1.5m

    You’ll never hear us ask Michael B. Jordan to put a shirt on. Relatively new to the Hollywood scene, MBJ has a body to rival most of the old-timers. Getting even more toned for his lead in the movie Creed, Michael B. Jordan pleases many with his shirtless scenes.

    @ (Shemar Moore)


    Followers: 1.9m

    The best thing about warm weather is the endless supply of beach bodies, but the best thing about Shemar Moore is that he’s willing to show off his during any season.

    With pecs that are always glistening and abs that are always on display, Shemar Moore shows all of his “baby girls” just what they’re missing.

    @ (Chris Hemsworth)


    Followers: 4.6m

    This Asgardian god of thunder definitely brings the noise wherever his beach body goes. Chris Hemsworth is lean and toned in all the right places, and who doesn’t love the veins bulging out of his forearms? With the silky hair, deep voice, and perfect body, we’ll follow him to any beach.

    @ (Hugh Jackman)


    Followers: 6.4m

    Standing at 6’2”, Hugh Jackman is all the man we need. At 47 years old, he has a body we can only hope our husbands have. This Australian hunk has broad shoulders, hard abs, and the perfect amount of chest hair to keep our mouths watering.

    @ (Trey Songz)


    Following: 6.3m

    Mr. Steal Yo Girl, Trey Songz, is definitely trying to make sure everyone understands his women stealing capabilities. With toned abs, a chiseled chest, and tattoos on display, Trey Songz and his beach body have earned their spot on this list.

    @ (Zac Efron)


    Followers: 15.6m

    If there’s anyone that grew up nicely, it’s definitely Zac Efron. From his start on the small TV show “Summerland” to his recent gig as a lifeguard in the new Baywatch movie, we’re definitely excited to watch him glistening in water while running in slow motion.

    Now that we’ve shown you all these beautiful celebrities and their beach bodies, what are your plans as beach season rolls around?

    Will you be headed to the beach for some much needed sun or will you be checking out these celebrities on their Instagram accounts while you sit in your air conditioned room? Let us know in the comments below!

    While you’re checking out these celebrities and their Instagram accounts, make sure to follow the official YouQueen Instagram account for daily inspiration and things we love!

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  • We Should Get Ready For Summer With These Essentials

    21 June 2016
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review
    Find A Flattering Suit

    This list of essentials will have everything you need to embrace summer in style. From sun protection to sun glasses you are covered. The cutest fashions from patterned shorts, sassy wedges, and even flattering swimsuits – yes they do exist! And what look would be complete with out complementing hair and make up tips and tricks. Bring on the sunshine! Summer is just around the corner and most of us will openly admit we are not prepared for the onslaught of the season. A dewy spring so quickly turns into a balmy summer.

    Find A Flattering Suit

    Find A Flattering Suit

    I genuinely mean this when I say, this is the most flattering and supportive bathing suit that I have ever owned. I am unfortunately at my highest weight ever right now, but I can honestly say I have never felt more confident stripped down than I do in this suit. The Land’s End Women’s Slender Tunic One Piece ($89) comes in black, blue and dark purple. It has a supportive body suit layer and then a more delicate and fashionable top layer with body friendly shirring. The neckline is super sexy and pulls the whole look together with a chic vintage feel. For more information visit landsend.com

    Try Easy Beachy Hair

    Try Easy Beachy Hair

    Create a carefree, ocean-fresh look with full tousled texture, windswept waves, or piecey perfection and a low-sheen matte finish. John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray ($9.99) enhances natural waves, and increases grip and texture for a ropey, ripple effect that is fit for sexy beachy style, all year round. Leave-in, non-drying formula. For more information visit johnfrieda.com

    Achieve That Safe Summer Glow

    Achieve That Safe Summer Glow

    It is an obvious fact that sun exposure can be extremely damaging to the skin’s health. Play it safe with Phytomer’s Sun Radiance Self Tanning Cream ($56). This cream works on both face and body and gives skin a beautiful glow without the harmful effects from UV rays. This melt-away, non-oily cream glides on easily and allows for dressing immediately after applying. Get the glow you want (safely) and make everyone believe you just came back from some fabulous vacation! For more information visit lespausa.com

    Snag Some Chic Shorts

    Snag Some Chic Shorts

    Bring on the patterns! I love a great pair of bold shorts to liven up my collection of plain solid color t-shirts. These fresh and fun shorts from Ann Taylor Loft are perfect for a casual day in the sun. Whether you are hitting the beach, lunching with the girls, or even working – there is a pair of shorts that will fit for anything. Most shorts are about $45-49 each, but Loft always has great deals and flash sales going on for saavy shoppers everywhere. For more information visit loft.com/shorts

    Sweat Proof Your Beauty

    Sweat Proof Your Beauty

    In the summer, as most people do I opt to wear less make up when possible. There is no need to be messing with makeup that moves and smears in the sun. I have recently been loving a simple eye look and a bold pop of lips with New York Color “Get It All” ($2.99) lipstick collection. But when I am seeking a more dramatic look, I have been loving Rimmel London’s “Kissed By A Rose Gold” Mafnif’eyes Double Ended Shadow and Liner Duo. This stuff really stays put! Unlike a typical power shadow, both the liner and the shadow are creamy and go on smooth – giving a seamless look that makes me look like I have my very own makeup artist! Little do they know, the secret is all mine, and now yours!

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  • The best red carpet looks – Tony Awards 2016

    13 June 2016
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review

    The 70th annual awards ceremony, hosted by James Corden, took place at Beacon Theatre in New York on June 12 and it was one to watch.

    The 70th annual awards ceremony, hosted by James Corden, took place at Beacon Theatre in New York on June 12 and it was one to watch.TNN | Jun 13, 2016, 11.56 AM IST

    On Sunday night the Tonys took a historic turn when, “for the first time in the awards history, all four musical acting awards went to people of color.”

    While we celebrate the eventful night, let’s not forget the ladies who brought elegance and glamour to the ceremony.

    From Lupita’s embellised gown to Cate Blanchett’s asymmetrical black and white dress, the red carpet was blessed with abundance of fashion and beauty.

    Let’s take a look at the best dressed celebs at the Tony Awards red carpet:

    Lupita Nyong’o in an embellished, off-the-shoulder Boss gown by Jason Wu

    Jourdan Dunn in a pale purple structured bustier gown from Zac Posen Resort 2017

    Cate Blanchett in black and white Louis Vuitton Fall 2016 dress and leather pumps

    Joan Smalls in an embellished red and black Altuzarra Fall 2016 gown

    Claire Danes in an indigo silk gown from Narciso Rodriguez Resort 2017

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead in a cosmic crystal gown from Zuhair Murad Fall 2015 Couture

    Saoirse Ronan in a blush pink Stella McCartney cutout gown

    Jane Krakowski in a red Michael Kors embroidered gown

    Bee Shaffer in an Erdem Pre-Fall 2016 repliques montres suissesdress with an Edie Parker clutch in support of Hamilton musical

    Allison Williams in a custom white tailored jumpsuit by DKNY

    Karolina Kurkova in COACH Fall 2016 outfit

    Keri Russell in a red Monique Lhuillier Fall 2016 gown with silver embroidery

    Lucy Liu in 3D applique yellow Zuhair Murad Spring 2016 Couture gown

    Michelle Williams in a custom white ruched mousseline gown with embroidery by Louis Vuitton

    Phillipa Soo in a Swarovski crystal-embroidered gown from Prabal Gurung Fall 2016

    Model Liya Kebede in head-to-toe Proenza Schouler Pre-Fall 2016 ensemble

    Sara Bareilles in a nude Gomez Gracia “Soda Pop” gown with a beaded bodice

    Renee Elise Goldsberry in Oscar de la Renta Resort 2017 ensemble(left); purple and black striped Marc Jacobs Fall 2016 appliqued gown (left)

    (Image credits: Theo Wargo/Kevin Mazur/Jim Spellman/Dimitrios Kambouris/D Dipasupil/Bruce Glikas/Getty Image)

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  • 3 Ways to Make the Most of a Sexy Nude Dress

    5 November 2014
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review

    Nude dresses are more popular than ever.

    Over the pastUlysse Nardin Replica decade, nude-colored dresses have changed from novelties to staples in the wardrobes of fashion-minded women the world over. Yet despite their popularity, nude dresses can be a challenge to wear.

    A color that is just slightly off can make you look tired and washed-out. Accessory choice is complicated. The amount of skin you should show is different from when you are wearing a print or a strong color.

    However challenging these issues might seem, they are easily managed. These tips will help you select and style a nude dress, making the most of a look that is quickly becoming a new classic.

    #1 Choose the Right Color


    One of the most important things when choosing a nude dress is that it must complement the natural undertones of your skin color.

    “Nude” is a relative term, and although most often we think of it in terms of that peachy-beige colour that has been popular for years, modern sensibilities dictate that what nude means to one person is quite different from what is means to another. Nude is really a general term, and depending on your skin tone could be anything from an alabaster peach to a deep mahogany brown.

    Most people’s skin falls into one of three categories: warm, cool or neutral.

    To determine your skin tone, look at the veins on the underside of your wrist. If the veins appear to be blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone. With warm skin tones, the veins will appear greenish. With a neutral skin tone, it’s difficult to tell if the veins appear more blue or green.

    If the wrist test leaves you undecided, consult with a makeup artist at your cosmetics store. They’re good at this.

    Once you’ve determined what your baseline skin tone is, you can choose a nude dress in a fabric that complements your skin tone.

    Women with a cool, light complexion look great in a pale blue-based pinky beige. Women with warm complexions should steer towards more yellow-based shades. Those who are lucky enough to have neutral skin tones have the widest variety of options.

    When in doubt, try it on; there is no substitute for actually wearing a color to see how it works on you.

    #2 Keep it Covered


    To rock a nude dress successfully you’ve got to manage your skin exposure carefully.

    A nude dress by definition gives the illusion of nakedness. Consider this suggestion of nudity its own styling detail, much as you would a plunging neckline, short hemline, or open back.

    Even if the exact same dress with the exact same details works beautifully in a different color, choosing a nude dress with an overabundance of these details can end up looking trashy instead of classy.

    To keep things looking polished and sophisticated, choose a nude dress with fewer skin-revealing details than you ordinarily wear. If the neckline is low, make sure the skirt hits the top of your knee. Short hemline? Remember to cover up on top.

    #3 Use Accessories to Create a Mood


    Fashion enthusiasts often find their inspiration for accessorizing a look from the colors and patterns of the garment. While it might seem tempting to keep accessories on the lighter side when wearing nude, the reality is that your options are actually a lot less limited. A nude dress is a blank slate for just about any accessories you might want to wear.

    Pairing a nude dress with light-coloured, lightweight accessories is a great way to create an ethereal, feminine look. But that’s not your only option.

    If you are wearing a nude dress with very feminine detailing such as pleats and ruffles, choose edgier accessories in jet black, leather, or metal accents. That can be just the thing to help balance a look that might otherwise read as overly sweet.

    Pairing a nude dress with a brighter-color accent such as red (as seen time and again on Valentino runways) is a great way to make your look pop and give it a modern edge.

    Nude also looks great when worn against complementary shades of nude, creating a subtle, monochromatic color-block effect.

    Nude Is Nice

    There are many more ways to rock a nude dress, more than we could possibly cover here. But these three tips are guaranteed to get you and your nude dress up and running.

    With the holiday season just around the corner, you might want to add another dress to your seasonal repertoire. Next to your little black, little white, and little red dresses, why not add a little nude dress? You’ll be glad you did.

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  • Top 8 Trendy and Sexy Dresses For Summer

    29 April 2014
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review

    If you haven’t seen the lineup of must-have dresses for summer, you’re missing out! Check out our list of top 8 dresses for summer, but we’re warning you: These sexy and trendy dresses for summer are ridiculously hot with plenty of feminine, flirty attitude.

    It’s about that time again. The warm air is creeping in and we’re throwing our sweaters and leggings to the back of the closet to wait until fall comes back around.

    1. Feminine florals


    Nothing says beautiful like a bunch of freshly bloomed flowers. The scent, the smell, and the view are all gorgeous. Lucky for us, florals just happen to be one of the hottest summer dress trends.

    Whether you opt for a spunky design with brightly colored flowers or a simpler approach with bursts of pink and red roses (like the one pictured here), you’re sure to look incredibly feminine and gorgeous – and of course stylish, too.

    When you’re on the hunt for cute summer dresses this season, definitely take a look at the florals!

    2. Whimsical in white


    “Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” Coco Chanel couldn’t have said it better.

    White is a magnificent, breathtaking color – and it’s light nature makes it the perfect match for bright, sunny days. White summer dresses look best when they are short and cute like the one we see here. (Not to mention asymmetrical clothing is a total hit this year, too!)

    3. Maxi dresses


    We all know how incredibly popular maxi dresses were last year. We saw them everywhere! Well, we’re pleased to announce that you can resurrect all of your fav summer maxi dresses from 2013 without feeling like you’re committing a fashion crime.

    Maxi dresses are undoubtedly one of the biggest trends for summer, and we couldn’t be happier! Whether you’re sporting extra long summer dresses, asymmetrical ones, crazy colored ones, or pastel ones, you’re sure to look fashion forward and feminine.

    4. Perky in pastel


    There’s something about pastel that screams summer. And, if you haven’t heard the news, pastel is one of the biggest trends this year (not just for dresses, but everything!).

    Why not rock your favorite pastel color in the form of an adorable minidress like the one shown here? This dress is adorable in every way, shape and form from its cutoff at mid-thigh to its gorgeous lace detailing along the edges and back – not to mention the sexy cutout around the chest area.

    One of the sexiest summer dresses we’ve seen? Without a doubt!

    5. Gallant in graphics


    Have you ever bought a new dress only to throw it into the dark depths of your closet because it was ‘too busy to wear in public’? Well now you can put those fears to rest: busy, wild, and totally crazy designs are the IT styles to sport this summer.

    So go ahead, let your creativity loose and set the wild beast free.

    6. Sporty chic


    Yes, my lady friends. It’s OK to let your sporty side out this year! Sporty chic summer dresses are all the rage, which means you don’t have to change outfits between working out and going to your friend’s beach bash.

    7. Sexy cutout


    We love the cutout. Why? Because it’s unbelievably sexy. If you’re feeling like an alluring kitten waiting to pounce, you might wanna give this stylish and alluring look a try.

    8. Daring metallic


    Feeling a bit daring this evening? Then we invite you to try on one of this year’s hottest (and coolest) styles. Don’t worry about looking like you’re from the future- we’re kind of digging your dazzling style.

    I think we can all agree on one thing here: These summer dress styles for are seriously hot, and there’s something for everyone – whether you prefer the craziness of a wild design or the tame femininity of a solid white minidress. What’s your favorite look for summer?

    Cover photo: blog.hauteandrebellious.com

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