• How to wear Romantic on the first date

    26 December 2016
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review

    In addition to controlling your upcoming dating tensions, you also need to be aware of fashion dress, and you also need to know the best fashion choices and recommendations for stills that look beautiful as comfortable as possible.

    In fact, in choosing what to wear on the first date, you need to consider the venue, the impression you want to leave, whether you think you might see him again, how excited you are about this particular first date, how to show a little skin Do not. It is very difficult. However, in order to help you a little, we would like to add a list of first dating tips for the first dating to become more. Below, find some obvious and enough help tips to help you get through your first dating experience; it may turn it first.


    Check the venue


    It’s extremely important to scout the venue before showing up. Not only can this save you major embarrassment if you show up to a beach-themed restaurant in an evening dress, but you’ll prevent yourself from having to choose between numerous ‘what to wear on a first date’ styles; potentially wasting precious time and saving you plenty of frustration and money.

    So before planning any part of your first date outfit, always have a look at the theme of the venue; restaurant or not.

    Choose comfort, always

    Despite how amazing you want to look, how you feel is much more important. Of course, you want to experience both, but that’s not always ideal.

    The last thing you want is to be fidgeting with your clothing in areas that will make it seem obvious that you’re uncomfortable. Any man, when he’s interested in you, will notice your discomfort and you’ll feel even more self-conscious.

    The best thing you can do when choosing what to wear on a first date is to choose an outfit that will allow you to do the one thing you’re definitely supposed to; have fun.

    Leave most for the imagination


    Depending on the type of man you decide to go on a first date with, he’s going to want you to be a little bit conservative. This doesn’t mean you can’t show off a little bit of leg or maybe a tiny bit of cleavage; as long it’s one or the other.

    Don’t feel regret if you go out on a date with someone you end up really liking only to find out that he judges you based on what you wore. Sure, being judged is never nice but the fact of the matter is, that’s all someone has to go on if it’s the first date.

    You have to ensure that you leave a positive lasting impression without coming across as cheap.

    Thoroughly plan your outfit

    There’s probably nothing worse than thinking you know what you want to wear for a first date only to realize last minute that what you wanted to wear really isn’t going to work.

    It’s only about an hour before you have to leave for the date and you have nothing to wear. What to do? Well, it’s as easy as planning out your outfit thoroughly in order to avoid any surprises.

    That way you have one less thing to stress about when it comes to the whole dating scene. It can be stressful so don’t add any more than you should.

    Always take a light jacket


    Always pack a light jacket or something to throw over your shoulder in case the weather decides to turn. If he’s a gentleman, he’ll offer his jacket, but you just never know.

    Remember, always show up prepared in order to avoid feeling uncomfortable and cold as the night progresses. The weather can turn easily and you’d rather show up to the date with a little bit of extra coverage than not enough.

    Wear comfortable shoes

    Never try to wear uncomfortable shoes on your first date. The key date for success is comfort, leaving a self-confident impression. Uncomfortable shoes will only lead you to go funny, leading to painful blisters, you can avoid wearing shoes you certainly feel comfortable walking. They say beauty is pain, but no pain. You can look like pretty.

    Choose an outfit you’d normally wear

    Just because you’re going on a hot first date doesn’t mean you have to wear an outfit you wouldn’t normally be seen with.

    You still want to feel like yourself, and you certainly want to show him the truest version of yourself. Stick to your own sense of style and flaunt what you were given. He’ll love it!

    Can’t decide? Choose red


    What happens if you’re stuck with numerous outfits, all different colors, and you simply can’t decide on one. If you happen to have a red choice amongst the lot, go with that.

    Psychologically, red creates a moth to a flame type of effect. Men find red on women most attractive and seductive. So if the goal of the evening is to lure him in, always choose your red outfit.

    Please note, in order to lure him in with red, your outfit also needs to have a fitting cut. No use wearing a sack.

    Look touchable

    If you’re into your date and he’s into you, you most certainly want to be touched, right? So as much as you want to keep skin exposure limited and come across as a little bit conservative, you also want the best of both worlds where you look touchable.

    Don’t be afraid to play around with outfits and accentuate your best features. If it’s your eyes, wear eye make-up. If you have curvy hips, don’t be afraid to wear a pencil skirt. Wear what fits you best.

    Don’t purchase new shoes

    Whatever you do, don’t wear new shoes when choosing what to wear on a first date. Sure, we all want to look brand new and shiny, which includes purchasing a brand new outfit.

    However, you’ll end up with blisters before the night has even begun which will cause you to walk funny and feel extreme discomfort. As one of those things you want to avoid, rather choose one of your regular pairs of shoes. Choose pretty but don’t necessarily go with a brand new. You’ll thank us.

    We understand how crazy and stressful the first date can be, for both parties. It’s really more of an understatement. So don’t let not knowing what to wear on a first date add to the pressures of life and the overall dating scene.

    Girls put beautiful hair down will add a lot of confidence, knowing that you are in good hands if you follow the above first date fashion advice. Remember, when it comes to deciding what to wear on your first date, always leave plenty of room for yourself in order to give yourself enough time to change your mind if you want to. You just can not end up without enough time to prepare, especially if you think this date can turn into something serious. The first impression really is really important, so be wise to choose what clothes to wear on the first date and you may be on a continuous date for a long time.


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  • How to match clothes for Shorter Men

    28 November 2016
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review

    If you feel inferior for your height, in fact, this is not necessary, because as long as your dress with a proper mix. It will not look too ugly as long as you have your own style like this guide will suggest you to style your clothes and reduce the appearance of adding your extra inches!



    Tighten, slim t-shirts are a must If you are a shorter person, they give the impression that your body is longer than the real one. The standard gray, black, navy and white t-shirts look great for everything that can be dressed up with a cool coat out at night, or jeans and sneakers look more casual. Hugo Boss T-Shirt can be used as one of your options, at only £ 35.00 in three colors and everything, it’s amazing value.


    Levis's Jeans

    Jeans is an important part of the appearance and shorter people must get the part he looks right. If you go too loose fit, it will overwhelm you and make you look shorter. Slim and tight-fitting jeans will be your new best friend, increasing the length of the fantasy of your legs.

    Left of this classic pair of Levis Slim jeans, will work with ordinary t-shirt above the proposal. Their slim health will highlight the length of your legs and make you look taller. Do not choose too much code, dressed to be impressive! Price is affordable, these jeans are a great investment regardless of height.

    The next step is tight-fitting jeans. Right Ralph Lauren only needs £ 99, which is also a good option, especially if you are short and slim. Sturdy guy, we recommend keeping slim jeans instead of lean.

    Shoes and Trainers

    Barbour-Redhead-Chukka-Boots and Nike Air

    A good way to add some subtle inches is a good pair of sneakers. Away from the load line style canvas shoes because they are flat! Nike Air and Nike Air Slippers Sneakers have a thick sole that will increase inches tall but still look great. The blacks were not loud or arbitrary.

    If you’re looking for something on the smarter side, these Barbour Redhead Chukka Boots have a slight heel and would look great with your jeans t-shirt combo.
    Unfortunately, in the winter, you need a jacket to drive the cold. The pilot jacket is very healthy and their usual slim, they are perfect for shorter people, this Fred Perry jacket for £ 150 is no exception, it has an elastic slub belt to let the jacket embrace your body to your torso “long” . This jacket looks great at shopping or going to casual pint guys; or, more precisely, almost anywhere!

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  • Top 12 beauty products From north American beauty Convention

    8 November 2016
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review
    best beauty products

    Since the second half of 2016, more than 30000 beauty industry experts gathered mandalay bay convention center in Las Vegas for Cosmoprof North America beauty conference in 2016. There are more than 1000 exhibitors (from) in the world, the huge annual meeting is considered to be one of the world’s largest beauty meeting. From emerging cosmetic company to innovative beauty equipment and product launch, the world meeting Cosmoprof North America from Asia to Europe to find the best and the brightest the ultimate place of beauty products.

    2016 Cosmoprof North America Beauty Convention

    Mandalay Bay Convention Center
    Since returning from the Cosmoprof Beauty Convention, I’ve been busy testing and reviewing a 25-pound box of beauty product samples. From body lotions and anti-aging laser light devices to youth-boosting skincare and long-wear cosmetics, over the past few weeks, I’ve tested dozens of beauty products to discover which ones are truly worth the expense. Of all the beauty products I’ve been reviewing, here are the top 12 beauty finds from the 2016 Cosmoprof Beauty Convention.

    Best Anti-Acne Skincare from Cosmoprof: BeBe & Bella


    BeBe & Bella
    Characteristic BeBe and Bella probiotics facial cleaner is one of the best anti acne skin care treatment, it is sensitive, sensitive skin mild acne, but effectively remove existing breakthroughs and prevent the defects in the future.
    During my meeting with the company’s CEO (Allison Krebs Bensch), she shared the story of how her family-owned business came to be. With a background in pharmaceuticals (focusing on nutritional supplements and probiotics), Allison (and the company’s co-founders, her mother, Rose, and sister, Linda) started researching the health and beauty benefits of probiotics. “The idea was sparked to harness the full potential of the probiotics and its components as the basis of a skincare regimen…and BeBe & Bella was born! As a crucial element, BeBe & Bella includes probiotic supplements as part of its skincare regimen. Beauty truly does start from within and the balanced internal health of a person will be reflected in a luminous complexion.”

    Best Radiance-Boosting Skincare from Cosmoprof: SimySkin

    If you want to skin moisturizing luster, then you need to try to senior SimySkin triple serum. The hydration serum add the necessary moisture back to dry, hot skin, make you look fresh and young. In addition, it helps to significantly reduce signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, because it contains uv protection and soothing ingredients, including vitamin B12.

    “SimySkin mission is to produce age specific, anti-aging serums, creams, lotions and related products which use Vitamin B12 to reduce the effect of time, environment and stress on the skin. With the assistance and expertise of Dr. Uri Sagman, Georges Benarroch founded SimySkin. For over 10 years, they have co-managed Kyto IP, a biotechnology company which secured a number of patents related to Vitamin B12 and Ubiquinone CO-Q-10 and which, together with the State University of New York (SUNY), has been instrumental in the discovery of the human vitamin B12 receptor – a milestone in the annals of human biology.”

    Best Natural Body Lotion from Cosmoprof: Rahua Amazon Beauty

    Because our bodies absorb at least 30% of the components, we put our skin, so we must use only the best beauty products (excluding dangerous p-hydroxy benzoic acid ester or phthalate). In order to keep your skin hydrated, exhibited in Cosmoprof is one of the best natural body lotion Rahua amazon hairdressing body lotion, directly from the rainforest. No toxin, the organic body lotion contains promote water omega 9 and quinoa antioxidants.

    “For centuries in the Amazon, women from the Quechua-Shuar tribes traveled deep into the Amazon rainforest to follow a beauty ritual and prepare a highly potent, restorative oil they call Rahua (ra-wa). Created by New York hair stylist and colorist, Fabian Lliguin, and his wife, Anna Ayers, “Amazon Beauty, and the Rahua brand are passionately committed to creating the most clean and efficacious 100% natural formulas on the market – all of which are vegan, organic, sulfate free, paraben free, gluten free and cruelty free.”

    Best Moisturizing Mask from Cosmoprof: Fango Essenziali

    Fango Essenziali
    New Fango Essenziali moisturizing mask will help soothe and hydrate dry skin. Contains essential ingredients such as olive and blood orange. This powerful facial and body masque nourishes your skin, balance pH levels at the same time, locking hydration. All it takes five minutes to wow!

    “An ideal marriage of healthy and luxury, Fango is Borghese’s line of mineral rich mud treatments. Each Fango treatment delivers nourishing minerals, natural botanicals, and an exclusive Acqua di Vita Complex to renew and restore both the body and the soul.”

    Best Lash-Boosting Mascara from Cosmoprof: Skin Research Laboratories

    Why bother with falsies when you can get naturally-thick, luscious eyelashes just by using a mascara? Developed by Skin Research Laboratories, the creators of the popular neuLASH and neuBROW products (which promote the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, respectively), their newest beauty product to hit the market is the neuENVY Peptide Enhanced Mascara. This new mascara contains a lash-enhancing serum that conditions, volumizes and lengthens the appearance of your lashes. Mascara makes your eyelashes look not only application of colossal size, formula contains nourishing peptide and regulate ingredients, helps to strengthen and improve the health of eyelash, make them look more plump and longer, naturally.

    Best Clarifying Skin Cleanser from Cosmoprof: Skinn

    If you feel like your skin needs a deep-cleanse and you can’t seem to get rid of those nasty blackheads, then try the Skinn Pure Pore Detox cleanser. Brazilian Volcanic White Clay and Amazonian Green Clay are combined to create a gentle, yet deeply purifying cleanser. This sulfate-free, oil-free, creamy textured cleanser gets rid of dirt, grime and makeup, rinsing away pore-clogging surface debris and impurities, revealing fresh skin with smaller-looking pores.
    Launched in 2002 by Dimitri James, a professional makeup artist and licensed esthetician, the Skinn line of skincare and cosmetics has become a big hit on shopping networks like Evine.com. Dimitri “goal, when he started Skinn is to do the best skin care recipes, and take them to the price of the real world people can afford to – he said proudly, he completed the mission.”

    Best Brightening Skin Peels from Cosmoprof: DERMAdoctor

    If Summer has left your skin looking dull, lifeless, and lacking vibrance, then the DERMAdoctor Kakadu C™ Intensive Peel Pads are a must-have for you. Suitable for all skin types, these easy-to-use, intensive peel pads will brighten and revitalize your skin in less than 3 minutes. This set of high-potency vitamin C and ferulic acid pads can be used regularly as a smoothing daily peel. Containing essential ingredients from the vitamin-C rich kakadu plum, this effective brightening skin peels features seven sources of AHA and BHA, plus ferulic acid.

    DERMADoctor consists of a board certified dermatologist Audrey Kunin development, “has created many clinical proved that patent application of the formula, some neglected but common skin problems. Beloved by celebrity and consumer clientele alike, they have received multiple awards from respected publications such as Health and Fitness magazines and been finalists in the CEW Beauty Awards, the “Academy Awards” of the beauty industry.”

    Best Anti-Aging SPF Moisturizer from Cosmoprof: Pur-Lisse

    Whether you’re in your 30’s or 50’s, battling fine lines and wrinkles is a daily war. To minimize the appearance (and on-set) of wrinkles, the Pur-Lisse Blue Lotus SPF 30 Essential Daily Moisturizer not only helps combat the skin-damaging effects of UV rays, it also helps boost hydration and calm irritated skin. This lightweight, absorbent formulation contains White Tea, Soy Protein, and Algae Extracts which provide powerful antioxidants that promote skin radiance. Plus, Vitamin E improves skin texture while preventing premature aging.

    Developed by Chinese-American actress, Jennifer Yen, “Pur~lisse is a culmination of Asian Wisdom and modern beauty philosophy.” During my meeting with Jennifer at Cosmoprof, she shared her inspiring story about how she came to create this line of beauty products. She said, “as a former actress, I spent hours under heavy makeup, and my skin paid the price. Restore my complexion journey led me to find my grandmother Asian beauty secrets, it makes my skin restore life with incredible vitality.”

    Best Makeup Removing Cleanser from Cosmoprof: Whish

    One of the most important daily steps in taking care of your skin is removing your makeup before bed. However, most traditional face washes don’t efficiently take-off makeup, leaving your skin prone to breakouts and clogged pores. That’s where the Whish Revitalizing Cleansing Oil can help. This cleansing oil gently cleanses skin by using olive fruit oil, organic rose hip oil and coconut oil. Not only does it effectively remove makeup, it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

    Best Anti-Wrinkle Laser Light Device from Cosmoprof: LightStim

    In addition to using anti-aging skin care products, if you want to get rid of wrinkles, further then you’d better use laser device. Instead of spending thousands of dollars at a Dermatologist’s office, opt for LightStim for Wrinkles – an at-home laser light device that zaps fine lines and wrinkles, reduces inflammation, and helps reverse the signs of aging within just a couple months of repeated use. Cleared by the FDA for the treatment of peri-orbital wrinkles, “LightStim actually penetrates the top layer of your skin and enhances collagen production, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.” Within a few minutes a day, this soothing, painless device makes it easy to turn back the hands of time.
    Having received the Pure Beauty Award, Dermascope Aestheticians’ Choice Award, American Spa Professional’s Choice Award, LightStim uses advanced LED light technology to help firm skin and make you look more youthful and radiant by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

    Best Nail Treatment from Cosmoprof: Orly

    Some nails because there is no repaired regularly, cause your nails become brittle, fragile and easy to break. Instead of going polish-free for a few weeks (to get your nails back in shape), try the new Orly Breathable Treatment + Color. This one-step polish “has an all-in-one longer-lasting formula for longer, stronger, healthier nails.” Plus, get vibrant, long-lasting color that actually helps to improve the condition and strength of your natural nails.

    •    Nourishes and hydrates nails with Argan oil, & vitamins B5 & C

    •    Features advanced oxygen technology

    •    No basecoat or topcoat needed

    Best Long-Wearing Nail Polish from Cosmoprof: Essie

    If you have ever gone to the nail salon for a gel manicure, you’ve quickly learned the unwanted effects of removing gel polish. Weak, brittle nails are often what’s left after getting a Shellac or gel polish treatment. If you want the high-gloss finish of a gel manicure without the expense of visiting a salon or frustration about damaged nails after use, then you’ll love the brand new Essie Gel Couture line.

    This incredible 2-step process doesn’t require a UV lamp to curate the nails, nor does it involve multiple steps or harsh removal solutions. Just swipe on two coats of luxurious color, then apply a high-shine top coat. It’s that simple! You’ll get up to 14 days of gorgeous, long-wearing color that is as glossy and glamorous as a gel manicure. This new nail polish line is particularly attractive is applying for patent curve hug brush. Just a slip and you can cover the entire nail bed, make it easier for diy manicure faster than ever before.

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  • Fashion Trend : DIY Your Own Special Shoes with These 5 Idea

    26 September 2016
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review


    You can design your own shoes with these idea.

    Duct Tape, Images or Stickers

    diy shoes ideas

    Personally, I don’t like this option, but I found a pair of high heels with Marvel images and some shoes decorated with duct tape. Of course, the tape had the Marvel designs, but you can use any tape to design shoes to your liking or to cover something you don’t like.

    You can also use stickers if you prefer a more flexible design that tape does not allow for. If you want a permanent design, glue the tape and stickers down because they won’t last forever or they could fall off—make sure that the glue is fabric glue. Jut put some glue on the back of the stickers, then paste them onto the shoe before applying another layer of glue over the image to seal it. Adding an acrylic top coat will also help to make it last longer. This only really works on heels or firm sneakers, though, as shoes that bend too much will cause the glue to crack. It’s ideal for dressing up kids’ shoes.


    diy shoes ideas

    This is my favorite method because I am in love with glitter! You need clear fabric glue and fine glitter. In a bowl, two partsarts glue to one-part glitter and use a paintbrush to apply the mix to your chosen shoes. Try not to apply too thick a layer though as you’ll be applying three layers in total. Remember to let each layer dry before applying the next one, and cover the mix when it’s not in use so that it doesn’t dry out. Use a clean brush to apply a top coat of glue or sealant and then use an acrylic spray to seal everything before letting the shoes dry.

    If you really want glittery shoes likes Dorothy’s from The Wizard of Oz, apply a coat of glue to the shoes, then pour glitter over the shoes until they’re coated. Let each coat dry before applying a new coat, then apply sealant to finish. Remember to put newspaper under the shoes before pouring the glitter to make the clean up process easier.

    Bling Bling (Jewelry, Clips or Gems)

    diy shoes ideas

    This is my second favorite method for decorating shoes. For this option, you will need some jewelry, gems or pretty clips to customize your shoes—don’t forget the clear fabric glue. Using the jewelry, clips or gems, make whatever you want to attach to your shoes. For some great ideas, google images of how other people have added some bling to their shoes to give them some much-needed style for the season.


    diy shoes ideas

    As with tape, there isn’t one specific way to decorate shoes with paint. You also need to be careful what you choose to with paint because this is a more permanent way to change your shoes. You can paint the whole shoe or just parts of it. With this method, it’s possible to be very creative and do something artistic; I once saw an ombre style on white shoes. You can also use spray paint on your shoes although you will need a very firm hand for this as it’s easier to make a mess.


    diy shoes ideas

    This method is easy to do and looks fantastic when finished. All you need to do is choose some fabric with which to cover the whole shoe or parts of it. To attach the fabric, you can use some clear fabric glue such as E-6000. The design depends on what you want. I used tennis shoes and attached some black lace, but you can always search online for some inspiration.

    There’s also the option of using markers or sharpies create designs on your shoes. Are you going to try these methods? Do you know of any others? We’d love to hear from you!

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  • 12 Steps to Become a Successful Fashion Blogger, Detailed Useful Tips for You

    23 September 2016
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review


    Do you want to become a fashion blogger and have no idea how to start ? No worries, this article can solve your problem.

    Step 1: Determine your personal brand


    One of the most important steps in becoming a fashion blogger is coming up with your own personal brand. There are so many bloggers out there who just start writing without any plan, and expect personal success.

    However, without a personal brand, it’s very difficult for readers to associate you with a specific topic. That makes your quest to become a professional blogger extremely difficult.

    Step 2: Think of a name

    Another important thing to remember is choosing an appropriate name for your fashion blog. Whether you choose to be associated with your own name or choose an alias, having something to be called is important.

    Choose wisely, though. Your name should complement your brand, not create a lot of confusion.

    Step 3: Find a suitable platform

    how to become a fashion blogger

    As a fashion blogger, there are so many different platforms to choose from – depending on the style you’re going for. Tumblr is a particularly popular platform for fashion bloggers with its easy-to-use and funky functions.

    If you’re not very experienced at blogging, then I’d suggest trying something simply to start off with, and gradually learn how to manage other, more complicated platforms.

    Blogger, although a popular choice, not one of my favourites due to its boring layout. Boring isn’t something you want when trying to portray a fun fashion image. However, fashion has many forms. So depending on the particular style you’re going for, Blogger might just be your answer.

    WordPress is a more advanced option, for more advanced bloggers. It has many functionality options with various plugins to optimise your blog. Regardless of how complicated or intricate it may be, I’d definitely suggest starting a WordPress fashion blog if you want to become a successful fashion blogger.

    Step 4: Ideally, get a logo

    I can’t possibly give you tips on how to become a fashion blogger if I don’t suggest getting your own logo design. This can either be in the form of your name or an image logo.

    Either way, you need to be consistent when choosing your logo. This will go on every social post, every YouTube video if you choose to make any, and will definitely be placed on your blog page. So make sure it not only matches your chosen name but carries through to your brand.

    Step 5: Design your page

    how to become a fashion blogger

    This is where the fun part comes in. If you’re using WordPress, you may want to get someone who knows a little bit more about HTML than you do in order to choose a theme. However, Blogger and Tumblr is a much easier choice.

    These platforms have an array of free templates to choose from to turn the ‘how to become a fashion blogger’ into ‘how to make money from fashion blogging.’ Which is another incentive to become a professional blogger.

    Step 6: Learn a few things about keywords

    It’s easy to start writing about anything your heart desires, but if you don’t have specific keywords within your writing, you may not be noticed by Google or anyone on Google for that matter.

    Although SEO is a lot more complicated than I’m going to explain in this particular article, knowing the basics will help your fashion blog get noticed by your desired audience.

    Step 7: How to become a fashion blogger? Write!

    how to become a fashion blogger

    Without content to add to your blog, your ideas won’t go anywhere. So the next step is to start putting your ideas on ‘paper’ so to say. Ensure you have a reliable grammar checking program to review your work before publishing it online.

    As a writer, your reputation can easily take a few knocks if you have bad grammar as well as awful spelling. Remember to add descriptions to your images, such as keywords, for those images and your blog to be seen on Google.

    Step 8: Create social media pages

    It’s not enough to have a blog with a few articles on there if you have no way if sharing them with the world. So create multiple social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest in order to use those platforms as sharing options.

    Any writer on the internet, regardless if you’re a fashion blogger or write business articles, should have a Google+ ID in order to gain a reputation online.

    You also need to ensure that your specific ID is entered into your WordPress user profile, along with your other social media pages URLs.

    This will give readers an opportunity to find you elsewhere with just a click of a button.

    Step 9: Share your content

    how to become a fashion blogger

    Get to know Facebook’s ‘insights’ option a little bit more in order to know the ideal times to share your articles – increasing your chances for them to get read.

    Remember not to post too many times within one week for your audience to get irritated, but not too little for them to forget you. Share your articles on your Google+ page, Twitter, as well as Pinterest (essentially being the most important platform for a fashion blogger)

    Step 10: Grow your audience

    When trying to grow your audience, remember to treat each and every new follower with the same love, respect, and appreciation you’d treat the first one with.

    The number of followers is not as important as having real, engaging fans. So remember not to focus completely on gaining an enormous fan base, but rather on creating a community of individuals who truly enjoy your work.

    Individuals who’d help share your ideas and support you on your journey to becoming an expert fashion blogger.

    Step 11: Connect with fans

    how to become a fashion blogger

    When it comes to wanting to know how to become a fashion blogger, one of the most important steps is to remember to connect with the fans or followers that you gain.

    Send them appreciative messages when they choose to become a fan. Act like a human being on social media platforms instead of a robot, and become more of a friend to each person on your social pages – if you can.

    They’ll be your backbone when your fashion blogging turns into an income, so never underestimate the power of connecting with your fans.

    Step 12: Remember why you write

    When you’ve written a few articles, shared them on your social media pages, and have grown an audience you can be proud of, remember to never forget the whole reason why you started writing in the first place.

    That will get you through the moments when you feel too tired to write, or when being a fashion blogger starts feeling generic. There’s a reason why you wanted to know how to become a fashion blogger in the first place, so never let that desire go.

    how to become a fashion blogger

    As a true writer, there’s nothing more rewarding than changing lives through your words and ideas. Without realising it, you may be inspiring someone to make an effort to look pretty again. Or, you can give someone else useful ideas when they’re feeling frustrated about their own fashion choices.

    Perhaps someone has an important date coming up and they’re seeking some inspiration, or you’re helping to improve someone’s self-confidence.

    Either way, the more you practise how to be a fashion blogger, the more you’ll become an expert in your field. Being an expert in your field is something you should strive for. And, honestly, who wouldn’t want to be an expert in fashion blogging anyway!

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  • Fashion Trend : 10 Fall Outfit Recommended For You

    15 September 2016
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review

    Have you got ready for Fall?

    We are all so excited for fall and all the scarves, sweaters, and boots, but when it’s still 70 degrees during the day, you might melt if you walk around rocking a full fall outfit.

    So, what’s a girl to do? Follow our simple guide that will teach you how to incorporate accessories into your summer outfits and make you say hello to fall without saying goodbye to summer completely!

    1) Leather jacket with maxi dress

    cute fall outfit ideas

    Rocking a leather jacket with a maxi dress is one of my favorite fall transition outfits. You are still dressed for summer, but adding the leather jacket not only makes your outfit edgier, but it will also keep you warm when the evening comes around.

    2) Jean jacket

    cute fall outfit ideas

    A jean jacket is a fall staple! There isn’t a single department store where you can’t find this staple piece. However, the greatest thing about this fashion piece is that it’s also popular during the summer, so it’s a great way to keep rocking your summerish outfits, and still look stylish!

    3) Scarf with short sleeve or tank top

    cute fall outfit ideas

    This is a great way to rock the most worn fall accessory! SCARVES! Especially if it’s a plaid scarf, throw it on top of a tank and you are good to go!

    4) Blazers with jeans

    cute fall outfit ideas

    This look is not only a popular outfit choice for the fall season, but this has become the most worn dress up look ever!  You will still look professional and stylish while keeping yourself warm!

    5) Replace sandals with pumps

    cute fall outfit ideas

    This is the simplest solution if you want to change your shoe style during the transitional period! You can still wear your floral or striped dress, but instead of wearing open toe shoes, replace them with heels or pumps.

    6) Ankle boots

    cute fall outfit ideas

    Ankle boots have become extremely popular this past year, and they continue to be fall’s go-to shoes. They will keep your feet warm, but will also make you look very stylish! The best way to rock your ankle boots is by wearing them with leggings and a dress!

    7) Hats

    cute fall outfit ideas

    Hats have become the most stylish fashion accessory of the century! It’s an easy way to dress up your outfit or to hide your hair when you just don’t feel like styling it. Wearing a hat with your outfit not only is a very stylish but is also a very “fall-esque” way to spice up your outfit.

    8) Plaid

    cute fall outfit ideas

    Plaid has always been a key staple for the fall, whether it’s a plaid shirt, plaid scarf, or a plaid dress! This year is all about the plaid! You can find it anywhere, from Target to Macy’s, to your local boutique. Pair it with a jean or a leather jacket and ankle boots and you’re good to go!

    9) Cardigan

    A cardigan is a great piece for early fall months! It’s a coat, but it will keep you warm during those brisk fall mornings and evenings! Plus, there are so many cardigans to choose from and find the one that fits your style! You can dress it up, or dress it down for a more casual look.

    10) Vests

    cute fall outfit ideas

    Vests are a great fashion addition! It can also dress up or dress down your outfit, and there are so many choices to choose from! You could go with a faux fur look, or a fleece for your pumpkin picking outing, or the very popular army green vest that is everywhere at the moment!

    These are the cutest fashion pieces that will help you to easily transition from summer to fall. You’re not quite saying goodbye to the summer months but you’re doing so by rocking fun fall statement pieces!

    All of the outfits listed above are easy to find and very inexpensive as well! The best part is that you can make several outfits with these individual pieces and wear them during the fall and even winter.

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  • Fashion Tips : How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe for Yourself ? 4 Main Point

    5 September 2016
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review


    Here are the guide of building a capsule wardrobe.

    Avoid fast fashion


    When trying to build a great wardrobe it is important to consider these two fashion trends. A quality clothing collection ultimately makes for timeless style, especially when shopping for business or formal attire for women.

    When building a Capsule Wardrobe, you have to avoid fast trends and fast fashion. Focus on the slow fashion trend by looking to more classic, timeless pieces that are well made– pieces that could potentially last a lifetime. By moving away from fast throwaway fashion you will no doubt succeed in building a Capsule Wardrobe around ethically made sustainable fashion.

    Favour ethically sourced clothing

    When searching out clothing to include in your Capsule Wardrobe it is important that you are able to track the company’s manufacturing and whether the label uses ethically sourced fabrics.

    Most brands that portray themselves as Slow Fashion brands promote themselves on the basis that they are homemade or home-grown niche fashion labels who only source fabrics from the label’s country of origin.

    The labels’ designs also tend to be created in-house from the sketches to the final product. They tend to be exclusive fashion labels which create unique and quality clothing under small designer labels. However, it is important for the consumer to be able to trace the background of a garment.

    Quality not quantity

    cute wardrobe

    In France, women have long since adopted this idea of buying timeless clothing that can easily be introduced into every aspect of their lives. When attempting to build a Capsule Wardrobe, part of the secret is to invest in a number of high-quality staple items.

    You will need basic shirts, blouses, trousers, sweaters, blazers, skirts and dresses. You should not be concerned with having the latest fashion items. You should focus your attention on classic items that flatter the body and which are of great quality. You will need to educate yourself on quality fashion brands that specialize in minimal and timeless clothing.

    However, make sure to pay attention to the details and take the time to consider the perfect color, fit, and style to incorporate into your quotidian. But in the end, it’s all about your personal preferences and what looks best on you.

    Intelligent shopping


    Never underestimate the importance of intelligent shopping when creating a Capsule Wardrobe. I have always said that it is better to buy medium priced designer clothing on sale rather than expensive full price clothing from high street retailers. The quality of the garment, the fabric, the overall look of the piece as a rule of thumb tends to outweigh that of its high-street counterpart.

    By peppering your wardrobe with designer pieces that will most likely stand the test of time will be of great benefit for you, as you will most likely appreciate them more and put more effort into maintaining them and integrating into your quotidian.

    However, if you are shopping on a budget make an effort also to find unique pieces by stalking through flea markets, vintage, and second-hand shops. In Paris, places like Les marchés des puces and kilo shops are great places to make interesting finds.

    Remember to consider the potential of an item of clothing before throwing it back into the one euro bin. Another pro tip is to buy whilst travelling to find unique pieces that no one else has. And last but not least, take a look in your mother’s wardrobe from time to time as your taste inevitably changes as you get older. Consider how you could adopt these items and adapt them into fitting with your own personal style.

    When creating a Capsule Wardrobe it is important to create clean- cut and sophisticated looks that will outlast one season’s wear. By shopping intelligently and investing in quality clothing and accessories, you will cultivate a wardrobe which will outlive the next fashion ripple. When shopping for quality clothing and accessories, you should be shopping for life.

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  • Fashion Tips : In 50-Degree Weather, What Should We Wear?

    4 September 2016
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review


    Check out the fashion combination below.

    Light jacket & scarf


    In this first outfit, we have the perfect layered look. With distressed jeans and ankle boots, we are already setting ourselves up for a great fall outfit. The blue utility jacket and tartan scarf are perfect for colder mornings, but if you find yourself sweating as the sun rises in the sky, you can shed those layers as easy as 1, 2, 3.


    Another great look for the warmer spectrum of 50-degree weather, you can still make your dresses work in your wardrobe. If the weather is starting to cool, but you’re still hoping to show off your legs, you can do so in a dress. The denim jacket and scarf are a great way of keeping warm up top while you flaunt those legs while you still can.

    Mini dress & duster


    A great way of wearing a mini dress but still keeping your legs warm is with a duster. In this first outfit, we see a white mini dress that is paired with a deep lavender duster. While you would still get to show off your legs in this outfit, you can still wrap the duster around for some semblance of warmth.


    For more outfit inspiration for wearing a mini dress and duster, we have a black mini dress paired with a gray button down duster. While the previous outfit could be used for a bit of warmth, this is simply for style. This outfit would work perfectly on the warmer 50 degree days and will help you show off your legs while the sun is still shining.

    Mini skirt & over the knee boots


    There are levels of fashion, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shows us that she knows these levels very well. In another perfect fall combination, Huntington-Whiteley wears a chic all-black outfit. To create her weather-appropriate ensemble, she pairs a black suede mini skirt with over the knee boots and a long sleeve top.


    In our second mini skirt and over the knee boots combination, we see a sexy tan leather skirt paired with gray over the knee boots. This look is paired with a ribbed crop top and trench coat.

    The reason this combination works so seamlessly is because although the skirt might be shorter than what you’d normally wear, the over the knee boots not only help to keep the legs warm but balance out the length of the skirt.

    Sweaters & vests


    Another great layering technique is with sweaters and vests. Since the sweater should be thick enough to keep you warm on the colder days, the vest will give you a bit more warmth and a lot more style.

    In our first fall outfit, we have distressed jeans and brown heeled booties that are paired with a pink and gray patterned sweater. This outfit is completed with a maroon quilted vest that in this case would add more warmth and style to your outfit.


    This second sweater and vest combination is perfect for a casual day in the fall. Better for the warmer side of 50-degree weather, the sweater will keep you warm while this light denim vest is catered more towards style than warmth.

    Turtlenecks & ponchos


    One of fall 2016’s must-have items, you’re going to want to invest in a poncho. This combination is perfect for the colder side of 50 degree days, especially when the nighttime chill creeps into the 40s. Another great layering effect, the poncho can be added for extra warmth or removed when the heat starts to sneak up on you.

    For our first turtleneck/poncho combination, we have the perfect blend of fall colors. This outfit features a green turtleneck that is paired with dark denim jeans and camel over the knee boots. Another popular print for fall 2016, the poncho is in a red tartan pattern.


    In an outfit that perfectly showcases the combination as well as a great way to incorporate white into your post-Labor Day wardrobe, we have a predominantly monochromatic look.

    This second outfit features black jeans alongside black over the knee boots. We also see this particular combination take form in a black turtleneck and a white and gray printed poncho.

    Sometimes dressing for the weather is harder than we’d like it to be. We look at the weather app on our smartphones and try to plot what would work for the temperatures outside. Now when you see that the fall weather will be in the 50s, you’ll know exactly where to look for inspiration!

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  • Some Outfits Tips and Tricks of Wardrobes Big part Blazers

    25 August 2016
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review


    Listed below are some outfits tips for blazers.

    Skinny jeans


    A great way to style long blazers is with skinny jeans. Sometimes the added length of the blazer can add bulk to the body. The best way to counter this is by showing just how narrow the body really is. Wearing skinny jeans is a great way to focus on the narrow of the legs which helps to eliminate most of the size you gain with the long blazer.

    Boyfriend jeans


    Although wearing skinny jeans is the best way to remove the bulk of the blazer from your body, boyfriend jeans can also help create a great look with long blazers. As seen in this look, the model creates an effortless casual look with her boyfriend jeans and black blazer. Although the jeans are loose-fitting, they have a narrow leg which continues to give the body a balanced look.

    High-waisted jeans


    Who wouldn’t take fashion advice from model Chrissy Teigen? In a fabulous look with a long blazer, she shows just why high-waisted jeans work with long blazers. Since the blazer falls lower than normal, it creates a nice leveled effect between the start of the waist and the hem of the blazer. She finishes off her outfit with a simple white t-shirt and nude strappy sandals.

    Equal lengths


    When it comes to long blazers, the length might give you a bit of a problem. Another rule of thumb when it comes to this specific type is that they work fabulously with items that are of the same length. In this first casual blazered look, we see a white blazer paired with a simple gray tee shirt and distressed denim shorts. Although from behind, it might seem as if she isn’t wearing anything but a blazer, the style looks simple and deliberate.


    In this second look, we are able to see how this rule works with skirts. This outfit features a lace and pleated ivory top alongside a terracotta high-waisted skirt. The gray blazer in this outfit works exceptionally well in this case and creates that multilevel effect that is created with the high-waist and hem of the skirt and blazer.

    Knee length


    One of the easiest ways to style a long blazer is with an outfit that is already made for it. In this white ‘suit’ look, we see a long white blazer paired with a white knee-length pencil skirt. Wearing long blazers with clothes that fall below the knee often appears awkward unless they are pants, so aiming at knee length or above is ideal. This neutral outfit is completed with a black blouse and black and white handbag.


    In one of her looks from Gossip Girl, we see Blake Lively as Serena Van der Woodsen. In this NYC ready outfit, her character pairs a knee-length navy dress with a blush blazer that falls slightly below her hips. She finishes her outfit with strappy tan pumps.


    This last knee-length example is the perfect street look. This outfit features cuffed Bermuda shorts that are paired with a loose-fitting white t-shirt and long white blazer. This look is completed with simple black sandals and a black purse.

    As a dress


    If you’re not in the mood to figure out what to wear with your long blazer, you can take a page out of Cara Delevingne’s book. This model turned actress ditched the idea of pairing her long blazer with anything and instead chose to wear the style as a dress. She showed off her long and toned legs in a blue velvet blazer dress that she paired with black sandals and handbag.

    Now that you know how to style those long blazers you own or are hoping to buy, just remember this one important thing. It’s all about the length! Most long blazers will work with clothes that land at your knee or above. If you’re hoping to wear them with something longer, ditch the skirt or dress for a pair of jeans or trousers.

    In the comments down below, let us know how you plan on styling your long blazers. Will you be taking tips from Chrissy Teigen with high-waisted shorts or will you be sporting the blazer dress like Cara? Let us know!

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  • Have You Thought About You May Wear the Wrong Bra Size? 10 Signs Here

    12 August 2016
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review

    Wearing a comfortable bra is necessary for us, which mean the size of bra is need to be pay more attention.

    However, what most of us are unaware of is the fact that we are wearing the wrong size. This is due to the other known fact that not all of us have the time to have our twins measured by professionals.

    Thus, we’re not even sure that the one we’re wearing is the one that is the best fit and right size. For this reason, we’ve listed the signs that you’re wearing the wrong sized bra so you can check this for yourself.

    wrong size bra

    1. Your breasts bulge out at the top, bottom and sides of your cups

    Bra cups are designed to hold your breasts without creating the dreaded quadra-boob. So, if there are bulges here and there, you can be sure you’re wearing a bra that is too small for you.

    2. Your bra straps keep falling down

    When they do this, it could simply be that you need to tighten them a bit. After having washed them over and over, it’s possible that they’ve stretched, so adjust them first and see how the fit. If they slip down your shoulders after you have adjusted them, it means they are not giving you the support that they should.

    3. Your strapless bra slips down

    Since it’s only the band that holds your breasts, it matters a lot to get the best fit so you don’t spend your time hiking up your bra again and again. It’s a struggle most heavy-busted women face, but can be sorted out easily by finding one that offers the best support. Also, there are instances when the cups are the ones that are wrinkled or baggy. When they are, the breasts are not given full coverage. It’s a sign that you have to replace the padding or it’s time to get a new bra.

    4. You use the last hook when wearing your bra

    wrong size bra

    Most bras have three pairs of hook. If you feel uncomfortable wearing your bra on either the first or middle hook, that means the bra may be too loose for you. You have to go down one band size so you can wear the bra using the middle hook and still feel comfortable with it.

    5. The band of your bra rides up in your back

    Your band should lay horizontally flat on your back. Be sure to check in the mirror first before you put on your top so you don’t end up pulling the band down over and over. You can also move your arms over your head to check if the band moves up or not. If they do, you have to get a different size.

    6. The center part of your bra doesn’t rest in its place

    This tells you that you have to try on another bra size until you find one that has a center part that will rest on your rib cage perfectly. There are guides that you can refer to online if you want to do it yourself instead of having a professional do it for you.

    7. The underwire stabs you

    We’ve always thought that underwires were uncomfortable at some point, but the truth is that they only stab you if you’re wearing the wrong sized bra.

    8. You see lumps and bumps around your chest area

    Your bra may be too small for you if this happens. Don’t insist on wearing one because when you put on your top, it will be visible and it won’t be attractive.

    9. It leaves marks on your body

    wrong size bra

    Your bra should not cause indentations or any marks on your skin. If you see any, it’s highly likely that you’re wearing the wrong size (too tight or ill-fitting) for you. Don’t let your skin suffer. Go and get a new one.

    10. It hurts

    Your back area, your neck or both will hurt if you wear the wrong sized bra. Thus, it’s highly recommended that you hit up a bra store so you can ask for assistance from a professional in finding the right bra for you.

    Get fitted now

    Bras, like other clothing, wear out over time and your body changes. If you can’t bear the thought of being separated from your favorite bra, you have to get it altered so it won’t cause you any pain. Make sure to get fitted for the right size bra, too.

    Most stores offer this service at no cost, so it’s always best to take advantage of it rather than suffer from wearing the wrong bra size. If getting fitted at a store is uncomfortable for you, you can measure yourself in the comfort of your home. Just follow an online guide from a reputable source.

    Did you get fitted by a professional? How was the experience? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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