Mastering The Art Of Wearing Shorts

30 March 2017
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You might have extremely long legs or a little more junk than you’d like to work with, and sometimes deciding to wear shorts can quickly change once you actually put them on.

With all the different kinds of shorts you could wear, you might get confused as to which pairs look best on you, but that’s where I’ve got you covered.

If you’re trying to figure out which pair of shorts might work for your body type or occasion, check out our list below.

Short Shorts

wearing shorts

If you’re a tall beauty with extremely long legs, short shorts might look extra short when you put them on. It comes with the territory. If you’re trying to avoid the disapproving stares from the judgmental generation before, try pairing your shorts with longer layers like a sweater or jacket.

It might be extremely warm, so you can also wrap it around your waist for a purposeful look. If you’re in the market for shorts that won’t be too shorts, stay around the 5” inseam marker. To measure your inseam, place measuring tape at the top of your inner thigh and measure down as far as you’d like the shorts to stop.

Bermuda Shorts

wearing shorts

If you’re looking for shorts that will definitely be a decent length, Bermuda shorts are the way to go. Most of these pants stop at the mid-thigh or knee and are a great way for changing up the classic shorts look.

If you’re tall, you can get away with almost any length Bermuda short, but if you’re petite, err on the side of caution. Bermuda shorts can quickly swallow up your legs if you’re on the shorter side, so aim for the styles that stop at mid-thigh.

Low-Rise Shorts

wearing shorts

Low-rise shorts are a staple in any summer wardrobe, and if your abdomen is toned to your liking, these shorts can definitely become a part of your casual uniform. This style of shorts work well with any look, but if you’re planning on showing some skin, these shorts can be paired with slightly cropped tops to show off the lower abdomen or even regular cropped tops to really show some skin.

If you’re carrying a few extra pounds around the abdomen, you might have an issue with low-rise shorts. Sometimes these shorts can cause the “muffin top” effect where it causes the body to extend over the shorts. If you’re looking to avoid this, high waisted shorts are the way to go.

High Waisted Shorts


wearing shorts

If you couldn’t tell that high waisted shorts are a hot trend, you’ve been missing out on fashion. If you have a little more around your middle than you’d like, high waisted denim will quickly help hide and smooth it out. These denim shorts will help emphasize a narrow waist and help accentuate the swell of the hips. They’ll hide all the bad ‘curves’ while enhancing all the good ones.


wearing shorts

Although denim high waisted shorts help to smooth out any unwanted curves, your non-denim shorts will conceal them rather than smooth them out. Since high-waisted shorts start at the narrow of the waist, they do a great job at creating an hourglass figure.

Because of most of the material and design of these shorts, it makes it infinitely easy to take these shorts and dress them up for most occasions.

Dressing Up Shorts


wearing shorts

If you’re dressing up your shorts, there are just a few rules to remember. As shown in this beautiful all-black outfit, if you’re wearing shorts that are loose around the legs, you can get away with wearing a tight, body-hugging top. You’ll also find this style worn often with crop tops.

In our third style, you’ll find a tighter set of shiny patterned shorts paired with a simple white blouse. Often times you’ll find that the trends call for tighter shorts and a loose-fitting shirt. Styles like this often include a tucked-in shirt made to billow around the waist or a flowy top that rests on the top of the shorts.


wearing shorts

Some people feel as if denim is only a casual thing, but it can definitely be dressed up. It’s easy to find a pair of long denim that is given a classier look, but these looks can definitely be accomplished with denim shorts.

To create a dressier look with denim shorts, your best bet is with a pair that’s not particularly body-hugging. The tighter the jeans are the more casual the outfit will look. The quickest way to dressing up a pair of denim shorts is by throwing a blazer on top of it. You can add to this look by pairing it with a blouse and a nice pair of pumps.

Of course, that’s not the only way to go. You can have thousands of combinations with denim shorts, so don’t be scared to experiment.

Now that we’ve shared our tips on how to master wearing shorts, there’s one more tip to tell you – don’t take them too seriously! The great thing about fashion is that it’s always changing and you could create the next biggest trend yourself.

Whether you’re tall, petite, slim, or a little curvy, dress the way you want to, but these tips might help make your life infinitely easier!

If there are any rules you follow when wearing shorts, let us know what they are in the comments below!

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