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    30 March 2017
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    With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you might be scrambling through your closet trying to find the perfect outfit for your plans. You and your date might be keeping the night casual, or you might be looking to dazzle in a fancy dress. Regardless of what you’re doing, you’re going to need a few sexy Valentine’s Day looks to tempt your date.

    Whether you’re going with the classic red or venturing off with the runner ups of pinks and purples, these outfits will have your date saying two important words, “Be mine.”


    Mini dresses


    When it comes to sexy Valentine’s Day looks, it would seem that red outfits are an absolute must. This first outfit is sure to spice up your date night. This mini dress features all of the best parts of common dress trends.

    The spaghetti straps are thin and delicate on the shoulders before descending into a bold and daring plunging neckline. If your stomach isn’t as flat as you’d hope, the ruche detailing will help detract from it.

    Although the length of the mini dress will show off your legs, the asymmetrical hemline is a bold and stylish design that will surely get your date’s attention.

    Midi dresses


    While mini dresses work to show off your legs, a midi dress will help focus on your figure and silhouette. You might not be comfortable with bearing cleavage, but there are still ways to entice your date. If you’re shapely and you love it, a midi dress is the perfect way to focus on your body! Sometimes the idea of what lies underneath is enough to entice than actually seeing anything!

    For a modest but still sexy Valentine’s Day look, this long-sleeve midi dress is the perfect style. The length won’t bring focus to your legs, but the body-con style will allow your date to focus on the narrow of your waist and the swell of your bum!

    Maxi dresses


    If your Valentine’s Day plans include a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant, you’ll want to get a beautiful and flowing maxi dress. Not only are the styles perfect for a romantic dinner, but it’ll be sure to make you feel like a queen.

    This particular style is perfect for a few reasons. Similar to the design of the mini dress, this maxi dress features delicate straps that lead into a bolder plunging neckline. The dress cinches at the waist which will help your figure show through all the fabric before expanding to a full skirt with soft pleats.

    For a little extra skin, the dress includes a mid-thigh slit which is ideal for playing a little footsies under the table (wink, wink)!



    If your plans for V-Day are more casual, you can still make sure that you look amazing! For the women who are going with the red theme, you can create an outfit with a pair of red jeans or trousers.

    A good pair of jeans is perfect for showing off your legs, especially in the colder weather. Similar to this outfit, you could pair the look with your favorite pumps and a blazer, or you could create a softer look by ditching the jacket.

    You can never go wrong with your favorite pair of blue jeans, and an easy way to create a Valentine’s Day look is with your jeans and a red blouse. You’ll instantly look ready for the day and you can easily find shoes or heels to complete the look.



    Although red is often considered the color of love, you’ll definitely find a lot of pink around for Valentine’s Day. Blushed tones have been a big trend and so have satin slip dresses. This is simple look that you really only have to throw over your head.

    The V-neck is tasteful while the length gives your legs room to impress. You can follow beauty vlogger, Carli Bybel, by pairing it with over the knee boots or you can trade them out for a pair of nude pumps or sandals.

    For a more casual look, you can definitely go with a blouse and pair of jeans. This pale pink works flawlessly, and if you’re not feeling the look with black jeans, you can easily swap them out for white or blue jeans. While blush heels might be hard to come by, nude pumps will complete the outfit and make your legs and bum look even better for your date.



    When Valentine’s Day comes around, you’ll see stores swamped in reds and pinks, and sometimes, you’ll see purple as well. If you’re still trying to keep with the theme without wearing the classic and potentially overdone red and pink, purple is the way to go!

    This first outfit is sexy for one particular reason – it shows skin where you normally wouldn’t see it! The wrap top hides any cleavage, but the area that bares the mid-riff is unexpected and sexy.


    For a unique and sexy Valentine’s Day look, a purple jumper will definitely get you looks from your date and compliments from by-standers. This design will leave you looking tall and lean without losing your shape. The separation at the waist will help bring attention to your silhouette while giving you an appearance of model long legs.



    For the bold and beautiful that are looking to set themselves apart from the ladies in red and pink, you should try your hand at a pale blue! The color is soft and romantic, while the design is sleek and sexy.

    The crisscross design enhances the chest without actually showing it and the thin belt creates the perfect hourglass figure. The asymmetrical design of the skirt gives it an edgy look while the pleating and ruching balance it out.

    Often times blue seems hard to pair, but silver, white, or nude heels would work perfectly! You should also aim to match it with nude lipstick.



    One color that is always soft, sleek, and bold at the same time is white. It might seem a bit daring to wear white, especially if you plan on indulging in a few glasses of wine, but the style and color can’t be beat!

    This particular outfit is soft and sexy at the same time. The bardot top bares the shoulders for a delicate look while the thigh-high slit gives it a touch of sensual and seductive. If you need some red in your outfit to make it seem more Valentine’s Day appropriate, red lipstick is usually the missing key to every sexy outfit.

    If you’d rather pair your white with black, this outfit is the perfect combination to create your sexy Valentine’s Day look. The white wrap top has enough of a V-neck to be enticing without showing any cleavage. The leather pencil skirt is sleek, sexy and perfect for a dinner. Similar to the previous look, finish the outfit by pairing it with fiery red lipstick.



    For those looking to sparkle on Valentine’s Day, you can trade in the reds for silver! Another sexy design with a plunging neck-line, the sequins will have traffic and by-standers stopping and looking at you. While silver dresses might seem difficult to pair, finish it with a sexy pair of white pumps and a sleek clutch, and you’ll be ready for dinner and dessert.



    If you want to dazzle and stay outside the box of the clichéd red and pink looks, you can definitely get away with an outfit like this. Gold might be the missing key to your sexy Valentine’s Day look!

    Not only will a gold dress make you stand out from the rest, but it’ll have you feeling like a goddess. The neckline is daring and sexy while the gold banded belt will help enhance the figure. The embroidered design is whimsical and romantic enough for an intimate dinner.

    Whatever your plans are for Valentine’s Day, make sure you look beautiful and sexy! Dinner might end quickly, but these outfits will have dessert extending beyond the restaurant!

    In the comments, let us know what styles you’ll be wearing for Valentine’s Day!

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