• What to Wear on the First Date?

    2 April 2012
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review

    It’s just natural behavior,replicapro and it makes sense to us – in our minds what we wear anywhere and anytime, is really important! So it’s only logical that choosing an outfit for a first date with someone you like, is a huge deal, and requires careful thinking through. Of course, what you choose to wear on the date, should first and foremost be in accordance to your personality and style, but there still are some general rules every girl needs to follow if she wants to dress to impress. We’re girls, we fuss about our outfits all the time, nothing strange about that.

    Wear Something That’s Appropriate for the Occasion

    Where you’re having your date has to dictate what you wear to a certain degree. If you’re over or under dressed it can make your date, and more importantly you, feel uncomfortable. So be sure to be well informed on where you’re going, and what you’re going to be doing, before you pick out your outfit.

    Don’t Wear Something You’re Going to Need to Adjust all the Time

    Like a strapless top, or something with spaghetti straps that tend to fall off the shoulder. Not only is that probably showing too much skin the first time you see a guy it will also annoy the hell out of you the whole time. You don’t want to have to worry if everything’s in place during the date, there are a lot of other things you’ll want to focus on.

    Wear Something You Feel Comfortable in

    beautiful girl with long hair in a coat

    Comfort is key for having a good time, anywhere not just on a date, but most girls are willing to go through some discomfort just to look extra beautiful. Every girl can understand that, and every girl has that one pair of heavenly gorgeous high heels that, ironically, make her feet feel like they’re in hell, or that fabulous skirt that makes her bum look ridiculously hot, but is just a tad too tight. Even so, when you’re getting ready for the date forget about them! You’ll be better off in something that isn’t restricting in any way, but makes you look just as good.

    There’s a Thin Line Between Sexy and Trashy

    Actually scratch that, the line isn’t that thin. Every girl knows micro minis and low cut dresses/shirts communicate the wrong kind of message. You don’t want the guy to be looking about 5 inches down from your eyes the whole time, or to be mentally undressing you with that blank stare while you’re trying talk, but if you look like sex on legs you can’t really blame him. Tone down the sexy, turn up the classy.

    Accessories & Make up: Less is More

    fashion accessories

    Don’t go looking like a Christmas tree, guys don’t usually appreciate that. I know over accessorizing is a huge trend lately but guys don’t really get or follow those trend we hold so dear.

    Our style is something very personal. It’s an expression of ourselves and should never be all about impressing other people. But bear in mind that, when it comes to first dates the impression you make on the other person (and vice versa of course) is what counts, and don’t think for a second that what you’re wearing isn’t going to influence the vibe you give off.

    In the end, what you wear on your first date isn’t as important to him as it is to you – what counts is that you feel sexy and good in your own skin, not inadequate. So dress for yourself first, for him second. Love yourself and you’ll be lovable to him as well.

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