• Fashion Tips: Wearing White After Labor Day

    6 September 2016
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review

    Although we’re not sure who came up with the rule, but whoever made “No White after Labor Day” is probably rolling around in their grave. While most used to take this antiquated fashion rule to heart, it’s a thing of the past.

    Most fashionistas still feel the pressure of leaving their whites for the warmer months, but we’re here to break that habit. Although white gives us the sexy and clean feeling of a South Beach party, it has made its way into fall and winter fashion.

    While you’ll see white clothing making its way into fall fashion, some shy away from the color because it doesn’t ‘seem’ to work with the darker and muted colors of the fall. Let us be the first to tell you that it does. As with the fashion of any season, it all comes down to how you style it.

    If you’re ready to kick that old rule to the curb and embrace wearing white after Labor Day, here are 7 ways to do that and be ultra trendy!

    As pants


    Don’t put away those white jeans just yet. If you’re having a hard time trying to find a way to work your white jeans into fall, don’t wait until the dead of the season. A great way to get your use out of it is during the transitional weather. In this outfit, we see white jeans paired with a blush cowl-neck sweater and taupe cardigan. These layers are perfect for cold mornings and warmer afternoons.

    As a dress


    Wearing white after Labor Day in a form of a dress is your easiest bet. When you choose white as the focal point, all you have to do is accessorize it. With this outfit, she keeps her wardrobe fall appropriate with a pair of knee-high boots and an infinity scarf.

    As a basic


    You might not even realize you’re doing it, but on a daily basis, people wear white as a part of their outfits. If you’ve ever decided on a cardigan or jacket, we’re willing to bet that you’ve reached for a white t-shirt. This is the quickest and easiest way to incorporate it into your outfit. In this “wearing white after Labor Day” look, we see slightly distressed blue jeans paired with a draped cardigan and white V-neck t-shirt. She accessorized it with ankle boots and an orange handbag.

    As a whole outfit


    If you’re kicking the ‘fashion rule’ to the curb and want to try out a white outfit with guns blazing, there’s no easier way than just pairing white jeans with a white top. Stepping out like this might look fine, but it’s definitely not giving off the ‘fall vibe.’ To complete this look, this outfit inspiration is perfect. With two popular fall colors, this outfit is complete with a khaki draped jacket and camel ankle boots.

    As a top


    If the fashionistas of the world are truly staying away from wearing white after Labor Day, when do they think all the white turtlenecks get worn? In a stylish and chic fall/winter outfit, we see a white ribbed turtleneck worn with a black high-waisted tartan skirt. This fall-appropriate look is completed with black over the knee boots.

    As a pattern


    You might come down with wardrobe anxiety when it comes to wearing white, and if you’re not feeling the trend, you can always try a pattern. Whether you’re choosing polka dots or stripes, mixing in white with another color can help get the look across without going all in.

    Another great way to get your feet wet with the trend is to ditch the bold white for something close to it. There are countless of colors dedicated to shades that are close white, so try off-white, eggshell, or oatmeal (as some clothing stores will call it).

    In this outfit, we find a mix of these two ideas. We have an off-white shirt that features navy polka dots. This sweater is paired with dark blue jeans, brown ankle booties, and a Louis Vuitton purse.

    As an accessory


    Possibly the easiest way to incorporate white into your outfit is with your accessories. You might not care for the monochromatic white look, so you can definitely work with smaller details. For this fall look, we have a black pleated skirt that is paired with a dark purple top. This outfit is instantly boosted with the addition of a white scarf. This idea can also work with adding white shoes or a white purse to your outfit.

    We’ve finally crushed the ‘No White after Labor Day’ rule. If anyone tries to tell you that you’re breaking a major fashion rule, just let them know that you make your own fashion rules (after the eye roll, of course)!

    In the comments down below, let us know how you incorporate white into your post-Labor Day outfits!

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