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The Best Hilary Duff Street Style Looks

We were first introduced to Hilary Duff as a teenager on Disney Channel. She went on to act in movies like Agent Cody Banks, Cheaper by the Dozen, and A Cinderella Story. After acting, she went on to pursue a music career before settling into a comfortable place where she could act and release music at the same time.

Throughout all this time, Hilary Duff has been developing her own sense of fashion. As a young star, she frequented baby tees and flip flops, but as she’s matured, so has her style. After having been on-screen for 15 years, Hilary Duff has developed her own sense of fashion off the screen and has created an abundance of fabulous and easy street styles.


Hilary Duff keeps it calm and cool in this first street style. With the pairing of a few distinct pieces, she is able to create a “cowboy” vibe with her outfit without making it seem out of place in a city. Her three key pieces are the cowboy hat, fringed purse, and leather boots that help create that rural feel.

She makes her outfit city appropriate by ditching the normally rounded leather boots for a pointy pair. Her legs look toned and slim in a tight pair of black jeans with rips at the knees. Giving her outfit a cool and unconventional ombre look, she wears a sleeveless top that goes from burgundy to black. For a pop of color, she wears a teal beaded necklace.


In this stylish and chic outfit, Hilary Duff looks perfect as she juggles the items in her hand. Duff creates an outfit filled with neutrals that still somehow allow her outfit to stand out. She is seen wearing a black and white striped V-neck shirt that she wears underneath a sleek nude leather jacket.

Once again showing off her toned legs, she wears a pair of distressed denim shorts with white peep toe pumps. She finishes off this great street look with gold bracelets, a black crossbody bag, and aviators.


If you couldn’t already tell, Hilary Duff is a professional at taking an out-of-place look and making it seem as if it belongs right where she is. In a look that is distinctly bohemian, Duff takes the style and makes it her own.

The highlight of her outfit is clearly her romper. Not only does the style feature distinct blue, white, and orange patterns, but the geometric shaping along the body gives it that distinct boho and relaxed look. On the petite side, Hilary Duff only stands at 5’2”. Instead of pairing her romper with the highly styled tall gladiator sandals, Duff is able to elongate her legs and makes herself appear taller with sandals that stop at mid-calf.

She finishes this boho style with a white fedora hat and a black leather quilted crossbody bag.


If you follow Hilary Duff’s styles enough, you’ll soon know exactly what the workings of her perfect street outfit is. You’ll find items like leather boots, tight jeans, and muscle tees thrown into the mix and that is precisely how she creates this perfectly stylish and comfortable street style.

Duff is seen stepping out in many of her signature styles, one of them being leather booties. In this outfit, she wears black boots with another one of her signatures, skin tight skinny jeans. The inclusion of these grey skinny jeans once again makes you focus on her toned legs. She wears a graphic black muscle tee that adds a bit of color to her outfit.

To enhance a look that is majorly neutral, she carries a red satchel and wears a bright red lip.


Once again in the fifth street look, Hilary Duff is bringing about a good number of bohemian/70s vibes. After a quick run into Starbucks, Duff is seen in this casually boho outfit.

She wears a simple black tee shirt and shorts as the backbone of her outfit, but progresses the style with her add-ons. Always a fan of wearing boots, she walks in a pair of suede ankle boots. She keeps the psychedelic aesthetic alive with her grey fringe purse and tie dye maxi duster.

Now that we’ve shared our favorite street styles from Hilary Duff, there are only a few items that you need to help you recreate her fabulous and effortless looks, some you might already own. If you have a pair of skinny jeans, ankle boots, and a sleeveless and effortless looking tee-shirt, you’re already more than halfway there to creating the perfect look to have the streets talking about you.

In the comments down below, let us know which of the above styles you like the most and which you’d be willing to recreate!

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