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The Best Rihanna Street Style Looks

Whether Rihanna is headed to an award show or walking down the block on a nice day, she always has an outfit on that gives everyone a bout of envy. Rihanna’s street style is almost unexplainable because of her aversion to following the fashion “rules.”

Rihanna is a big fan of changing her hairstyles and hair color, and her quickness for changes also follows her in her fashion. She’s been seen wearing an oversized pink ruffled dress at the Grammy’s, showing off her body in a silver see-through gown made of Swarovski crystals, or an all-white coordinate set with fringed pants.

BadGalRiRi chooses to wear whatever she wants whenever she wants, and this is precisely why her street outfits are out of this world. Whether she’s wearing a silk dress with a fur coat or jeans and sneakers, Rihanna always manages to knock her looks out of the park.


In our first look, Rihanna takes four items that one wouldn’t normally think went together and made them work seamlessly. The star takes what looks like a copper V-neck slip meant to be worn as lingerie and wears it as a dress with an ivory floor-length fur coat.

Although one might normally pair the look with gold heels to follow the color scheme, Rihanna doesn’t care about that. She pairs the slip and fur coat with silver ankle strap heels. If she wasn’t setting enough of a trend, she takes her dressy outfit and finishes it off with a casual navy baseball cap.


While Rihanna’s style is usually so dynamic that it’s hard trying to recreate, she also steps to the streets in more casual outfits that most of us probably already carry in our closets. While the first look we featured was high class glam, Rihanna is also a fan of keeping it casual, comfortable, but also stylish.

In one of her simpler street outfits, she’s seen leaving a restaurant in blue jeans with rips at the knees. While we’re used to jeans that are heavily distressed around the thighs and knees, the small slit on the knees give her jeans a fresher and cleaner look. She is also rocking a black and white striped blouse with black ankle strap heels and a white clutch.


In another of Rihanna’s best street looks, she is the perfect inspiration for creating an all-white outfit. Rihanna takes a long sleeved white crop top and pairs it with high-waisted white culottes.

Rihanna finishes off her look with a black satchel and black laced heels for the perfect balance between dark and light. For an even more monochromatic or lighter look, you could swap her black laced heels with white or nude sandals, but if you’re looking for a pop of color, you could switch out her black satchel for a red clutch.


Only Rihanna could create an absolutely laid-back and casual look and make everyone covet the style. She is seen wearing a grey muscle-tee styled hoodie which gives her outfit a spontaneous, athletic look. Clearly a fan of distressed jeans, Rihanna wears a slim-fit pair of denim that features distressed areas along the knee.

To complete this casually athletic outfit, she wears red and black hi-top sneakers. Although her outfit is predominately laid-back, it is glammed up with her bright red lipstick and a sleek black shoulder bag.


There’s definitely no risky business involved when Rihanna steps onto the streets because it’s guaranteed that her outfit is going to be perfect. Keeping it simple and extremely stylish, Rihanna struts around in an outfit that is equal parts sexy and chic.

In a look that’s giving us extreme Risky Business vibes, Rihanna is seen wearing an oversized white blouse. Although we’re digging the white dress shirt and socks look Tom Cruise was pulling, he had nothing over this outfit.

Her blouse features vertical stripes that change along the inside lapel. It also features a side button detail as opposed to the classic centered style. Rihanna wears this oversized blouse over a pair of distressed denim shorts that show off her long and lean legs. She strapped on a pair of nude ankle heels as well as a pointed choker and her classic red lipstick.

Not only does Rihanna make great music, but this beautiful singer has equally beautiful styles and outfits that make us stop and stare. She’s always setting trends and taking the latest and greatest fashion to the streets, and we’re definitely excited for the many more outfits that are still to come.

Let us know in the comments down below which Rihanna outfit you like the most and which style you might be planning on trying!

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