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10 Reasons You Should Never Wear the Following 10 Items

Trends are simultaneously some of the most exciting and the most treacherous things in the fashion world. Something that you are so certain looks absolutely fantastic one season can so quickly go out of vogue; it can leave a normally intelligent and level-headed fashionista wondering if she has, in fact, completely taken leave of her senses.

Each and every one of us has probably had the experience of going through old photographs, only to happen upon one of yourself wearing some god-awful trendy concoction from days gone by.

While interpreting and incorporating trends into one’s wardrobe is definitely an inherent part of the enjoyment of fashion, there are just some items that, no matter what he tastemakers might be saying, just don’t work.

#1 Suspenders / Braces


Once the sole domain of older gentlemen who simply needed to hold their trousers up, suspenders (or braces, as they call them in the UK) are a bit of a non-starter on women. Sure, the Annie Hall look popularized menswear as womenswear back in the 1970s but, as an accessory, they just don’t work. They’re fussy, awkward, and, if you have anything other than a small chest, nearly impossible to pull off.

#2 Mom Jeans

It seems that a certain element of hipster “normcore” culture would have us all back in Mom jeans, which many of us haven’t seen since the ‘80s. Probably the most unflattering denim style of all time, they were a bad idea then and are a bad idea now – doubly so if they are acid washed. Avoid.

#3 Thin Leggings As Trousers

Leggings (or even worse, tights) should never be mistaken for trousers. Most leggings are so incapable of acting as an appropriate barrier to the eyes of the world that they end up giving an unsolicited, full visual account of what the wearer is, or isn’t, wearing underneath.

#4 Velour Tracksuits


They may have looked fresh for about a minute when they first arrived on the scene, but since then, velour tracksuits have become a sort of symbol for being too uninspired to get properly dressed. These are a surefire way to look as if you have just rolled out of bed no matter how you accessorize them.

#5 Double Denim

About two seasons ago, the double denim trend (better known as the “Texas Tuxedo” to some) was all the rage. Looking back, it is easy to see why it died an untimely death. Even in the hands of some of fashion’s most astute stylists, this trend leaves the wearer looking awkward and woefully underdressed.

#6 The Visible Pantyline (VPL)

Perhaps the most frequently seen permutation of this trend, the visible thong showing itself out of the back of a low-slung pair of trousers, is something that can still be spotted on the street today despite having started as far back as the ‘90s. While it is definitely attention-getting, it is not the kind of attention any modern woman should want.

#7 Fur Boots


Regardless of whether you are at an Aspen aprés ski or on a grocery run in Amsterdam, these will make you look ridiculous, and likely not stand the test of time either. Why bother?

#8 Acid-Washed Denim

There is something about acid-washed denim that, not matter what era you may have purchased a garment in, makes said garment look dated and more than a little bit cheap. For more longevity out of your denim, look for more natural washes that will wear well over time.

#9 Head-to-toe Vintage

Unless you are wearing a single item such as a vintage designer gown, it is very difficult to make an outfit completely made up of vintage pieces into something fresh and current-looking. Make sure to balance your treasured vintage finds with more modern pieces to keep yourself from looking like you are a cast member in a period drama.

#10 Plastic Clogs

Unless you are actively gardening or working in a hospital, leave the plastic clogs at home. Yes, they’re comfortable, and yes, they are virtually indestructible, but what they also are is a sartorial eyesore; it’s virtually impossible to style a look around a pair of plastic clogs.

As with many of the trends that have come and gone over the years, there will be those who swear by one or more of the items on this list, may wear them with pride, and may actually even pull them off. However, those people would be the exception, and not the rule when it comes to these and other fleeting trends that have come and gone. As with everything in the fashion world, the best way to know if a trend is for you is to really know what works for you, and give new items you may be unsure about a try with a bargain version before splashing-out on an investment piece.

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