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10 Types Of Clothes Guys Find Attractive

Ahhh, the beauty of being a woman. Many women love the fact that they have lots more clothing options, types, and styles, compared to what men have. Although the male fashion industry is starting to evolve, women tend to have the upper hand with fashion and clothing.

This, believe it or not, plays a big role in your relationship as well. There are some pieces of clothing that, when worn for your boyfriend, will drive him crazy. Using the power of clothing is the perfect way to spice up your love and sex life, or if you just want to be a tease and get your man going.

Of course, every man is different, meaning some of these pieces of clothing may not work for him. However, just seeing you dressed like that should be enough to get that desired reaction.

Additionally, every woman is different which is why you may not feel comfortable or like some of the styles of clothes we mentioned. Either way, you can still pick some that will please both you and your boyfriend.

Read on to learn what clothes guys find attractive and drive your boyfriend crazy today!

1) High socks

clothes guys find attractive

Yes, that’s right. Something as simple as a pair of black or gray colored high socks with a short skirt is enough to get your man hot and heavy. Think about it this way: you are hiding a beautiful portion of your legs, while also giving him a hint by showing a little bit of skin.

For some men, high socks equal the sexual fantasy of the school girl role they want you to play for them. For others, it is just a sexy look that will be sure to drive him crazy on a date night.

2) Skirts

For some men, the shorter the better. This means that they can see more of your bare legs and have the chance to occasionally touch them. Additionally, the tighter the skirt, the more they can get the full image of what’s underneath.

clothes guys find attractive

However, some men love the idea of their girl wearing a long skirt (and it can be tight/hot/sexy as well). It all depends on the man. Either way, boyfriends love skirts because they show some skin, are super sexy and show and enhance your goddess like legs.

3) Lingerie

clothes guys find attractive

This piece of clothing is one that many women wear all the time when trying to seduce their boyfriend. However, as much as lingerie turns on men, it is also something that can only be seen in privacy.

As much as wearing lingerie may seem like the ultimate type of clothes to wear to drive your boyfriend crazy, it isn’t, at least not in this case.

The ultimate type of clothing to wear that will drive your boyfriend crazy is a pretty lace bra that peeks through your shirt or that he can see just a hint of.

That will be the ultimate tease and will surely make your boyfriend counting the seconds before he can have you all to himself.

4) Heels

clothes guys find attractive

As uncomfortable as they are, us women still love to wear them (for the most part). The good thing about this is, there is something empowering about wearing them, they make our buttocks and legs look even better than they already are, and they also drive boyfriends crazy.

Boyfriends love seeing their girls in heels as it just adds to an outfit, and enhances certain parts of a woman’s body that make them want to drool. In fact, they may even ask you to keep only your heels on in the privacy of their room.

5) Leggings

clothes guys find attractive

Some other clothes to wear that will drive your boyfriend crazy are leggings. Leggings are basically another layer of skin; they hug your legs close and fit you perfectly.

Not only do they have a tight fit, but luckily, they are comfortable while also being really sexy.

When your boyfriend sees you in leggings, he’s going to love it because of the views of every part of you that he will have.

Additionally, leggings are now perfect for cute movie dates, or even for nights out, just make sure to pick the thick ones. Showing your underwear is just tacky!

6) Tank tops

clothes guys find attractive

Show off your shoulders, cause this will drive your man crazy. No matter the type of tank you wear, he’ll love it. However, the more revealing the tank is, the more he’ll love it.

You will be showing off your sexy arms, back, and even a little bit of cleavage since most tank tops are kinda flowy and loose.

7) Dresses

clothes guys find attractive

According to many men, there is something sexy about seeing your girl in a dress. No matter the type of dress there is something about it that has a classy, feminine, sexy, beautiful, flirty, elegant, and glamorous look to it.

However, if you want to wear something that will blow his mind, consider wearing a tight bodycon dress that is short, and very revealing so you’ll show cleavage and your sexy legs. Not to mention, the dress will hug every inch of you, and he’ll love it.

8) Crop tops

clothes guys find attractive

Not only are crop tops beautiful, but they are also very sexy. By wearing a crop top you will have no issues driving your boyfriend crazy.

Men love seeing skin, and when you show him a little bit of your stomach, he will absolutely love it!

9) Lace

clothes guys find attractive

There is something about lace that men love. It is sexy, classic, timeless, glamorous, and elegant, while also daring.

If you wear a see through lace shirt, but then wear a nice bralette or tank top underneath, he will be itching to see what’s hiding under it.

This is a really sexy take on something so classical and basic.

10) Shorts

clothes guys find attractive

Although there are different types of shorts, any type will be sure to make your boyfriend go crazy. However, some will do the trick better than others.

Denim shorts are a girls and boyfriends best friend. The look that denim provides is timeless and also very sexy. Especially when the shorts are the ones that look distressed and worn a thousand times. Pair this with a plain shirt or even a tight tank, and your boyfriend will be a happy man.

As mentioned earlier, in the end, the type of clothes you wear are up to you. Some of the clothes that are mentioned here may not be what drives YOUR boyfriend crazy. After all, he is different than every other guy out there.

However, most of these should work as you will be wearing them. Meaning, his one and only, (that’s you), should be more than enough and will drive him crazy wherever and whenever.

But, some of the clothes you wear will be the cherry on top, and will only add to your appearance. After all, that’s why we all have our favorite pair of jeans, or a favorite shirt because it makes us feel great and we love how it looks on us.

If you can think of any other clothes to wear that will drive your boyfriend crazy, feel free to share!