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6 Popular High-Waisted Outfits to Rock This Season

Whether you’re rocking a pair of high-waisted jeans in the spring or a cute high-waisted skirt for summer, you’re sure to be sporting a trendy and alluring style. Check out these alluring high-waisted outfit inspirations that will really vamp up your style and keep you looking fresh, feminine, and fashionable! It’s no secret that the high-waisted look is an incredibly popular style for 2014.

#1 Adorably Chic with a Crop Top


One of the best ways to wear your high-waisted shorts (or jeans or skirts) is to pair it up with a crop top. Consider buying an adorable crop top like the one pictured here, with thick straps and a girly, chic floral pattern that pops. The look comes together perfectly with a pair of ankle boots (no heels!) and some aviator sunglasses.

#2 Casual With a Button Up


Especially popular with high-waisted pants is the casual style with a cute button up top, although the combo looks perfect with high-waisted shorts and skirts as well (as you can clearly see here). If you’re going to try out this style, make sure you either tuck in the button up top entirely or leave only small pieces hanging out. Aim for girly colors like the light pink pictured here, and don’t forget to wear your favorite heels and accessories to tie the look together.

#3 Cute With a Cardigan


When the weather’s a bit chillier than normal and you still want to wear your favorite high-waisted pants, go for look number 3 which includes a cute cardigan. The cardigan pairs best with high-waisted shorts, high-waisted leggings, or high-waisted jeans, and looks especially good with tank tops and cute flats. Try and find cardigans with a vintage flair (like the one pictured) for a seriously stylish ensemble.

#4 Punk Rock


Just like vintage style and pastel colors, 2014 is all about the punk rock scene – so it’s only obvious this particular look ranks highly on our list. This style is really easy to put together. All you need is a pair of cute flat sneakers (preferably Converse or the likes), a checkered sweater (here’s also where a boy’s oversized shirt would come in handy) and a pair of high-waisted pants. Feel free to wear the sweater or wrap it around your waist for a very punk inspired style.

#5 Girly Skirt Getup


When it comes to high-waisted skirts, there is one thing to keep remember: either buy adorable tutu type skirts (like the one pictured) or tight mini skirts. You always either want to pair your skirt up with a tucked in tee or a cute crop top, but the crop top should leave minimal stomach showing. It should either hit the top of your skirt or only show an inch or two of tummy. In this particular style we see an adorable, girly polka dot pink ruffle skirt matched with a plain black crop and cute black heels. Undoubtedly a girly, femme fatale type style that is ridiculously alluring and cute.

#6 Relaxed With an Oversized Tee


If you’re in a relaxed, ‘just chillin’ type of mindset, then this is definitely the style for you. This look is as comfortable as it gets, with an oversized tee tucked into your favorite high-waisted pants leaving it loose and wavy. It’s totally cute and stylish and did we mention extremely comfortable? You know you like the sound of that one!

What have we learned today? Wear your high-waisted anything’s this year and look totally stylish doing it! Switch it up between your favorite high-waisted leggings with a cardigan to a cute high-waisted pencil skirt and crop top combo for an enticing style that kills. What’s your favorite high-waisted outfit?

 Cover photo: tumblr.com