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A vintage watch can satisfy you

Omega’s first chronograph started production. In more than 16 sporting contests, these timepieces experienced usage Over 10 years. Omega became the official timekeeper at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics after winning 1st place in all 6 groups of their 1931 Geneva Observatory trials.

A marvel in the moment, the new chronograph was effective at measuring 1/10th of a second (a first for the Olympics). Considering that the 1932 Olympics, Omega has gone to be the official timekeeper in 21 Olympic Games.


In 1952, Omega’s first pocket watch first introduced and featured a case that was 51mm.

It is tough to think”classic” without images of gentlemen of a bygone era taking pocket watches from their well-tailored suits. Therefore, this watch should produce any avid vintage watch collector’s record.