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The Best Polo Shirt Online Store Sale

Polo shirts were knit from wool jersey but shortly were stitched cotton and other soft fabrics. The first polo tops were a part of those uniforms worn by polo players on groups in England and the United States beginning at the start of the nineteenth century. From the...
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Nike: The best fashionable sportswear

One of the greatest and best-known sellers of sportswear in the world, Nike began as a manufacturer of athletic shoes, then branched into shoes and clothes for athletes and those who desired to dress like athletes. The company started during the mid-1960s, just in time to make the...
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Dickies Are Again on Top of the World

During a recent family visit, my pants triggered an interrogation. My uncle, who loves cargo shorts and owns a window-washing company, noticed the Dickies tag on the back of my pants. I wear Dickies at work! He explained. A fair question. I, together with folks such as Justin...
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News: Ralph Drops Polo and Michael Kors is Living the Life

Kors with fiancé, Lance and mother, Joan in Paris earlier this year; Getty Ralph Lauren has dropped the Polo from his company’s name, hereby known as Ralph Lauren Corp. The brand is planning on further expanding in emerging markets like China, the nation whose culture inspired his fall...
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Tory Burch on Polo-Shirt Evening Dresses and Stylish Magpies

tory burch spring 2013
Photo: Alessandro Lucioni Photo: Alessandro Lucioni “American prep remix” is Tory Burch’s mantra for spring. “Taking this idea of a stylish magpie world traveler—she’s picking up things along the way and adding them to her classic silhouettes,” Burch told ELLE.com. The designer, an enthusiastic traveler herself, said a...
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News: RL’s Road Show & Top Model’s All Stars

Photo: Colette Ralph Lauren’s new exhibit showcasing his vintage car collection in Paris at the Arts Décoratifs museum opened yesterday and to celebrate, Colette’s released some cool new merchandise like a polo shirt with a car where the horse should be, as well as a watch, books, glasses,...
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