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Cavenago Tricolore II Watch With ETA 2824 Hands-On

I guess it is a trend today but I’ll begin this article with a confession too: I am, sadly, not Italian. Whatsoever. However, even having seen quite a few areas in this gorgeous country I still struggled with picturing the target audience for the Cavenago Tricolore II 1000M diver’s watch… Or at least I did until the very first time I set it on and I suddenly knew. This Italian manufacturer, run by an Italian family for the 3rd generation — apparently — really is designing and producing watches specifically because of its Italiano compatriots. I meanI put this watches for women for the very first time and I did not feel like a Navy SEAL diver or a racing driver at the 24 hours of Daytona, but I did definitely feel like I was ready to jump into my Abarth 595C, put the roof again and buzz down into the Ducati factory and begin slapping some bicycles together. I am not making this up, for some reason, a warm Italian dawn (roughly 9AM by Italian period ) and working in the Ducati factory sprung in my head when I put this opinion on. That’s a first for me, that’s for certain.

Its Italianness doesn’t stop there. If it didn’t, this above Italian solution to weight, performance and overall belief would still apply — it’d just be harder for dummies like me to identify it.

Producing a total of 899 women’s leather watches per year and operating with small variations, I’m ready to say that the Cavenago brand and its limited-to-100-pieces Tricolore II 1000M is just another curiosity of the watch world, just tailored to suit the flamboyant — and actually huge — Italian marketplace of watches. In case you did not know, watches in Italy are a big, big deal. It is as natural a companion of normal life as having a banged up car or an espresso machine in 11PM. I am yet to maintain a part of Italy in which waiters at absolutely ordinary cafés did not have vintage Rolexes and where I didn’t see people religiously placing straps on iconic-looking watches to express their character. A lot of them are stereotypical generalizations, but I really do hope that my friends will not find offense in any of these in the PC world — as there is not intended.

If it was not obvious at this time, I adore Italy and would like to live there — somewhere near Milan, rather in just a stone’s throw from Monza. Yeah, that seems about perfect. Would I require a 1000-meter water immunity dive watch there, or actually anywhere else? Practically, yes. To mix in. I mean, using its stupendously big hour and minute hands, proudly sized text along with hampered legibility across the periphery of the dial, followed by that glorious tricolor stripe, this is would be much better communicator of me being a wanna-be-Italian than pretty much anything else I can consider.

Here’s the deal. Before getting this particular watch and judging it out of pictures only, my first impression was of yet another micro-brand diver that didn’t move me much at all — and that I really did not know exactly what to make of it beyond that. Having familiarized myself with the newest and its inherent Italianness and found that the stereotype-enforcing, deeply likable quirks of the Tricolore II 1000M, I grew to really like this little massive Watches for Women. I really do see a parallel with Italian automobiles here: this item might not be the best in its class, but that’s just a direct result of that not being their principal goal. Happily, 21st-century manufacturing technologies have come to a point where you can totally live with a product whose sole focus is not about pushing the technology envelope but is instead than catering to a particular clientèle.

The Cavenago Tricolore II 1000M I’m quite sure is manufactured by an OEM Swiss producer, that assembles the case, dial, and ETA 2824-2 movement — and that’s all great. I’d much rather have someone whose bread and butter is making watches get this done than to find an upstart brand have their go at producing a 1,000-meter diver, a dial or a set of hands that, despite their very best efforts, will come loose after the initial mild shock. This practice at this price is good in my book.

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