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Fashion Dress Are Refusing to Give Up in 2017

While we all agree that a number of trends are best kept in the past, it also agrees, at least at what office he wore, that some trends are too good to give up even if they are no longer fashionable. So in all new-year-new-you-closet-cleanse, trend-to-toss content, we would like to compare some of the abstract sections of the article in 2017 and we will not give up. Think mules, cut flares and other fashion-girl favorites you may have invested in yourself last year.

Cropped Flares

M.i.h. Jeans Lou Cropped Mid-Rise Flared Jeans

“Ankle-crop flare jeans! I feel like I’ve finally found the denim silhouette best suited for my body. I’m a tad shorter (5’5”), which means the slim-fit leg and higher hemline with a kick is especially flattering. I’m a crop-flare lifer!” — Nicole Kliest, Style Director

“I refuse to give up cropped flare pants. Whether it’s my go-to denim pair or the office favorite from our Target collection, you can find me at the office wearing the pant style three out of five days of the week.” — Michelle Scanga, Managing Editor

Varsity Jackets

Marc Jacobs Chenille-Embroidered Wool-Blend Felt Bomber Jacket

“I can’t say I’ve ever really excelled at a sport in my life, but I’ve always had a thing for varsity jackets. They’re cool, nostalgic, and add a little bit of tomboy style to any look (can’t say I’ve ever been a tomboy either—go figure). This past year, varsity and bomber jackets just happened to be a popular trend, but they’ll always be a wardrobe staple—even if an ironic one—for me.” — Gina Marinelli, Senior News Editor


Prada Suede Mules

“Whether they’re flats or heels, I’m all here for mules in 2017. I hope they’ve moved into the timeless category at this point, because I can’t get enough!” — Kat Collings, Editorial Director

Off-the-Shoulder Tops

Off-the-Shoulder Tops

“Off-the-shoulder tops were everywhere last summer. Some people may have grown tired of them already, but there are plenty of new, interesting versions that don’t feel dated. I’ll be wearing knit versions for winter and switching over to linen and cotton for spring. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?” — Erin Fitzpatrick, News Editor