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Fashion-how to deal with elevators.

However, this is just NOT true. But do it right and it looks superb. In reality, a excellent pair of elevators around 4″ which fit closely where they meet the leg and the hem of the pants appears really right and simple to finesse, also is a look that lots of men wear anyway (large boots and skintight skinnies). Higher just takes a little more thought and practice but I do it and appreciate it. So yes, the boots are nicely on show in skinny or near fit jeans (they are not beneath bootcut or even the looser styles). But there’s a logic here no-one knows elevators are being worn by you. Yes, they know that you’re wearing boots that are large but so are others. They don’t feature a 4″ (10cm) lift in your height men shoes — only a little bit of footwear advantage that any guy wearing workboots or Timberlands gets. In a number of the fashion shots which GuidoMaggi do, they still show off the boots much. I had my reservations about this initially, but having tried it myself out I understand it works — you simply don’t always need to conceal the boot, also with some looks it is best that they are in fact well on show (eg hem slightly rolled up very tight over the boot showing a fair amount of leather).
There is an issue here — it’s about fitting the appearance and looking at wearers are wearing these styles, closely. OK a styling is too high style for many guys, examine the appearances from high street brands and so take it down a notch. When I purchased my skinnies, many arrived from the united kingdom shop Topman and it was very fascinating looking at their website and seeing how they presented them, and with what footwear — they have a tendency to show a variety of models and unique styles of the trousers and (crucially) the footwear. There were also the sneakers etc, but many were shown with men wearing boots that are huge and they looked excellent. Same with guys on sites such as lookbook.nu. It had been simple for me to believe,”wow, I will replicate that look but sporting my elevators”. And you learn by copying and experimentation what works and seems good and what may not. 6″ boots with skinnies I myself need to compromise with my looks — I like my skintight skinny jeans but I’m still careful about wearing them along with my 6″ Hong Kong elevators! I have done it and it is fine. But generally I wear my 4″ boots with skinnies because I find it easier to receive my appearance right. If I choose the 6″ boots, then I must do a lot more finessing of the hem of the jeans of my skinnies before venturing out with them. But yes, it IS do-able, which I doubted a couple of years back. Together with my 6″ boots, I often usually to wear slimfit in brands I enjoy (rather than skinny). All the hem to make them hang within the boot and I play around. And all the time that I try stuff on, I am first and foremost planning to be certain of how it would look with best shoes.
So if you’re of that era or trend in which you would like to go for a greater fashion look, almost anything is now possible with additional height right up to the new 6″ boots: you simply need to try things out and keep your eye on the look you are creating and how much it fits the overall look you want to create. Keep the line looking great (which is why I often like black boots and black jeans myself, for simplicity) and experiment.