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Fashion Tips: Best Clothes for Big Hips and Thighs

Unfortunately, the fashion world doesn’t fully recognize this liberating era we’re in and continues to make stick thin clothes that Barbie can’t even wear. Thin was in 20 years ago—now, we live in an era where we can embrace bigger thighs and wider hips (and bigger butts too!)

Here, I’m going to give you some tips to help you in your journey to wear cute clothes and flatter that beautiful figure of yours.


#1 High-Waisted Pants/Shorts:

I personally love it when girls are bigger on the bottom. A nice fitting pair of high-waisted pants or shorts can really accentuate you. While it can take some to find a pair to fit your thicker proportions, it will pay off in the end for you when they fit like a svelte glove.

If you’re having too much difficulty finding the perfect pair, like having a small waist with extra fabric around it, go ahead and buy the pair you like and have it hemmed in at the waist. Tailored clothing is always better anyways because it’s made for you and only you!


#2 The Wrap Dress

Let’s just say a big, collective thank you to Diane von Furstenberg for taking the time to create the iconic and sensible wrap dress.

I first saw this dress on my mother when I was younger and she loved it, still does. She wasn’t overweight or disproportionate or anything, but somehow the “wrapping,” of the dress sucked away any random pocket of fat, creating a smooth flowing figure.

The dress transforms your body and effectively lets you look like a model while you’re wearing it. Really, this dress works well on all body types but is really great for girls with big hips and thighs because it focuses on your tiny waist (or gives you the effect of one). It lets your thickness create an hourglass shape.


#3 The A-Line Dress & The Halter Dress

This is my absolute favorite look of all time. I have A-line dresses for days. It’s perfect for a girl like me who wants to look classy, yet enchanting.

My classy girl fantasies have been immortalized in A-lines. Audrey Hepburn. Grace Kelly. This dress cinches at the waist and opens at the bottom, giving you a pretty little figure.

Also very flattering is the halter dress, famously seen on the marvelous Marilyn Monroe. This style can be a little more seductive, especially if you’re a little bigger on top.

Both of these styles are great choices because they focus on your waist.  That’s the secret to looking beautiful as a woman, I feel. With an emphasized waist, every other aspect of your figure will fall nicely into place.

#4 NO Boxy-Type Clothing

If you’re a girl with big hips and thighs and you own anything boxy, I’m going to ask you to throw it away or give it to good will.

Yes, I’ve seen boxy dresses that are all pretty and chic, looking glamorous on the red carpet. You can wear them if you’re straight-bodied or pregnant.

Why can’t you wear them when you’re curvy? Okay, let’s get interactive. Try it on. What do you look like? A box.

Now what good is that when you were born with such beautiful curves? I do not like boxy dresses, boxy shirts, even the infamous “boyfriend pant” because I don’t like clothes that straighten me out.

Please don’t do that to yourself. Focus on the beauty you have instead on sweeping it away under a box. In my eyes, 10 times out of 10, the girl in a simple black A-line dress will always look better than the one in an elegant box outfit.

Remember, are you wearing the clothes or are they wearing you?


#5 Bodycon Dress & Skirts

Bodycon dresses and skirts are great for really emphasizing your beautiful shape. The only stipulation is that they tend to look better when you have an itty-bitty waist, and this proportion is not always easy to achieve unless you’re really dedicated to diet and the gym.

Still, I love this look and when I’m not bloated, I love to wear it. My favorite person to see it on is Kim Kardashian when she wears the bandage dress. It looks perfect on her because her bottom half just blossoms from her little waist. If you have a body type similar to hers, wear as much of these as you can!

So what are your go to looks? Do you have any virtues such as not wearing stripes or bright colors? Let me know, I’d love to hear your point of view. We can help each other! 

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