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Find a “wearing way” that suits you better!

The silhouette matching method of straight mix of women’s skirts is also suitable for girls with facial temperament and femininity. A suitable styling scheme for a person is not to stay in the types you think. Facial temperament determines your dressing style to a great extent, but the inner demands and ever-changing shapes of characters are to realize the freedom of dressing for a person and the different styles she can show.
Learning should be systematic and systematic, because the fragmented knowledge seems to be quick and practical, but it will make people detour. How to realize a person’s ever-changing style? How to meet the external temperament while taking into account more of your internal dressing needs or dressing preferences?
Find a “wearing way” that suits you better! Variety of shapes like a star! Accurately match your own dressing style and master the core matching ability of character modeling!