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Most Important Style Moments of 2016

Although the fashion world seems to be more trivial than ever before after the recent events, you still need to get dressed every morning. So, while we all think we will equip ourselves in 2017 and beyond, let’s stock this year. Here’s a collection of important reforms, the 2016 trend and the definition of labels, a color that everyone seems to have in his wardrobe.

The Jacket of the Year

The Jacket of the Year

If you’re like most people, it’s quite possible that you cover your back with a smooth short jacket. Military style silhouettes have become essential items in every wardrobe, reaching critical mass in 2016. It is so popular that, in fact, Google is starting a list of male-dominated projects. And there are good reasons: versatile style can be used with a cashmere sweater and a shirt as easy to add your favorite hoodies and Slim jeans. From the oversized version of the iteration by the αVetements Standard Edition and other brands of industry and the release of the most exciting label quilting embroidery mark, 2016 is definitely this year’s bomber.

The Russian Sportswear Revolution

The Russian Sportswear Revolution

Designer Gosha Rubchinskiy made waves for mixing youthful skate culture with references to growing up in the Eastern Bloc. His Cyrillic-heavy graphics rendered on hoodies, tees, and sweatpants became the most unlikely uniform for kids used to lining up for red box-logo hoodies. Under the wing of Comme Des Garçons’ Adrian Joffe, Rubchinskiy took his fledgling label all the way to menswear’s most prominent tradeshow, Pitti Uomo, where he was a featured designer along with the legendary Raf Simons—a guy who also made his name through mixing clothing with subculture.

The Brand Whose Name Is Literally “Clothes”

The Brand Whose Name Is Literally Clothes

Meanwhile, Georgian-born designer Demna Gvasalia ushered in a new era for extremely oversized sportswear and exaggerated silhouettes with his label Vetements. The name is simply French for “clothes,” but the collections are anything but simple. Shredding Levi’s 501 jeans, Champion hoodies, and The North Face parkas and remaking them into wabi-sabi, near-art pieces, the expensive label became one of the year’s most in-demand brands. This is, after all, the “design collective” that sold people an extremely expensive tee with a DHL graphic on it, and debuted a collection made up entirely of collaborations with everyone from Juicy Couture to Brioni, Levi’s, and Schott.

Gvasalia’s buzz got him on the radar of luxury conglomerate LVMH, which installed him as Alexander Wang’s replacement at fashion house Balenciaga, where his trademark anti-fit silhouettes have gone onto distort double-breasted suits and trucker jackets. (There’s also the unaffiliated copycat brand called Vetememes.) But who actually wears this stuff? Mostly fashion-hungry men and women who work at gigs with super lax dress codes, and probably spend more time in a first-class pod than at home. It’s sort of become the de facto uniform of monied jetsetters—and that includes Celine Dion, who in a meta twist, was spotted wearing Vetements’ Titanic-inspired oversized hoodie.

America’s Cozy Style Future

America's Cozy Style Future

The whole “Americana” aesthetic is in flux. In a world where French terry John Elliott hoodies and Nike Tech Fleece sweats are status symbols as much as a pinstriped suit, brands that traffic in the classic American aesthetic of suits, ties, and chinos are having a rough go. Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and J. Crew are in the midst of figuring out how to dress a more casual consumer, and even re-launches of trad-inspired labels like Band of Outsiders have faltered.

In their place, slim sweatpants, minimal hoodies, and Champion knitwear are becoming the default gear for stylish men the world over. Toeing the line between gym-ready sportswear and effortless off-duty gear, these eminently comfortable menswear staples may have started out as what you change into in the locker room, but now they’re the standard to wear out in the streets.

The New Work Uniform: Casual Everyday

Casual Everyday

Workplace like JP Morgan Chase more and more casual, so refreshing denim pants and crewneck cashmere sweater to replace the power suit and Gordon Gaike three-piece.Technology giants like Mark Zuckerberg appear in t-shirts and jeans in large conferences and flagship activities tend to be more ubiquitous than custom-made mediocre, boot dresses that are used on the board.

No, more casual dress is not plausibly commissioned to wear messy, it just means that your women’s suits, wearing their new way with leather short jacket with pants, jacket and a pair of jeans, a low-key plaid shirt, box-fresh common items sports shoes. Just because the boss said it does not matter in the office to wear down does not mean that your style is bound to be affected.