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How to match clothes for Shorter Men

If you feel inferior for your height, in fact, this is not necessary, because as long as your dress with a proper mix. It will not look too ugly as long as you have your own style like this guide will suggest you to style your clothes and reduce the appearance of adding your extra inches!



Tighten, slim t-shirts are a must If you are a shorter person, they give the impression that your body is longer than the real one. The standard gray, black, navy and white t-shirts look great for everything that can be dressed up with a cool coat out at night, or jeans and sneakers look more casual. Hugo Boss T-Shirt can be used as one of your options, at only £ 35.00 in three colors and everything, it’s amazing value.


Levis's Jeans

Jeans is an important part of the appearance and shorter people must get the part he looks right. If you go too loose fit, it will overwhelm you and make you look shorter. Slim and tight-fitting jeans will be your new best friend, increasing the length of the fantasy of your legs.

Left of this classic pair of Levis Slim jeans, will work with ordinary t-shirt above the proposal. Their slim health will highlight the length of your legs and make you look taller. Do not choose too much code, dressed to be impressive! Price is affordable, these jeans are a great investment regardless of height.

The next step is tight-fitting jeans. Right Ralph Lauren only needs £ 99, which is also a good option, especially if you are short and slim. Sturdy guy, we recommend keeping slim jeans instead of lean.

Shoes and Trainers

Barbour-Redhead-Chukka-Boots and Nike Air

A good way to add some subtle inches is a good pair of sneakers. Away from the load line style canvas shoes because they are flat! Nike Air and Nike Air Slippers Sneakers have a thick sole that will increase inches tall but still look great. The blacks were not loud or arbitrary.

If you’re looking for something on the smarter side, these Barbour Redhead Chukka Boots have a slight heel and would look great with your jeans t-shirt combo.
Unfortunately, in the winter, you need a jacket to drive the cold. The pilot jacket is very healthy and their usual slim, they are perfect for shorter people, this Fred Perry jacket for £ 150 is no exception, it has an elastic slub belt to let the jacket embrace your body to your torso “long” . This jacket looks great at shopping or going to casual pint guys; or, more precisely, almost anywhere!