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Your Next Jeans Should be Mom Jeans – Denim Trends

Mom jeans gained popularity in the ‘80s, so if you’re an ‘80s or ‘90s kid, you probably remember them. Primarily, they were designed for moms, as the name implies, to cover flaws and make that “S” figure—flat stomach and big butt. However, they were also comfortable to wear,...
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10 Reasons You Should Never Wear the Following 10 Items

Trends are simultaneously some of the most exciting and the most treacherous things in the fashion world. Something that you are so certain looks absolutely fantastic one season can so quickly go out of vogue; it can leave a normally intelligent and level-headed fashionista wondering if she has,...
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How to Pick the Right Jeans for Your Body Type

Flat Behind Low-waist jeans that are bleached at the front and on the backside are made for you. It is necessary to take a rather narrow model. Pick the one with many pockets which will fill the gaps you’re missing. General skinniness is best covered up by wearing patchwork jeans, made of different parts of jeans, or combined with other materials, or – if you do not like that style,...
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