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7 Clever Ways to Dress On a Budget

You can be fashionable, bold and breathtaking, wear cute outfits, express your own style, and enjoy fashion even while on a budget. Don’t ever let such a trivial thing as money stand in the way of your inner fashionista! Yes, money does come in to the equation and...
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5 Tips on How to Look Thinner than You Are

1. Forget About the Baggy Clothes Most people with extra weight make a mistake by choosing baggy clothes to cover the extra weight. You may believe it or not but baggy clothes don’t really hide anything, they just make things worse and you end up looking like a...
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How to Pick the Right Jeans for Your Body Type

Flat Behind Low-waist jeans that are bleached at the front and on the backside are made for you. It is necessary to take a rather narrow model. Pick the one with many pockets which will fill the gaps you’re missing. General skinniness is best covered up by wearing patchwork jeans, made of different parts of jeans, or combined with other materials, or – if you do not like that style,...
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