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The Best Chukka Boots Guide Read

A casual ankle boot that got its name from the game of polo, the chukka boot was solely associated with off-duty Sloanes in mustard-coloured trousers. Fortunately, it’s possible to wash that from your mind nowadays and adopt what’s among the best easy-wearing footwear styles.

Best Chukka Boots
“The chukka boot is a simple, low-ankle boot using three main parts of leather in the pattern and two or three eyelets,” states Tim Little, owner and creative director of Grenson. “The specific source is unknown, but the premise is that’chukka’ refers to some polo chukka, which is a seven-minute period of the game.”

TOP  Chukka Boots
The chukka boot originated in India one of the British military units that played with the’Sport of Kings’ there and subsequently found its way into the west, hence the thoroughbred heritage. Not that any of that really matters today: it’s currently one of the most versatile and comfortable kinds of boot to wear, pairing with work pants, jeans and chinos alike. The simplest way to tell the two apart is by looking at the only real.Hermes Black Jumping Boots, which were adopted by British forces during World War II and afterwards exported back into the UK from British footwear manufacturer Clarks, feature a natural crepe rubber sole.
This conductive substance (made from layers of latex) makes the design more comfortable and functional, but also more casual. If you don’t have a crepe sole, you are wearing a chukka boot.

Nice Chukka Boots
Traditionally made from unlined suede calfskin on a slender sole, chukka boots now come in a variety of fabrics and colors. Whatever you opt for, it is a style of boot which sits comfortably in contemporary wardrobes, flexible enough to be worn to the office and the pub. They’re among the best High Boots to wear with jeans, but you can also play on the character’s upper class heritage.”They are known mainly as a smart-casual crossover, but it will depend on the leather. A light suede can produce a very different feel from an extremely polished black edition,” says Little. “They tend to look best with a narrow trouser legkinked on the shoe, or more likely a inch or so above the boot.”

Cheap Chukka Boots
Chukka boots are most frequently found in shades of brown, but if you would like to avoid looking like a pre-Meg Prince Harry, dodge light-coloured trousers. To avoid all connotations of horsing around, the boots pair best with knitwear and casual pants, ” says Philip Goodwin, men’s footwear purchaser for John Lewis.