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The Cannes Film Festival – Celebration of Movies, Art, and Fashion

The version of one of the most prominent and admired film festivals on the planet is slowly approaching towards the end. As the red carpet walked down, the Cannes 2019 Film Festival started on May 14. For cinema enthusiasts around the world, the Croisette was the meeting point for both quality films and style.

The event is looked at by the 2019 Cannes Festival started with a red rug at which attendees were not only competing for the film awards, but also.

French actress, director, and movie manufacturer Edouard Baer was granted the chance to lead the opening and closing ceremonies of the festival, a task he is acquainted with and does it flawlessly. The American ensemble”The Dead Do not Lie” from director Jim Jarmusch functioned as the opening film to the festival, which will be one of the 21 full-length movies in competition this season. Common celebrity names such as Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Adam Drives and Selena Gomez attended the opening night screening.


Among the other begins invited to the prestigious event were also names like Brad Pitt, Elton John, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Margot Robbie. This year’s Cannes Film Festival was not an exemption to fashions that made a controversy, in addition to a statement, memorable moments.

Nonetheless, the movie festival extends to a total of 11 days, meaning that there is only a brief time left to catch up with all the event before it ends on May 25.

Overall, on the program of this year, we were lucky to observe some of the names in the film industry in addition to models, musicians.

Significantly, it was a prestigious appointment which brought together the best of the best .


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