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How to wear work clothes is more personal temperament and fashion

Passion for fashion is all the time, because it is Monday, with additional working hours before, a smile on your face trying on clothes, but in the end, the more the dull happy state of mind, choose the colors of luxurious combination to with your happiness on Monday?

Because work problems often appear what what to wear? From Monday to Friday are related, why don’t you take a deep breath, put our creative work fashionable personage. So here are 5 looks & outfit ideas for work, to get you from Mondays to Fridays:

CLASSIC that is probably the most common and the most simple office dress up, no matter what’s your job can do it.

CLASSIC look is probably the most common and easiest way to dress for office

The CASUAL business look, You can wear jeans to work is actually quite easy to do and very versatile. TIP is always wear high heels and a very smart/women coat, a coat and a professional package. According to your work, enjoy the accessories, and even shoes and handbags.

CASUAL business look

CARELESS CHIC is a looks a little prefer fashion, but for the trained eye, they are worth of street style. The TIP is to: clash different style items, play with shapes (slouchy versus fitted), with looks (feminine and masculine). Heels look best with this style, yet brogues or oxfords do the trick as well.

 CARELESS CHIC is a look for those who’ve got slightly more penchant for fashion

GLAMOROUS in the office are all those sexy woman to rule the world, and would rather have bright lips, sky high-heeled shoes and clothing. The TIP is always in the posh fabulous heels. Expensive perfumes, rich fabrics, pencil skirts and silky blouses, long trousers, statement golden necklaces, brand watches and massive bags or clutches. These ladies are not afraid to flaunt it all.

GLAMOROUS at the office is a look for all those sexy women

EDGY look not to faint of heart, not all of the work area, though if I may say, you can add a faint edge any appearance and escape from it. This kind of style is more suitable for the creative work and less strict office clothes, so they can add some things: boots, leather, T-shirt, dark lips, nail art, tennis shoes.

 EDGY looks

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