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You May Not Believe How Much It Will Really Price Kate Middleton and Prince William to Raise Their Royal Children

Sure, it’s custom for royal parents to have two children, but Kate Middleton and Prince William have never been conventional royals. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting baby number three soon and there are already speculations they’ll keep growing the family (page 8).

While each royal has an allowance from Prince Charles himself, many of the costs of raising the kids will come out-of-pocket for Will and Kate. This is how much it will really cost them to raise their royal family (page 7).

Princess Charlotte’s nursery school costs around $20,050 per year

Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte | Kensington Royal via Instagram

Will and Kate decided to send Princess Charlotte to The Wilcocks Nursing School in Kensington to keep her close to their Kensington Palace home. The school is known for its high prices, high staff-to-student ratio, and “high standards, excellence, and good manners.”

Charlotte attends both the morning and afternoon sessions which cost £14,550 annually, or around $20,050 USD. Children can also attend the “lunch club” which costs about $800 – $2,390 depending on how many days a week they attend.

Next: Prince George’s school is even pricier.

Prince George’s school costs $23,000 per year

Prince George of Cambridge arrives for his first day of school with his father Prince William, Duke of Cambridge at Thomas's Battersea on September 7, 2017 in London, England.

Prince George | Richard Pohle – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Kensington Palace announced Prince George would attend Thomas’s Battersea Preparatory School in March 2017. The U.K.’s online guide to preparatory schooling, The Good Schools Guide, says that “cosmopolitan parents” typically bring their children there.

Common families (or, at least, ones with less pedigree than the British royal family) have notoriously secured their children’s spot at the school at birth. The school costs parents around $7,859 per term for children ages four to seven and around $8,877 per term for children ages eight to 13.

Next: The parents pitch in for extra help.

Their nannies cost over $115,000 annually

Prince Nanny

Will and Kate’s nanny is fluent in six languages. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

If recent reports are true, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge hired a “super nanny” for Prince George. Between their busy schedules, two young, rambunctious children, and Kate’s pregnancy, it’s no surprise that the couple needs all the help they can get.

Royal help needs to be top-of-the-line, so we doubt it comes cheap. The new nanny is “fluent in six languages … as well as … a qualified child behavioral specialist,” Netmums said. According to CNN, the average cost for a British nanny is $54,000 a year. So, the two nannies together could cost the family $115,000 a year, however, we expect they pay them more.

NextThey spend a significant more than the average family on designer clothing.

They’ll spend an estimated $150,000 on food and clothing

Princess Charlotte and Prince George

Looking this cute doesn’t come cheap. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

CNN speculates the royal parents will likely spend far more than the average family on feeding and clothing their children. If the average family spends $46,000 feeding and clothing one child over two decades, the royal family will spend at least $200,000 on their three kids.

One of Prince George’s “bespoke” Savile Row tailor Gieves & Hawkes suits costs Kate and Will $7,000. Princess Charlotte’s first day of school coat retails for $165.

Next: There’s a high cost for their security as well.

Personal security could cost them millions

Royal wedding

Security costs are sky-high. | Matthewleesdixon/iStock/Getty Images

CNN reported that the family’s security costs would grow if the family regularly visits Kate’s parents in the Berkshire village of Bucklebury. According to The Guardian, the public cost of the monarchy excludes those of security, which are not revealed.

Experts expect security costs to raise as events like Meghan and Harry’s wedding arise. An estimated 5,000 police guarded the public at Will and Catherine’s central London wedding. The government provided the police with $4.8 million grant to cover overtime pay, while the costs out of the royal family’s pocket remain unknown.

Next: Don’t fret — in case you forgot, they’re loaded.

The Duke and Duchess have a combined net worth of $50 million

Catherine and Prince William wave to spectators

The royal couple is worth an estimated $50 million. | Daniel Kalisz/Getty Images

Sure, they will spend millions on their kids, but it’s not like the couple is pinching pennies. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have an estimated combined net worth of nearly $50 million — most of which Business Insider reports Prince William received through a trust on his 30th birthday.

When Prince William flew for the East Anglican Air Ambulance, he made $62,000 annually, which he chose to donate entirely to charity. Once Prince Charles takes the throne, it’s said that the couple’s net worth will increase.

Next: Here’s how much they’ll spend in total to raise their kids.

It will cost at least $3 million to raise their 3 children

Prince George, Duchess Kate, Princess Catherine, and Prince William in the Royal Family Christmas Card 2015

Raising their family will cost millions. | Kensington Palace via Instagram

According to CNN Money, Kate and Will will spend around $1 million to raise Prince George even though they live rent-free. If we assume they’ll spend the same on Princess Charlotte and their third child, that means $3 million total raising their kids.

However, some speculate they won’t stop their family after three children, which means they could be spending a few more millions.

Next: Rumor has it things could get even pricier for the couple.

Some speculate they plan to have 4 children

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Catherine, Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Will the royal family continue to grow? | Chris Jackson / Staff/Getty Images

Prince William and Kate already broke the royal tradition of stopping after two kids. PEOPLE noted that “all four of the Queen’s children — Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward — have two children each.” With baby number three on the way, will Kate and Will follow in Queen Elizabeth’s footsteps and have four?

A villager believed so. “I reckon Kate will try to emulate the Queen and have four!” they told PEOPLE. Others attribute the growing family to Kate since she grew up one of three siblings. John Haley, a pub landlord who attended the royal wedding, believed Kate’s mother would be happy. “It’s going to be nice for Carole to have three grandchildren … she had three children herself,” he said.

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