• 10 Types Of Clothes Guys Find Attractive

    18 April 2017
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review

    Ahhh, the beauty of being a woman. Many women love the fact that they have lots more clothing options, types, and styles, compared to what men have. Although the male fashion industry is starting to evolve, women tend to have the upper hand with fashion and clothing.

    This, believe it or not, plays a big role in your relationship as well. There are some pieces of clothing that, when worn for your boyfriend, will drive him crazy. Using the power of clothing is the perfect way to spice up your love and sex life, or if you just want to be a tease and get your man going.

    Of course, every man is different, meaning some of these pieces of clothing may not work for him. However, just seeing you dressed like that should be enough to get that desired reaction.

    Additionally, every woman is different which is why you may not feel comfortable or like some of the styles of clothes we mentioned. Either way, you can still pick some that will please both you and your boyfriend.

    Read on to learn what clothes guys find attractive and drive your boyfriend crazy today!

    1) High socks

    clothes guys find attractive

    Yes, that’s right. Something as simple as a pair of black or gray colored high socks with a short skirt is enough to get your man hot and heavy. Think about it this way: you are hiding a beautiful portion of your legs, while also giving him a hint by showing a little bit of skin.

    For some men, high socks equal the sexual fantasy of the school girl role they want you to play for them. For others, it is just a sexy look that will be sure to drive him crazy on a date night.

    2) Skirts

    For some men, the shorter the better. This means that they can see more of your bare legs and have the chance to occasionally touch them. Additionally, the tighter the skirt, the more they can get the full image of what’s underneath.

    clothes guys find attractive

    However, some men love the idea of their girl wearing a long skirt (and it can be tight/hot/sexy as well). It all depends on the man. Either way, boyfriends love skirts because they show some skin, are super sexy and show and enhance your goddess like legs.

    3) Lingerie

    clothes guys find attractive

    This piece of clothing is one that many women wear all the time when trying to seduce their boyfriend. However, as much as lingerie turns on men, it is also something that can only be seen in privacy.

    As much as wearing lingerie may seem like the ultimate type of clothes to wear to drive your boyfriend crazy, it isn’t, at least not in this case.

    The ultimate type of clothing to wear that will drive your boyfriend crazy is a pretty lace bra that peeks through your shirt or that he can see just a hint of.

    That will be the ultimate tease and will surely make your boyfriend counting the seconds before he can have you all to himself.

    4) Heels

    clothes guys find attractive

    As uncomfortable as they are, us women still love to wear them (for the most part). The good thing about this is, there is something empowering about wearing them, they make our buttocks and legs look even better than they already are, and they also drive boyfriends crazy.

    Boyfriends love seeing their girls in heels as it just adds to an outfit, and enhances certain parts of a woman’s body that make them want to drool. In fact, they may even ask you to keep only your heels on in the privacy of their room.

    5) Leggings

    clothes guys find attractive

    Some other clothes to wear that will drive your boyfriend crazy are leggings. Leggings are basically another layer of skin; they hug your legs close and fit you perfectly.

    Not only do they have a tight fit, but luckily, they are comfortable while also being really sexy.

    When your boyfriend sees you in leggings, he’s going to love it because of the views of every part of you that he will have.

    Additionally, leggings are now perfect for cute movie dates, or even for nights out, just make sure to pick the thick ones. Showing your underwear is just tacky!

    6) Tank tops

    clothes guys find attractive

    Show off your shoulders, cause this will drive your man crazy. No matter the type of tank you wear, he’ll love it. However, the more revealing the tank is, the more he’ll love it.

    You will be showing off your sexy arms, back, and even a little bit of cleavage since most tank tops are kinda flowy and loose.

    7) Dresses

    clothes guys find attractive

    According to many men, there is something sexy about seeing your girl in a dress. No matter the type of dress there is something about it that has a classy, feminine, sexy, beautiful, flirty, elegant, and glamorous look to it.

    However, if you want to wear something that will blow his mind, consider wearing a tight bodycon dress that is short, and very revealing so you’ll show cleavage and your sexy legs. Not to mention, the dress will hug every inch of you, and he’ll love it.

    8) Crop tops

    clothes guys find attractive

    Not only are crop tops beautiful, but they are also very sexy. By wearing a crop top you will have no issues driving your boyfriend crazy.

    Men love seeing skin, and when you show him a little bit of your stomach, he will absolutely love it!

    9) Lace

    clothes guys find attractive

    There is something about lace that men love. It is sexy, classic, timeless, glamorous, and elegant, while also daring.

    If you wear a see through lace shirt, but then wear a nice bralette or tank top underneath, he will be itching to see what’s hiding under it.

    This is a really sexy take on something so classical and basic.

    10) Shorts

    clothes guys find attractive

    Although there are different types of shorts, any type will be sure to make your boyfriend go crazy. However, some will do the trick better than others.

    Denim shorts are a girls and boyfriends best friend. The look that denim provides is timeless and also very sexy. Especially when the shorts are the ones that look distressed and worn a thousand times. Pair this with a plain shirt or even a tight tank, and your boyfriend will be a happy man.

    As mentioned earlier, in the end, the type of clothes you wear are up to you. Some of the clothes that are mentioned here may not be what drives YOUR boyfriend crazy. After all, he is different than every other guy out there.

    However, most of these should work as you will be wearing them. Meaning, his one and only, (that’s you), should be more than enough and will drive him crazy wherever and whenever.

    But, some of the clothes you wear will be the cherry on top, and will only add to your appearance. After all, that’s why we all have our favorite pair of jeans, or a favorite shirt because it makes us feel great and we love how it looks on us.

    If you can think of any other clothes to wear that will drive your boyfriend crazy, feel free to share!

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  • Mastering The Art Of Wearing Shorts

    30 March 2017
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review

    You might have extremely long legs or a little more junk than you’d like to work with, and sometimes deciding to wear shorts can quickly change once you actually put them on.

    With all the different kinds of shorts you could wear, you might get confused as to which pairs look best on you, but that’s where I’ve got you covered.

    If you’re trying to figure out which pair of shorts might work for your body type or occasion, check out our list below.

    Short Shorts

    wearing shorts

    If you’re a tall beauty with extremely long legs, short shorts might look extra short when you put them on. It comes with the territory. If you’re trying to avoid the disapproving stares from the judgmental generation before, try pairing your shorts with longer layers like a sweater or jacket.

    It might be extremely warm, so you can also wrap it around your waist for a purposeful look. If you’re in the market for shorts that won’t be too shorts, stay around the 5” inseam marker. To measure your inseam, place measuring tape at the top of your inner thigh and measure down as far as you’d like the shorts to stop.

    Bermuda Shorts

    wearing shorts

    If you’re looking for shorts that will definitely be a decent length, Bermuda shorts are the way to go. Most of these pants stop at the mid-thigh or knee and are a great way for changing up the classic shorts look.

    If you’re tall, you can get away with almost any length Bermuda short, but if you’re petite, err on the side of caution. Bermuda shorts can quickly swallow up your legs if you’re on the shorter side, so aim for the styles that stop at mid-thigh.

    Low-Rise Shorts

    wearing shorts

    Low-rise shorts are a staple in any summer wardrobe, and if your abdomen is toned to your liking, these shorts can definitely become a part of your casual uniform. This style of shorts work well with any look, but if you’re planning on showing some skin, these shorts can be paired with slightly cropped tops to show off the lower abdomen or even regular cropped tops to really show some skin.

    If you’re carrying a few extra pounds around the abdomen, you might have an issue with low-rise shorts. Sometimes these shorts can cause the “muffin top” effect where it causes the body to extend over the shorts. If you’re looking to avoid this, high waisted shorts are the way to go.

    High Waisted Shorts


    wearing shorts

    If you couldn’t tell that high waisted shorts are a hot trend, you’ve been missing out on fashion. If you have a little more around your middle than you’d like, high waisted denim will quickly help hide and smooth it out. These denim shorts will help emphasize a narrow waist and help accentuate the swell of the hips. They’ll hide all the bad ‘curves’ while enhancing all the good ones.


    wearing shorts

    Although denim high waisted shorts help to smooth out any unwanted curves, your non-denim shorts will conceal them rather than smooth them out. Since high-waisted shorts start at the narrow of the waist, they do a great job at creating an hourglass figure.

    Because of most of the material and design of these shorts, it makes it infinitely easy to take these shorts and dress them up for most occasions.

    Dressing Up Shorts


    wearing shorts

    If you’re dressing up your shorts, there are just a few rules to remember. As shown in this beautiful all-black outfit, if you’re wearing shorts that are loose around the legs, you can get away with wearing a tight, body-hugging top. You’ll also find this style worn often with crop tops.

    In our third style, you’ll find a tighter set of shiny patterned shorts paired with a simple white blouse. Often times you’ll find that the trends call for tighter shorts and a loose-fitting shirt. Styles like this often include a tucked-in shirt made to billow around the waist or a flowy top that rests on the top of the shorts.


    wearing shorts

    Some people feel as if denim is only a casual thing, but it can definitely be dressed up. It’s easy to find a pair of long denim that is given a classier look, but these looks can definitely be accomplished with denim shorts.

    To create a dressier look with denim shorts, your best bet is with a pair that’s not particularly body-hugging. The tighter the jeans are the more casual the outfit will look. The quickest way to dressing up a pair of denim shorts is by throwing a blazer on top of it. You can add to this look by pairing it with a blouse and a nice pair of pumps.

    Of course, that’s not the only way to go. You can have thousands of combinations with denim shorts, so don’t be scared to experiment.

    Now that we’ve shared our tips on how to master wearing shorts, there’s one more tip to tell you – don’t take them too seriously! The great thing about fashion is that it’s always changing and you could create the next biggest trend yourself.

    Whether you’re tall, petite, slim, or a little curvy, dress the way you want to, but these tips might help make your life infinitely easier!

    If there are any rules you follow when wearing shorts, let us know what they are in the comments below!

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  • Majestic Celebrity Mermaid Wedding Dresses

    30 March 2017
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review

    When you’re a bride, you might get overwhelmed by all the types of wedding dresses you can choose from. There’s ball gown, A-line, modified A-line, trumpet, and last but not least, mermaid.

    If you want to look like Cinderella on your big day, a ball gown might be the perfect style for you. If you want to create the perfect mix between a fairytale and sexy look, a mermaid wedding dress will give you that alluring, beautiful, and majestic style you’re going for.

    Some celebrities have the best style and even better designers to create that style. Here’s a look into our favorite celebrities who wore mermaid wedding dresses for their big day.

    Kim Kardashian


    When Kim Kardashian married Kris Humphries in August 2011, she had Vera Wang create 3 dresses for her. For the original ceremony, Kim wore a ball gown, but for her first reception dress, she changed into a mermaid gown that featured straps along a sweetheart neckline.

    The great thing about mermaid dresses is that they help accentuate all the right curves and that’s exactly what this Vera Wang original did. This mermaid wedding dress made Kim’s waist seem even smaller and helped create a defined hour glass shape. Her dress flared into a ruffled mermaid design with a long train.


    For her second reception dress, Kim Kardashian changed into another mermaid dress designed by Vera Wang. She wore a silk gown that featured thick straps and a plunging V-neck. The bottom of her dress fell into soft pleats and a small train.

    Khloe Kardashian


    Vera Wang and mermaid wedding dresses must run in the blood of the Kardashians, but it seems Khloe was the first Kardashian to set the trend. When Khloe got married in September 2009 to Lamar Odom, she walked down the aisle in a signature design by Vera Wang.

    Khloe wore a strapless silk gown that featured a flaring chiffon skirt. Veering away from the traditional all-white look, Khloe’s dress featured a lavender belt embellished with jewels.

    Mariah Carey


    Mariah Carey first married Nick Cannon in April 2008, but the former couple set out to renew their wedding vows in Paris in 2012. With the Eiffel Tower in the backdrop of their picture, Mariah is glowing in her mermaid style wedding dress.

    Her vow renewal gown featured thin spaghetti straps and horizontal ruched details along most of the body. The narrow beginning of the mermaid detail gives her a curvier appearance and the skirt bellows out and grazes the ground.

    Instead of the classic white, her mermaid dress takes on a more ivory color and features a black belted bow along the waist.

    Hilary Duff


    When it comes to celebrity wedding dresses, it seems that Vera Wang is the reigning queen. When Hilary Duff got married in 2010, she set her sights on a mermaid wedding dressed designed by no one other than the fabulous Vera Wang.

    In a gown created especially for Duff, they ditched the tradition white and create a silk tulle gown in blush. The dress featured a sweetheart neckline as well as diagonal panels across the body. Her exaggerated skirt was created with multiple tulle blossoms which gave it a full yet soft appearance.



    G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S. We’re sure this is what Fergie was talking about when she made her song “Glamorous.” For her marriage to actor Josh Duhamel in 2009, Fergie wore a mermaid gown for her big day. She wore a pure white gown that featured spaghetti straps and a modified neckline.

    Looking closely at her dress, you’ll find the narrow of her waist is accentuated by the ruched detailing of the gown. In the front, her dress seems as if it falls into a simple mermaid silhouette, but the back features a white and black floral design that makes the dress and her booty pop.

    Jana Kramer


    When Jana Kramer, known for her role on One Tree Hill, walked down the aisle, she did it in a beautifully soft and elegant mermaid style wedding dress. Perfect for a country wedding in Virginia, she married her husband, NFL player Michael Caussin in 2015.

    Her semi-sheer gown featured a slight deep V-neck for the perfect amount of cleavage while the open back added a little sex appeal to her gown. The lace detailing along the top continued into the mermaid silhouette, and she finished her look with a long floor-length veil.

    If you’re planning on stepping down the aisle soon or at some point in your life, make sure you keep mermaid wedding dresses at the back of your mind. As you can see from these beautiful celebrities, these gowns will give you a beautiful shape, enhance your assets, and leave you glowing as you walk down that aisle.

    In the comments below, let us know whose wedding dress you liked the most!

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  • The Best Rihanna Street Style Looks

    30 March 2017
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review

    Whether Rihanna is headed to an award show or walking down the block on a nice day, she always has an outfit on that gives everyone a bout of envy. Rihanna’s street style is almost unexplainable because of her aversion to following the fashion “rules.”

    Rihanna is a big fan of changing her hairstyles and hair color, and her quickness for changes also follows her in her fashion. She’s been seen wearing an oversized pink ruffled dress at the Grammy’s, showing off her body in a silver see-through gown made of Swarovski crystals, or an all-white coordinate set with fringed pants.

    BadGalRiRi chooses to wear whatever she wants whenever she wants, and this is precisely why her street outfits are out of this world. Whether she’s wearing a silk dress with a fur coat or jeans and sneakers, Rihanna always manages to knock her looks out of the park.


    In our first look, Rihanna takes four items that one wouldn’t normally think went together and made them work seamlessly. The star takes what looks like a copper V-neck slip meant to be worn as lingerie and wears it as a dress with an ivory floor-length fur coat.

    Although one might normally pair the look with gold heels to follow the color scheme, Rihanna doesn’t care about that. She pairs the slip and fur coat with silver ankle strap heels. If she wasn’t setting enough of a trend, she takes her dressy outfit and finishes it off with a casual navy baseball cap.


    While Rihanna’s style is usually so dynamic that it’s hard trying to recreate, she also steps to the streets in more casual outfits that most of us probably already carry in our closets. While the first look we featured was high class glam, Rihanna is also a fan of keeping it casual, comfortable, but also stylish.

    In one of her simpler street outfits, she’s seen leaving a restaurant in blue jeans with rips at the knees. While we’re used to jeans that are heavily distressed around the thighs and knees, the small slit on the knees give her jeans a fresher and cleaner look. She is also rocking a black and white striped blouse with black ankle strap heels and a white clutch.


    In another of Rihanna’s best street looks, she is the perfect inspiration for creating an all-white outfit. Rihanna takes a long sleeved white crop top and pairs it with high-waisted white culottes.

    Rihanna finishes off her look with a black satchel and black laced heels for the perfect balance between dark and light. For an even more monochromatic or lighter look, you could swap her black laced heels with white or nude sandals, but if you’re looking for a pop of color, you could switch out her black satchel for a red clutch.


    Only Rihanna could create an absolutely laid-back and casual look and make everyone covet the style. She is seen wearing a grey muscle-tee styled hoodie which gives her outfit a spontaneous, athletic look. Clearly a fan of distressed jeans, Rihanna wears a slim-fit pair of denim that features distressed areas along the knee.

    To complete this casually athletic outfit, she wears red and black hi-top sneakers. Although her outfit is predominately laid-back, it is glammed up with her bright red lipstick and a sleek black shoulder bag.


    There’s definitely no risky business involved when Rihanna steps onto the streets because it’s guaranteed that her outfit is going to be perfect. Keeping it simple and extremely stylish, Rihanna struts around in an outfit that is equal parts sexy and chic.

    In a look that’s giving us extreme Risky Business vibes, Rihanna is seen wearing an oversized white blouse. Although we’re digging the white dress shirt and socks look Tom Cruise was pulling, he had nothing over this outfit.

    Her blouse features vertical stripes that change along the inside lapel. It also features a side button detail as opposed to the classic centered style. Rihanna wears this oversized blouse over a pair of distressed denim shorts that show off her long and lean legs. She strapped on a pair of nude ankle heels as well as a pointed choker and her classic red lipstick.

    Not only does Rihanna make great music, but this beautiful singer has equally beautiful styles and outfits that make us stop and stare. She’s always setting trends and taking the latest and greatest fashion to the streets, and we’re definitely excited for the many more outfits that are still to come.

    Let us know in the comments down below which Rihanna outfit you like the most and which style you might be planning on trying!

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  • 9 Types Of Bra Every Woman Needs

    30 March 2017
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review

    I used to hate bras, but then I discovered all the patterns, designs and different types of bras, and now, like many other women, I have an arsenal of bras.

    However, the thing most women don’t realize is that despite having a favorite type of bra, there are a lot of other bras that we should use to maximize our looks for certain outfits, and use to create different looks with outfits in the bust area.


    First things first, there are different straps, the ones you get with bras, and straps that are plastic and see through incase you want to wear bra straps but just don’t want them to be seen. It is necessary to have a few pairs of invisible straps for the mere reason that they come in handy more than you think.

    Padding vs. Regular

    This is also another important fact to know before reading up on about the different types of bras. Some bras, in fact most bras, have different thicknesses of padding, or the option to have no padding. In reality, the only real difference between regular bras without padding and bras with padding, is that padded bras prevent your nipples from showing through your clothes, and make your breasts appear bigger or to have more cleavage.

    1. Adhesive/Stick on Bra


    These bras are essentially stickers made from paper and silicone, they offer little support but are great for dresses with a plunging neckline and back as there will be no sign of a bra.

    However, they are hard to put on correctly; in fact it’s hard to put them on in a way that makes your breast look symmetrical so it does take time and precision. They don’t have a long life span either; they can be worn 1-3 times depending on how good the adhesive is and how much you sweat while wearing them.

    2. Balconette/Demi Bra

    This bra is an absolute must not only because it is super sexy due to the cleavage it creates. The demi cups provide support for your breast without covering them entirely, which makes this bra perfect for dresses and low cut tops.

    3. Cupless/Shelf Bra


    This is similar to the balconette/demi bra as it provides lots of cleavage and minimal coverage. If you choose a cupless bra, you will have a great cleavage with zero coverage as it is just a frame without cups. This is typically worn as lingerie due to the sexy appearance.

    4. Multiway Bra

    This bra can be worn in various ways just by changing the straps. You can wear the bra without straps, halter neck, crossover style or one shoulder. These bras are amazing due to their versatility and each option increases or decreases the amount of cleavage in minimal ways. It also allows you more flexibility with your choice of clothes. This is truly a must for your bra collection due to its versatility.

    5. Front Closing Bra


    These bras are great if you hate seeing all the seams through your shirt as it does up in the front, and most provide an uplifting tightness that creates cleavage.

    6. Bridal Corset

    These are sexy, but also very useful (even if you’re not a bride). The purpose of this type of bra is to enhance your figure as it shapes the upper part of your body. Another bonus is that it makes it easier to slide into dresses and clothes in general and allows for a better looking fit in your clothes.

    7. Full Support Bras/Soft Cup Bras


    These are an absolute must! I cannot express that enough, all the other bras mentioned and soon to be mentioned are great. However, some days you just want to go out in the world’s comfiest bra, and since it is socially inappropriate not to wear a bra (unless you are very flat-chested), this is the next best thing!

    This is a regular bra: it’s not flashy, and it does not enhance your breasts. Instead it is supportive and offers full coverage. This is exactly like a soft cup bra. The only difference is that soft cup bras have no underwire—the support comes from the big band underneath the cups.

    8. Minimizer Bra

    This bra is great if you have really big breasts and just want to make them look smaller for a day. If that’s the case, this bra is not only comfy but will also make your breasts look smaller.

    9. Push Up Bra


    This is the polar opposite of the minimizer as it enhances cleavage and makes your breasts look bigger than they are. This is a must if you want to have bigger breasts—or at least the illusion of larger breasts.

    There are many more types of bras that serve different purposes that could very well be considered a must. However, these are the essentials for everyday life. Of course, a sports bra is always required for working out (even if you don’t work out, it’s very comfy), and there is always lingerie, which is great to have because it can come in handy; if that’s something you want to get, there are also various styles to choose from. If you can think of any other bras that should be a must for women, feel free to share the information below!

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  • Taylor Swift Style Evolution

    30 March 2017
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review

    When Taylor Swift first came into the limelight, she was singing about “Teardrops on My Guitar.” She went on to sing about love stories, but once she got more comfortable with herself and heartbreak, she let her emotions and anger out in tracks like “Better Than Revenge” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

    Since the beginning, Taylor Swift has blossomed from a soft-spoken girl from Tennessee into a woman who is sure of herself, her music, and her style. As her styles have changed from the start of her career, you can slowly but surely see her shedding the softer layer of her personality into the outspoken singer she is today.

    Here’s a look at the evolution of Taylor Swift through her 8 appearances at the Grammy Awards.



    In her first appearance on the Grammy Awards red carpet, Taylor Swift looked every bit the Juliet looking for her Romeo. Swift wore an iridescent periwinkle floor-length gown by Sandy Spika.

    The strapless dress featured a small embroidered detail along the top and a drop-waist at the hips. The gown also featured a sheer overlay with a continuation of the embroidered detail and a small train. She finished the look with soft ringlets and minimal jewelry.



    It is easy to see that Taylor Swift enjoyed wearing whimsical floor-length gowns. In her second Grammy Awards appearance, Swift wore a Kaufman Franco gown that was able to incorporate a fairytale-like look while also giving her a bit of edginess.

    The style features a deep V-neck and a low back while incorporating leather into the straps around her shoulders and waist. The rest of the gown flows from her waist and sweeps the ground.



    For the 2010 Grammy Awards, Taylor Swift wears a floor-length gown that features an intricate neckline. Another repeat from Kaufman Franco, Swift looks majestic in this sequined blue gown that seems to flare out almost in a mermaid style. The dress features an off the shoulder design and a sharp boxed neckline. Swift allows the neckline of the gown to show by keeping her hair off her shoulders in a curled up-do.



    After skipping the 2011 Grammy Awards, Taylor Swift returned to the Grammys looking as regal and as sure of herself as ever. In a Zuhair Murad gown, Swift looks every bit as royalty in this sheer and gold gown. Her gown features a high neckline as well as an intricate sheer paneling in the middle of her chest.

    With a small ribbing at her waist, the gown flows to the ground before expanding into a beautiful train. It is here where we see Taylor Swift drop her former signature ringlet curls and she styles her hair back in a sleek chignon.



    In her look for the following Grammys, Swift drops the royalty look and goes for a look that screams Grecian goddess. For the 2013 awards, Taylor Swift looks radiant in a white J. Mendel gown.

    With constructed panels for the bust, the dress features an extremely low neckline that is paired with silver detailing along the chest and waist. Her gown flows down in soft pleats and her look is completed with an appropriate braided up-do.



    When Taylor Swift showed up to the 2014 Grammy Awards, it was clear that she wasn’t a 16 year-old singing a song about a guy named Drew breaking her heart. Swift looks every bit as sophisticated in this gold Gucci gown.

    Her gown features a gold strapless underlay that is topped with a sheer and jeweled slip. She ditches the piles of jewelry for simple drop diamond earrings and trades in her normally light makeup for a dark smoky eye.



    If we thought Taylor Swift looked majestic in her 2010 dress by Kaufman Franco, she blew that look out of the water with her 2015 red carpet appearance. She attended the event in an Elie Saab ombre gown that captured the attention of many viewers that night. This gown featured a halter-like style but also included separated straps to enhance the look.

    The bottom of the dress featured a short mini-skirt that showed off Swift’s long legs, but the star of the piece was the floor-length skirt that extended from her waist. She completed her outfit with bright magenta heels.



    Taylor Swift attended the 2016 Grammy Awards in probably her most daring outfit to date. This style really proves how comfortable the singer has come to be in her career as well as in the fashion she wears. In an outfit by Atelier Versace, Swift bares her midriff in an orange bralette and pink high waist skirt. Her full skirt flows to the ground and billows around her feet while also featuring an extremely high slit.

    Swift looks bold and confident as she finishes off the look with a choker, bright red lips, and a sleek and short bob.

    Throughout her career, Taylor Swift has gone through many changes with her relationships, music, and herself, and it’s interesting to watch how her personal change of being a shy and timid teenager to an outspoken woman has affected her style and fashion.

    In the comments down below, let us know which Taylor Swift Grammy look you like the best!

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  • The Best Hilary Duff Street Style Looks

    30 March 2017
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review

    We were first introduced to Hilary Duff as a teenager on Disney Channel. She went on to act in movies like Agent Cody Banks, Cheaper by the Dozen, and A Cinderella Story. After acting, she went on to pursue a music career before settling into a comfortable place where she could act and release music at the same time.

    Throughout all this time, Hilary Duff has been developing her own sense of fashion. As a young star, she frequented baby tees and flip flops, but as she’s matured, so has her style. After having been on-screen for 15 years, Hilary Duff has developed her own sense of fashion off the screen and has created an abundance of fabulous and easy street styles.


    Hilary Duff keeps it calm and cool in this first street style. With the pairing of a few distinct pieces, she is able to create a “cowboy” vibe with her outfit without making it seem out of place in a city. Her three key pieces are the cowboy hat, fringed purse, and leather boots that help create that rural feel.

    She makes her outfit city appropriate by ditching the normally rounded leather boots for a pointy pair. Her legs look toned and slim in a tight pair of black jeans with rips at the knees. Giving her outfit a cool and unconventional ombre look, she wears a sleeveless top that goes from burgundy to black. For a pop of color, she wears a teal beaded necklace.


    In this stylish and chic outfit, Hilary Duff looks perfect as she juggles the items in her hand. Duff creates an outfit filled with neutrals that still somehow allow her outfit to stand out. She is seen wearing a black and white striped V-neck shirt that she wears underneath a sleek nude leather jacket.

    Once again showing off her toned legs, she wears a pair of distressed denim shorts with white peep toe pumps. She finishes off this great street look with gold bracelets, a black crossbody bag, and aviators.


    If you couldn’t already tell, Hilary Duff is a professional at taking an out-of-place look and making it seem as if it belongs right where she is. In a look that is distinctly bohemian, Duff takes the style and makes it her own.

    The highlight of her outfit is clearly her romper. Not only does the style feature distinct blue, white, and orange patterns, but the geometric shaping along the body gives it that distinct boho and relaxed look. On the petite side, Hilary Duff only stands at 5’2”. Instead of pairing her romper with the highly styled tall gladiator sandals, Duff is able to elongate her legs and makes herself appear taller with sandals that stop at mid-calf.

    She finishes this boho style with a white fedora hat and a black leather quilted crossbody bag.


    If you follow Hilary Duff’s styles enough, you’ll soon know exactly what the workings of her perfect street outfit is. You’ll find items like leather boots, tight jeans, and muscle tees thrown into the mix and that is precisely how she creates this perfectly stylish and comfortable street style.

    Duff is seen stepping out in many of her signature styles, one of them being leather booties. In this outfit, she wears black boots with another one of her signatures, skin tight skinny jeans. The inclusion of these grey skinny jeans once again makes you focus on her toned legs. She wears a graphic black muscle tee that adds a bit of color to her outfit.

    To enhance a look that is majorly neutral, she carries a red satchel and wears a bright red lip.


    Once again in the fifth street look, Hilary Duff is bringing about a good number of bohemian/70s vibes. After a quick run into Starbucks, Duff is seen in this casually boho outfit.

    She wears a simple black tee shirt and shorts as the backbone of her outfit, but progresses the style with her add-ons. Always a fan of wearing boots, she walks in a pair of suede ankle boots. She keeps the psychedelic aesthetic alive with her grey fringe purse and tie dye maxi duster.

    Now that we’ve shared our favorite street styles from Hilary Duff, there are only a few items that you need to help you recreate her fabulous and effortless looks, some you might already own. If you have a pair of skinny jeans, ankle boots, and a sleeveless and effortless looking tee-shirt, you’re already more than halfway there to creating the perfect look to have the streets talking about you.

    In the comments down below, let us know which of the above styles you like the most and which you’d be willing to recreate!

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  • Gwen Stefani Style Evolution

    30 March 2017
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review

    Gwen Stefani has always been known for her eccentric fashion sense. For close to 30 years, Gwen Stefani has been a well-known name in the music world, but she is also definitely known for her style.

    Stefani has always kept up with the fashion of her time. During the 90s and early 2000s, Gwen was sporting pencil thin brows with crop tops and dark lipstick. As her style evolved and changed to what is now is, Gwen never lost her eccentricity, but evolved it to more mature looks featuring her now signature bold red lip.



    Gwen Stefani is keeping it perfectly bohemian in this 90s look. She is wearing one of the hottest items of then and now – the crop top. She pairs her black camisole crop top with a bohemian floor-length skirt and platform sandals. She keeps her 90s look cohesive with a silver choker necklace and dark lipstick.


    When Gwen Stefani found a look she liked, she kept with it. In her second 1990s look, Stefani was the definition of grunge with her dark colors and makeup. Always a fan of showing off her toned abdomen, Stefani wore a bralette and high-waisted skirt combo underneath a grey sheer dress. It wouldn’t be a completed Stefani look without her dark burgundy lipstick, sharp eyebrows, and hair buns.


    If you couldn’t tell before that Gwen was all about the grungy glam of the 90s, this picture should clear up the confusion. Stefani’s styles were blatantly 90s with all the trends thrown into one look. She is rocking her then signature dark lipstick with her classic pencil think eyebrows and hair buns. Stefani takes her look even farther with a silver choker, a jewel in the middle of her forehead and glitter sprinkled on her hair.



    Although Gwen Stefani had reached great success and many awards as the lead singer of No Doubt, in the early 2000s, she embarked on a solo career that lead to one of her biggest singles to date. In this look, we see Gwen Stefani on the set of her music video for the song “Hollaback Girl.” Although this was her video outfit, this was Stefani’s distinct style of the 2000s. Still a fan of showing off her toned stomach, she kept the style of the 90s alive with her baggy pants, crop top and beanie.


    As seen in this look, Gwen Stefani’s love for 90s fashion still made its way into her eccentric wardrobe, but she lost most of the grunge in exchange for a punk rocker style. During one of her performances, Stefan took to stage in an outfit that can only be described as her own. She wore red flannel pants that she paired with a navy polka dot crop top, navy cropped jacket, and green leopard printed scarf. Let’s just say her style was as fun as her concerts.


    As the years progressed, Gwen Stefani kept her unconventional style and added hints of glamour to it. For a red carpet look that embraces her love of fashion, she steps on the red carpet in a dress that featured a sky blue tuxedo-inspired top with a body-hugging red skirt and a black lace hem. It is around this time that Gwen Stefani adopted her signature bright red lipstick.



    A lot of Gwen Stefani’s outfits have matured, but she is still able to have fun with her old style and still make it work for herself. In one of her street looks, she steps out in an outfit that is equal parts glam and punk rock. She pairs a black bralette with fishnet stockings, baggy camouflage pants, and pointy toe heels. She pairs this unusual combination with a large black statement necklace, a floor-length black coat, and red lips.


    This 2010s look might be the epitome of how Gwen Stefani’s style has changed over the decades. In this street outfit, Stefani is able to bring about bits and pieces of her punk rock style into her wardrobe. Her look features a simple semi-sheer white top that she pairs with black skinny jeans. The two zippered details on each of the sides give her look the punk rock vibes as well as the perforated design in her booties. She gives the look a glamorous polish with her fluffy curls, round sunglasses, and bold red lipstick.


    In our last look of Gwen Stefani, you can see how she’s incorporated softer looks into her style. Her outfits are rarely ever overtly feminine, but this outfit is the perfect balance between light and dark. Gwen rocks a floral jumpsuit that is not usual of her “classic” look. Although the jumpsuit is soft and feminine, she balances it out by pairing it with a black belt, heels, and satchel.

    It’s hard to find someone whose styles have changed so blatantly over the decades, but Gwen Stefani has always been setting music and fashion trends since she first stepped into the spotlight.

    Are you a fan of 1990s Gwen with the small buns and thin eyebrows? Are you a fan of 2000s Gwen who helped everyone learn how to spell banana? Do you prefer 2010s Gwen who has created a more mature fashion with hint of her punk rock glam? Let us known in the comments below!

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  • 7 Types Of Shoes Every Woman Must Own

    30 March 2017
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review

    Not all footwear is the same, and every girl should have the basics in her closet. But, if you don’t know where to start, this list is a surefire way to help you get your shoe game up to par for whatever it is that you’re planning to do. Night out or lounge day, shoes are a girl’s best friend after all.

    These next seven pairs of shoes are versatile, stylish and can be worn for any occasion whether you want to be lounging with the girls at brunch or strutting your stuff at the office holiday party.

    1. Mary Jane’s


    Mary Jane’s are on this list not just because they are always in style and pull any outfit together flawlessly, but because their adorable versatility can take you from office to night out in a snap—they’re also incredibly comfortable. The ankle strap variety add a feminine look to any outfit, and you’ll be able to rule in the boardroom as well as on the dance floor in the right pair of MJ’s.

    2. Tennis shoes

    When it comes to a more casual look, tennis shoes are it. They are comfortable and casual and can make running around ultra chic. The best way to go when it comes to tennis shoes is an all-white look, such as Adidas Miss Stan Smiths, even though they come in a variety of colors.


    They can be paired with a pair of relaxed fit boyfriend jeans and a classic T for a lounge look or a skater dress to pull off the ultimate feminine casual look for all your Sunday errands or even your night out for drinks at the local pub.

    3. Flats


    Flats are perfect because they can be both dressed up and down and are comfortable to boot. Whether you’re out dancing with the girls or hitting up a new hot spot for a first date, you can’t go wrong with flats.

    They’re so versatile that they can be matched with almost any outfit in your closet. The best thing about flats is that there are so many styles to suit your own personal fashion sense that you’ll never get bored with the selection you have.

    4. 3-inch Pumps


    The 3-inch pump is the perfect footwear because it’s a heel, yes, but it doesn’t offer seduction in the way that a 6-inch heel does. It’s the perfect heel height to take your outfit from day to night without having to sacrifice comfort at all.

    The best thing about pumps is that no matter what your style is there will always be a wide selection. Nude hues or the classic black will help with a simplistic approach, or pair your outfit with a floral pump to add a little summer to your style.

    5. Booties


    Booties are perfect because they can add to any outfit. Perfectly paired with both pants and dresses, the bootie is the perfect footwear for any occasion.

    Wear a small-heeled boot with skinnies to a day function and take it to night by switching out those jeans for an off the shoulder boho dress. Both looks will kill, and you don’t have to worry about finding shoes to match. Booties go with almost anything, and you’ll never look under or overdressed.

    6. Flat Army Boots


    My favorite on the list: the flat army boot adds a bit of toughness to an otherwise feminine outfit. Tight laced up the calf or open and loose, the versatility of the army boot is great for any outfit.

    They’re comfortable, stylish and can take your Plain Jane outfit to tough girl chic with just a tie of the laces. The best thing about army boots is that they’re so on the scene right now that you’ll look like the epitome of fashion by just wearing them. It’s a win-win all around.

    7. Sandals


    After you hit the salon for your mani-pedi, you’ll want to show off those perfectly pedicured toes in a pair of sandals. Flip flops are okay when you’re at the beach, but the type of sandals I’m talking about are those that come with more flair than the simple sandal.

    Mid-calf gladiator sandals or tie-leg sandals are the perfect addition to any outfit no matter the occasion. They can take your summer chic outfit and turn even more heads by adding the perfectly versatile footwear.

    All of the shoes on this list can provide you with a stylish outfit by just putting them on. There’s nothing that brings together an outfit quite like the right pair of shoes, and if you know how to rock them, you’ll be turning heads anywhere you go. What is your go-to footwear?

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  • Dressing Up For A Date: How To Dress To Look Taller

    30 March 2017
    Posted by Brands Clothing Review

    You’ve tried on the latest styles, but you still look the same or shorter. You wish you were tall, but short of a biological miracle, that’s not to be.

    However, there is always a way to learn how to dress to look taller and this is done by creating the appearance of being taller—picking the right kind of clothes, improving your posture and wearing your outfits with style and confidence.

    We will teach you how to dress to look taller by implementing trendy pieces and turning them into your secret weapon!

    1. Denim


    Everyone loves denim. It’s a staple and can be worn casually or styled to create a great night-out outfit. With this year’s fashion trend of “done-up denim”, it comes in all sorts of indigo printed patterns, acid wash and eyelet textures.

    To look taller, it’s best to keep your jeans simple with little embellishment. If you want to wear a pair of printed jeans, choose ones with vertical patterns or lines that will give the illusion of height. A slim fit pair of jeans cropped at the ankle not only adds style but height, and teamed with a pair of cute high heels, you’re good to go.

    You can also try a pair of slim fitted jeans that flare slightly at the bottom and skim the top of your shoes. This will give you the height that you need. Avoid wearing jeans that crop above the ankle or higher as it will make you look bulkier and shorter by cutting your figure in half. Wear your jeans at your natural waist or higher to give an elongated look as it makes your legs seem longer and you will look instantly taller.

    2. Skirts and Dresses

    Love your skirts and dresses? Then, the shorter they are, the better as they will show off your legs and create the illusion of height. However, that doesn’t mean you always have to be dressed in minis! Try styles that are above the knee, and if you prefer the mid-calf length then go for slimmer pencil style skirts.


    Wear the maxi style, which is all vogue in 2016, in slimmer cuts, romantic mesh styles and soft ruffles as they elongate your legs and make you look tall instantly. Long slit-skirts are a great option that give you style, sex-appeal and—with a show of your leg—some much-needed height. Team your skirts with tops that accentuate your waist rather than cover it. Dresses that accentuate the waist can be embellished with thin belts or accessories that are minimal and not chunky.

    3. Graphic Stripes and Gingham


    It’s all about big, bold stripes this year in every color, but don’t fret. If you love stripes, then consider thinner vertical stripes in darker color combinations to fashion height.

    The classic black and white combination is great, too, though more white than black in horizontal stripes makes you look thinner. Again, it’s best to go with vertical stripes if height is what you are after although many women get away with wearing horizontal stripes and still look tall.

    It’s all about experimenting with different pieces and coming up with a style that makes you look tall. This year shirting stripes are trending fast and that can only be good news as these stripes are slim and not in bold color contrasts. Gingham is tricky to wear as large bold checks will dwarf your size. So, again, opt for small prints in same-tone colors.

    4. Micro Pleats


    Micro pleats are in and they’re a great way to add height to your figure. Micro pleats fall well and hug your figure without any bulk, and both short and long styles will enhance your height.

    Wear lightweight pleated tops with slim-fitted pants or a slim skirt. Team a pleated skirt with tops that show your waistline like a short top, a tucked-in top or a longer one clinched at the waist. Floaty pleats are definitely in, so get moving and wear your pleats. Avoid big bulky designs, large boxy pleats and lots of layers.

    5. Ruffles


    This season, flaunt your ruffles. Wear them soft and loose, and let them cascade delicately in tiers. Try a simple top with soft ruffles around a plunging neckline or ruffles around the sleeves for a subtler look and team this up with a slim-fitted skirt or a pair of pants. Wear dresses and skirts with subtle ruffles along the hem and avoid the ones that are full bodied and big, unless you wear them short, show off your legs and accentuate your waist. Work mini ruffles in your wardrobe if you just love them or try an asymmetrical dress in one color.

    6. Flat shoes


    It goes without saying – cute heels and stilettos are great for you as they add the much wanted height. But there are days when you long to wear flat shoes and be comfortable. Luckily, this year they are all rage, and you can jump on the bandwagon by picking flats that show more of your skin or those that have a deep vamp (the kind that cut across base of your toes).

    If you wear sandals, then T-straps are great for creating the illusion of being taller. In the colder months, opt for oxford or bootie styles that cut low on your ankle, exposing more of your leg to emphasize height. It’s always best to match your shoe color to your skin tone, tights or stockings as it creates the impression of height through the unity of color.

    7. Low Slung Pants


    So, the fashion ramps are flaunting low-waisted pants, and while these look great on tall women, it only makes your legs look shorter. If you insist on wearing low-waisted pants, then try to find a balance by wearing longer pants, one-tone colors and tops that emphasize your waist.

    Follow these general tips to look tall in whatever may be trending, and you will be walking tall in no time:

    • Wear high-waisted pants or skirts. This makes you appear taller by adding length to your legs.
    • V-necks are great as they elongate your neck and add to the overall illusion of height.
    • Wear well-fitting clothes as they emphasize your height through longer vertical lines of vision. Baggy and bulky clothes will make you look short.
    • The best kind of trouser, pants or jeans are the straight, fitted, slim-cut ones as they make you look taller.
    • For skirts, try and stick to ones that fall above the knee as they show more of your legs.
    • Wear monochrome colors, darker colors or colors from the same family. Stick to small prints and opt for classic cuts. That does not mean that you cannot wear bright colors. Balance your outfits with slimmer silhouettes that emphasize length. Mix and match solid colors with prints to achieve a balanced look. If you team your outfit with other colors, then pick ones from the same color family if possible.
    • Avoid bulky layering. Use light soft fabrics to layer, and finish with a darker color as the eye gets naturally drawn to it.
    • Adding a hat to your outfit will add a couple of inches to the overall look.
    • Wear delicate belts, but if you prefer the wider style, then pick the same color as your pants or skirt.
    • Pick long coats that are mid-knee length, above the knee or mid-thigh length. Wear them opened-buttoned as this creates a vertical line of vision. Avoid bulky coats and go for slimming cuts. Wear bright colors, simple designs and light fabrics. Shorter jackets are great when they highlight your waist.
    • Avoid bulky boxy silhouettes as this will only make you look shorter and cut your frame in half.

    With this simple guide you are ready to look tall. What are your fashion tips to look taller? Comment and let me know!

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